Xperia S now on sale in Barcelona

by XB on 1st March 2012

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Xperia S BarcelonaSony has started to sell the Xperia S exclusively through the Sony Store in Barcelona. The handset is expected to be launched officially from next week in most regions in Europe and Asia. Sony was most likely selling the handset in Barcelona this week because of the MWC tradeshow.

For those wondering, the Spanish version contained the Xperia S itself, a headset, charger, USB cable, screen protector, HDMI cable and two SmartTags. Contents will differ by region though. In the UK, if you buy the Xperia S through O2 you will get four SmartTags and if you buy it through Three, they’ll throw in two SmartTags. All UK SKUs will get the HDMI cable too. Not too long to wait for the official release.

Via Sony Mobile Product Blog.

  • Nice to know SmartTags will be included!

  • Jecht1987

    year left on my Xperia Arc… what a stitch up!

  • M Usman

    I have a year left on my Xperia Arc but will be getting my Xperia S on contract tmrw. A store (can’t mention name) in the UK received stock this morning, they will authenticate the handset for tmrw and then sell it to me on contract on a very good contract price. So can’t wait for tmrw!

  • Cholek3

    Sorry for stupid question, but does SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit? So that means everybody in UK will be selling it with HDMI cable?

  • Asad Mulla

     well do let us know when you get it.

  •  Lucky bastard.

  • Does the UK bundle come with a screen protector? If not then do you guys know where I can order a screen protector? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure it will, don’t most Sony phones come with them, i know my Ray did plus the 1 already applied.

  • My Xperia Arc didn’t come with one. Though it might be because it is a Hong Kong version. I am actually looking for some anti-finger print films. Too bad Steinheil do not have them yet. Anyone know where I can get the anti-finger print films? Cheers.

  • Anonymous

    they’ve timed it to catch people coming off X10 contracts, mine finished today and S is (supposedly) out in less than a week here

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  • Hybusa

     don’t you think you should wait for the real flagship Haybusa??

  • vn

    does anyone know prices of this ? 

  • Asad_leon1412

    Stupid lucky persons who’ve got the phone first. 

  • Anonymous

    Yep that is what SKU stands for. So for one product, like the Xperia S, there will be different variations (sim-free, Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile etc.)

    We have been told that all UK versions of the UK Xperia S will have a HDMI cable included.

  • Pleitti

    how about in asia ? does xperia S has screen protector and HDMI cable ?  im from philippines :)

  • Didto2010

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  • RF

    Just been contacted by Phones4u. They can’t fulfill my Xperia S order on orange, didn’t say why, calling me back later :-(

  • M Usman

    Yes I am aren’t I? LOL. Didn’t get it today as they weren’t allowed to sell it. They reserved me a white one and will sell it to me tomorrow :)

  • M Usman

    I could do but I’ll be satisfied with this for a year, and then next year when my Arc contract finishes, I’ll get their next flagship :)

  • M Usman

    I will let you know tomorrow Asad! They had it today but weren’t allowed to sell it till tmrw. They reserved me a white one so inshAllah will get it tmrw and I’ll do an unboxing video and an initial impressions video! :)

  • PrivateJDM

    if i a buy a t-mobile version xperia s in the UK would it be compatible with t-mobile u.s. 3g and hsdpa?

  • Anonymous

    under 500. I’m getting it for 470 euro, but it depends on where you live ofc

  • Anonymous

    Next week :D i’ll get it then i almost got another phone cuz i thought it would take months to release.

  • Sagr_ved

    Atleast give a release date for india!!
    There is no news regarding the launch date in india!!
    I want to buy this beauty!!

  • Sagr_ved

    i would be thankful to u if u guys help me out with a release date for india!!

  • Ellx10

    What did they end up telling you as I have it on pre-order with orange?

  • Asad Mulla

     so have you got it yet. I want to buy it from sony direct but they dont have a pre order system set up on the site. Before you could go to Sony Ericsson E store but thats gone now. bought alot of handset from there. I am after the white colour aswell. Wasallam.

