2012 Xperia range uses different 3.5mm headset standard

by XB on 27th February 2012

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The new Sony Xperia S, Xperia P and Xperia U will use a different 3.5mm headset standard compared to the older Xperia models from 2010 & 2011. The spec sheet for the new 2012 Xperia models highlight that the 3.5mm jack will now use the CTIA standard as opposed to the OMTP standard it was using previously.

So what does this mean in English? Well, one of the common issues that users of Xperia phones faced was incompatibility with certain headsets/headphones. If you tried to plug a CTIA headset into an Xperia phone it may have had reduced functionality or it may not even have worked at all. This is as the 3.5mm plug is wired differently in both standards. The CTIA standard is more common and is the one adopted by Apple iOS devices.

Sony’s move to adopt the CTIA standard for its 3.5mm jack is good news as it immediately opens up a wide range of accessories for 2012 Xperia owners. However, the flip side to this, is that due to the different pin configuration, older headsets that can currently be used with 2010/2011 Xperia devices will not be compatible with 2012 Xperia phones.

  • Luckily all handsets will come with their own handset, so users would not have to worry not being able to use their old headsets.

    Who would honestly? :)

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  • Jenge Engelbrecht

    Well some have had three phones already and its always good to have a spare headset handy when you lose it or break it

  • It’s a good thing they switched this around, we had to reimburse many customers with Xperia’s because they bought other headsets…

  • who cares if youve had 3 phones, iv had loads if you cant evolve then get left behind

  • My Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman (Android phone with Walkman branding) works well with a standard 3.5mm jack that is plugged into my 2.1 multimedia speaker system and it sounds great, however, it doesn’t work with some headphones/headsets.

  • spatch

    I’ve never had any headphone-related problems with my Xperia Arc, although I did notice that the LiveSound headphones I recently purchased will ONLY work with this phone and nothing else. Will they also work with the 2012 range now that the 3.5mm standard is changing?

  • mountain

    Good news, we could actually use the new sony xba headphones with mic!

  • Khaled
  • Fanwalk

    so,livesound can not compatible with Xperia P,S,U?
    answer me,pls

  • Anonymous

    I’m worried bout this. I have several sennheiser headset which will useless if sony applied the new CTIA standard. 

  • Cholek3

    As far as I am aware, all headphones with 3-pin jack connector will work on all 2010, 2011 and 2012 phones. The problem is, when it comes to use of 4-pin jack connector. 4-pin, because apart from stereo headphones you have also microphone (headset). Like mentioned above, there are 2 kinds of 4-pin jack connectors, it is only a slight difference. Like me now, I have got a headset from my X10, with 4-pin jack connector. That means, on Xperia S possibly I won’t be able use “double click” feature (to dial last dialled number), or skip to next song, when using player. As headphones itself (to listening music only) they shoud be perfectly fine.

  • M-orc

    Not in subject ??
    CTIA ,  OMTP  can we speak english please

    what is the diffrence ??

  • Cholek3

     No offence, but did you actually read the article fully? Or my comment below?

  • Sérgio Ventura Matos

    the 4th pin does not mean mic pin, but digital connection, so you can have the call buton, volume keys, music controls and of course the mic on a silgle pin. if that means compatibility, i’m all open to that. now let’s wait for a universal micro usb that is compatible with stereo players (car, home, etc…) like ipod products)

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  • Irish_Lass

    I read the full article and all the comments but am still slightly confused, I purchased Skullcandy inline mic headphones recently (Xmas ’11) to use with my phone (currently Nokia E63) only to discover they weren’t compatible with the phone, I’m hoping to change my phone in the next few weeks and would like the new Sony Xperia Sola, (released March ’12), I am however worried about whether or not the Skullcandy headphones will be compatible or not with the Sony? Can you shed any light on this please?

  • Ranger8

    Bought the Xperia S few days ago. NOT compatible with LiveSound, which I received with Xperia Ray, a 2011 phone. Not compatible with either of my Sennheiser in-ear headphones. However, my Xperia S WAS compatible with my Monster Beats Tours headphone and Monster Beats Pro (using both it’s standard cable & also the controltalk cable from a Beats Solo, which by the way, if anyone’s interested, IS compatible with the Pro and therefore the Xperia S).
    Hope this helps someone.

