Sony Smart Headset for Xperia NXT series

by XB on 2nd March 2012

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At MWC Sony announced a new accessory called the Smart Headset. Well calling it ‘new’ may be stretching the truth a bit. The Smart Headset is in fact no different to the LiveSound accessory that Sony (Ericsson) launched last year. Both the design and functionality is exactly the same. The reason why Sony launched it under a new name is that this particular headset is targeted towards the new Xperia NXT mobiles such as the Xperia S and Xperia P.

As we discussed earlier this week, the 2012 range of Xperia handsets use a different 3.5mm standard which means the older Sony Ericsson headsets (including the LiveSound headset) will not work properly on the new 2012 Xperia mobiles. The Smart Headset is CTIA-compatible that means it will not only work with the new Xperia range but a whole host of other handsets as evidenced by the product page.

The Smart Headset has a LiveKey control that allows you to access certain applications on your phone by a push of the button. It is constructed from solid metal housing and has a flat tangle-free wire along with a new generation of 6mm speaker drivers and a mic that combines great quality sound in smaller package.

Sony Smart Headset

  • Felipe Pimenta

    This could come within the box, and with 2 SmartTags…

  • Anonymous

    I was pissed to say the least when my dad’s Xperia Ray came with LiveSound earbuds but my phone, an Xperia Ray, came with those shitty standard earbuds and both phones were bought in the UK, I guess it was either a temporary offer or it wasn’t something offered by all carriers.

  • Hhgthth

    This completely sucks for all those that bought those earphones, especially as they’re still knocking about on Amazon for close to £45! Very disappointing, especially given the development time of handsets. Surely someone, somewhere should’ve realised they’d be defunct in six months…

  • Adrian

    Nice. I hope Sony will include them in Xperia S-box. A phone like Xperia S should come with a good headset.

  • Adrian

     A simple adapter will do it for old ones…

  • Cholek3

     How to look for it? I tried to search for CTIA to OMTP adapter, but even uncle Google can’t find it. What else I can put to search?

  • Anonymous

    i said something like that on another post- apparently it’s like asking for a car or an apartment-go figure!

  • SRM

    In the product page,sony has written only the names of xperia s and xperia p as perfect partners.
    So what about xperia u?
    Is it having old 3.5 mm jack?

  • Anonymous

    The Xperia U uses the new CTIA 3.5mm standard. Not sure why Sony Mobile didn’t include it on the product page. 

  • Have you tried googling the EC250 Sony Ericsson Headset Adapter?

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys, this is off topic but I just wondered if anybody knew why my Xperia Ray widgets don’t all show up when using Go Launcher.  They work when I switch back to the original launcher but the music player in particular doesn’t show on my widgets list when using Go Launcher and it’s 1 of the few built in widgets i’d really like to use … Does anybody know if there is a way to get it to show up when using Go Launcher or will I not be able to use it ??

    Thanks in advance.

  • Felipe Pimenta

     Yeah, I may be asking too much, but would be nice. Would love a White one.

  • Shanefalco

    xperia U use microsim or normal sim ??? 

  • Hannad Ahmed

    I’ve purchased the Livesound headset a while ago and I found it crap.

  • Anonymous

    Normal SIM.

  • Cholek3

     Thanks for that. I don’t know german really, but will try to find a substitue.:) I found this info from Sony and it says there I will need a different adapter converting OMTP to CTIA. But correct me if I am wrong… this EC250 is just crossing GND and V_Mic, so it doesn’t matter, if I use OMTP headset on CTIA phone, or CTIA headset on OMTP phone, this EC250 will always cross GND and V_Mic. Am I wrong?

  • Hannad Ahmed

    I don’t know, but i use Go Launcher Ex too , and i also can’t use the xperia widget. Maybe it’s becuase the Sony Ericssons Home Launcher widgets only…

  • Cholek3

     Right, if not the EC250 adapter, than basically we have to look for Headset Adapter for Apple iPhone, because iPhone uses CTIA. I.e. something like that:

  • Anonymous

    Maybe mate, bugging the hell out of me though lol, it’s strange though because it just doesn’t show on the widgets list when using Go Launcher yet others that are Sony widgets, such as the Media Shortcuts work so I don’t get why that 1 doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

    ouch- why crap- it looks so nice!

  • Wow, I like it u.ú when I get my Xperia S i will comprove if this is really so good :D

  • SRM


  • Cholek3
  • if your able to find the same battery then yes, the cover seems to be to make it more resistant to drops and water

  • Xneo8upgradetoXS

    i have livesound headset and its awesome.. compared it with other headset you can differentiate the sound when you play music…the quality is above average and you can hear every beat.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Is this compatible with the smart headset wireless pro

  • can i order from a german site i cant find an adaptor anywhere in this country and sony un helpfully  dont stock it

  • Are they released into the market..

    If yes i wanna buy these
    If No when they will in market.

    I’m referring to the India Location.. :)

  • Shivakrishna Krishna8

    For the model Xperia u the earphones given in the box are the old model without buds. Can they be replaced by earphones with buds…..

  • ankit

    what is the model number of this sony smart headsets for nxt series as i want the model number to get it..please tell the model number as statted in the earphones tags..please

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