  • Asad Mulla

    just like to add this is not the real Asad Mulla.  lol

  • M Usman

    Salam Asad, No I haven’t got it. I went on to phones4u to preorder it online as I also wanted the white version. It’s exclusive to phones4u. The one store has it in stock but are not authorised to sell it before the 13th. They confirmed I will get delivery on the 14th so I can wait. I ordered 2 white ones, one for me and one for a friend. Now my mother wants one too so will probably place another one. I got it for 28.50 a month on Orange. Normal price is 36 a month but they added a loyalty discount and gave me 100 cashback in the form of a cheque. So will have to wait and see what comes in the box. 

  • Asad Mulla

     I dont want to buy it on a network really. these guys say there selling (pre order) in white. But I want to buy from a bigger retailer like Sony Play or ebuyer. I do have an upgrade on tmobile but then it would be in black. called them on saturday but they said its not in yet. not sure about black.

  • Teejay Lapuz

    Just got mine yesterday here in Qatar, price was around 500 Euros, w/o contract.  Was surprised with the loaded accessories, came with an HDMI cable, 2 smart tags, a screen protector and a compact car charger and the usual stuff. Price is fairly cheap compared to Arc’s initial price here.

  • M Usman

    The only reason I’m buying 2 on orange is because of the good deal and in all fairness, i do use all the minute, texts and data allowance so for me it works out. Why don’t you want to get it from theorder?? You can buy it from sony or any other one. apparently ebuyer has it on the cheapest. I have an upgrade on my tmobile x10 but i cancelled that contract completely for this month. yesterday, tmobile head office contacted me asking why, I told them straight and then they said, whenever you consider buying another contract on tmobile, call me at the head office or email me and i will give you the best deal possible. a deal that no one else can provide. some kind of loyalty scheme. i asked him when they will get the xperia s, he said in black but no set date as of yet. so i said its not worth the wait, i dont want a locked phone either. I got the white on purpose, ive had it with black phones. white is classier. let me know if you do end up buying it and from where. ill have a look around and find the best price for you. but the most concrete release date thus far is 13 march. a week from today :D

  • Magen levi

    Its a week ago from this correspondence and it hasn’t sold yet in israel (ASIA)
    When is this phone will be able to buy in israel?

  • Asad Mulla

     I bought an X10 from tmobile in april 2010 also and I am due an upgrade with them. I also asked if they have the Xperia S today and they said not sure yet. I spoke to Sony center Tottenham court road Yesterday and they said they will be selling it Saturday or Sunday both colours but they also said they expect it to cost £499 or £599. I think they got the price wrong. I will see on saturday if they have it and I might get one if the price is right.

  • M Usman

    Sorry but that is misinformation. I got a phone call from head office to ask why I was ending and also spoke about the xperia s extensively. Here was their reply. Firstly they will not be getting it in white. It is exclusive to Phones4U. They should however get it a couple of months down the line. Secondly Gavin wasn’t sure when they’d be carrying the black version but today they confirmed on their website that they will be. They will not have it on Saturday or Sunday for you since they have no set date. They only just announced they will be carrying it. Even carphonewarehouse pushed their dates back to the 14th or 15th of March. Something which they need to change on their website. The price is definitely wrong but T-Mobile handsets tend to be more expensive than other networks. That’s a given. Let me know if they have it on Sat/Sun but I highly doubt that. I’ve been there with the X10. They were the first network to get it before everyone else by a couple of days but this time they are unsure and providing you with false information. I hope I am wrong though for your sake as I can’t wait for mine either! :)

  • Asad Mulla

     Sony center said they will be selling it on Saturday or Sunday sim free. I am gonna call them in the morning to find out if they have it and how much again.

  • M Usman

    I got mine this morning! its amazing to say the least! I’m so happy with it!

  • Asad Mulla

     I asked Sony centre TCR on Sat morning and they said next week. Sad story. will have to look else where. does Phones 4U sell sim free white?

  • M Usman

    They should do. phone them up on 08000725855 or check on their website or just pop in store. I’d imagine they would since they have stock. I have to say, the phone is amazing! I got mine on Saturday morning, battery is playing up a little, not lasting long but will give it a few long charges

  • A7x4ever202

    Well that’s gay I did not get an hdmi cable with my xperia s hmmmm

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