  • Jenks

    Just received my XPERIA S this week.  Chose this one as the CTIA adaptor was confirmed as per XPERIA blog.

    However I own a pair of a-JAYs Fours, and a pair of B&W P5’s , and neither work with the phone. Audio still through the handset , and no button control working.
    I know the B&W P5s come with a second cable that you can change over , but doesnt have the control 

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  • Rakesh

    i wanna try the Sennheiser HD 218i on my xperia arc S. somebody tell me if this will be a compatiable combo. i dont wanna buy somethin that doesn work. 

  • Bp1488

    i want to try sennheiser MX680I with my sony xperia s.
    Please tell me whether it will suport it or not ?

  • hell boy

    so are skullcandy,panasonic and sennhieser compatible with xperia s
    i have dr.dre by beats they are not compatible to my xperia s

  • sharon bridgeman

    Can I get my in earphones skullcandy to work in my neo mobile

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  • Frustrated_User

    After wanting to burn my Xperia S for not working with my 100$ sennheiser heaset (mic+phones) fo which I had splashed out on a moment of insanity, and running around electronic shops in 4 different countries I finally found a comment in one of these forums saying that you could try holding a button on the headset while plugging the headset and magic…. it worked. Still, I am not sure who is to blame Sennheiser or Sony for not recognising the set automatically.

  • Direct TV™

    That means like…. i dont know… panasonic headphones are
    compatible with Sony Xperia U, right?

  • Kalliskosta



  • Kalliskosta

    hello there… I bought Sennheiser 70i and I had to return after one minute. Apparently the brand is only made for I phone , I pad , and I pod products  ” accssesory not supported” was the message on my phone. which button model did you buy and what button did you hold down. Please help . I am fed up!!! ? 

  • Yup They’d work pretty well with the Sola

  • shreyo

    The headphone sound quality is TERRIBLE

  • Samiul

    Is Sony Xperia P compatible with Beats Solo HD??

  • iszabi

    Last day I bought a Sony Experia Go (2012 modell). I have SENNHEISER CX880i but not working with Sonxy Experia Go.
    There will be some solution for this problem ?

  • iszabi

    I read SENNHEISER CX880i is compatible with Sony Xperia Go ST27i, but does not work with it!

  • Nishant

    I Sony mdr q10 headphone support Xperia neo v?

  • sunil

    can live sound headset is compatiable with xperia u st25i

  • sunil

    which headset is compatiable with sony xperia u st 25i

  • sunil

    which head is compatiablewith sony xperia u st 25i

  • sunil

    pls give reply which head is compatiablewith sony xperia u st 25i

  • sunil

    which head is compatiable with sony xperia u st 25i 2012

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  • W

    Epic tips Frustrated_User

    Pushing the middle button down worked for my new Klipsch phones in my Xperia mini pro! so sick its pathetic. Although! It,does not work on full potential =(, The base is kind of lost. Tomorrow I will try to by a female-female adapter and connect it to a non-headset 3,5.

  • Popeye

    well, recently I bought Xperia NeoV, The Samasung headset Not worked.,, Since the Headphone provided By Sony when weared irritates the ear., Can you recommend the best compatible one like earlier what we had sony w950i, Tks

  • Anindu Bandara

    i checked a skullcandy hesh 2 with mic on my xperia arc s tody and the phone said that it dooesnt support the headset.. but im currently using the skullcandy titans without mic and thy work fine with my phone.. so does that mean that if i buy a hesh 2 without mic it will work on my xperia arc s?

  • andy2

    sorry but do the beats solo hd work on xperia u bought in summer 2012?

  • Shahzada Shaheryar

    the difference is.. between the connectors of MIC.. but left and right earphone placement is same

  • Jerome

    Hello everyone :-)
    I read the article and was sad that my appleheadphones didn’t work on my Xperia j BUT I found a way to do it worked ^^
    Put the jack 3/4 in the phone wait few seconds until you get sound and you can put it full :-)
    Worked for me so hope you too
    Tells me if it woreked ;-)
    Cheers ^^

  • anish

    Can anyone plz tell whether urbeats headset support xperia go???

  • thanx it did, but it could still be nice to buy a proper adaptor for p5 and xperia j,

  • d.

    Fucking’ell, what a solution!!! Can’t believe it’s working. Crazy… What a frustration.

  • yatin

    what sony headphone model is supplied with xperia p.??

  • Kerasia

    Problem solved thanks to your comments guys! Had a headset (single wire with mic) for my xperia x10 mini and when I plugged it to my xperia sola it didn’t work at all. Anyways I kept pushing the headset’s button while plugging it and there it was!!! Just saved me some money :P

  • tejas

    My sony xperia miro doesnt detect my skullcandy link’d..at the starting it usedbto but its not…

  • Andrew

    I currently have the Sony Xperia Ion and I also own a pair of Beats Tour in ear headphones and I CANNOT GET THEM TO WORK WITH MY PHONE!!! Its driving me nuts because I have a cheap pair of phillips headphones that plug right in and play, yet my $150 headphones I got for Christmas will not work!

    WHAT DO I DO???!?!?!?

    thank you

  • Rohan Chakrabarti

    which pair of headphones are compatible with xperia tipo??????plz help me guys..

  • Me

    This is the dumbest move of all times!!! Sony once again showed me that they have more tricks in the bag. For all those who be dissin on Apple, dudes .. start using Sony, then we’ll see who you’ll be dissin. How come my headphones worked on my Xperia Sola a month ago, now they are not working, “Headset not compatible” .. F@$# that!!! Them dumb dudes at Sony must’ve changed the code of Android, otherwise I don’t see why my headphones are not working, and they ain’t got no mic, just headphones. If they wanna make me use their dumbass Sony headphones, screw that, Imma smash my Sola in the face of the first Sony worker that I meet.

  • sooraj

    can i use a philips headphone with my xperia sola

  • vivek yadav

    Thanks! Can’t belive what a solution, it worked for me too.

    Bought MH750headset for Xperia Mini Pro but didn’t work. Kept saying accessory not supported. Now tried it by pressing the button and it worked. Awesome.

  • ysmael

    Is the sony acro s compatible with marshall headphones?

  • vishnu

    I am currently using a sony xperia m and i find the lack of loudness. its not suitable for hearing songs while travelling. can u sujjest any in ear headphones??? (with bud)

  • Tony

    amazing!! thanks!

  • REDS

    Is ‘Skullcandy S2IKDY-101 Ink’d 2 Headset’ compatible with XPERIA MIRO ???

  • Adrian Pereira

    I purchased Sony Xperia Z1 a few months ago and tried putting on my Tritton Detonator headset and there just isn’t any sound through them? Can someone please tell me how to make this thing work??

  • Compatibility with other consumer electronics devices is down to demand, and as long as there are brainless App’ll zombies willing to pay more for less, there will surely be manufacturers that will support connectivity to iCrap.

    You App’ll fanbois and your lame microUSB rants crack me up. I mean, it must be a worldwide conspiracy by us App’ll haters to keep the iCrap connector down, eh? The reason non-Brand-A devices don’t use it is…Steve Jobs’ megalomania?

    Turns out it’s just another connector. Ask a “Genius” how many devices a week they replace with broken iCrap connectors…

  • SeVeMaS

    I’m a Sony fan btw

  • Sony is now where Apple will be in ten years: Rebuilding their reputation in the wake of decades of the technological and marketing arrogance, the kind only a (once) massively successful corporation can engage in.

    Brand loyalty is for the birds.

  • Ranadeep

    How would i configure between OMTP and CTIA standard? Because these standards not mention on product cover nor in specification. So it’s become very difficult to find out right compatible headset. As I have been using Sony Xperia M, Sony Ericsson W995, and i have a 12 years old Sony WM FX player. W995’s headset not compatible with M but old Sony WM FX player’s headset support M. Strange. Help me please. Tell me more about CTIA standard.

  • FoolOfATook


    It’s pretty retarded, but basically, from what I can tell, there are 3 standards: OMTP, CTIA, and the original TRS. OMTP and CTIA are 4 pin, incorporating an extra mic/control pin, while TRS is 3 pin. Look at the link I sent, there’s a diagram explaining it there. OMTP/CTIA are literally identical, with the only difference being ground and mic are swapped.TRS has no mic/control. As such, TRS will have no control/mic capabilities, which would be exclusive to OMTP/CTIA. TRS is globally compatible though (meaning it works with OMTP/CTIA ports as well), while OMTP and CTIA require their specific respective ports.

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  • rad

    sure u can , i had tried

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