Xperia P gets HDMI-equipped SmartDock docking station

by XB on 2nd March 2012

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SmartDock_Xperia_PThe Sony SmartDock was initially announced for the Xperia ion at CES 2012 earlier this year. The multimedia docking station is broadly similar to LiveDock that launched last year for the 2011 handsets. It includes two USB ports like the LiveDock but improves on it by adding a HDMI port. Sony confirmed at MWC that the Xperia P will also get its own SmartDock. This will be the same feature-wise as the SmartDock for Xperia ion, but is made to fit the Xperia P.

The SmartDock for Xperia P can be connected to a TV via HDMI to watch movies, browse photos, play music etc. You can also control the phone by using a TV remote (as long as the TV is HDMI-CEC compatible). The two USB ports will allow you to connect a keyboard and mouse for a full PC experience. The dock will also charge your Xperia P too.

For those hoping of a similar dock being made available for the Xperia S, then we have some bad news. We were told by Sony Mobile representatives that nothing is planned so far. We imagine that part of the issue is that the USB and HDMI ports sit at opposite ends of the Xperia S. The LiveDock still should work, but obviously you won’t be able to benefit from the HDMI out.

SmartDock for Xperia P

SmartDock for Xperia P

SmartDock for Xperia P

SmartDock for Xperia P

  • Vandenbornejeffrey

    Fancy but I’ll get sealed ports keeping dust and other things out of my ports

    Don’t mind me, just saying this to make me feel better for preordering an Xperia S

  • Dmitry Pashkevich

    Are there gonna be any dock for Xperia S?

  • great now now please Sony… incorporate ubuntu otherwise don’t market it as ideal for “business” 

  • Anonymous

    If it comes free with the phone and there’s a ‘Smart headset’ or (Live Sound headset -lime green) in the box then I might consider buying the P. 

  • Anonymous

    This is an entertainment phone- there’s no pro in the title. 

  • Anonymous

    Crap English Award for 2nd March 2012 goes to Dipish. 

  • carrera

    Not releasing SmartDock for Xperia S would be just cruel.

  • Anonymous

    wait, does the xperia s have one as well?

  • Anonymous

    would you like a free computer, a car and an apartment with it?

  • Anonymous

    Do Sony make cars, computers and apartments that accessorise their phones- what a stupid comment! 

  • Anonymous

    Omg, try reading the article. Dipish asked the same stupid question an hour ago, too. 

  • Anonymous

    i was sarcastic lol i should have made a reply lol my bad 

  • Anonymous

    the total fail with those dust covers has me waiting for either gs3, one x or the sony hyabusa (as long as it isnt the play 2)

  • Guest

    One video said the dock outputs in 720p, and another in qHD.  I am confused.

    The BT keyboard and dongle: I am skeptical.  A lot of dongles designed for Windows computers need drivers, I wonder how truly universal the BT setup can be.  Sony is not known for being interoperable all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Phew. It’s a relief to know you’re not that dumb. You love Xperia so how could you be, right?  

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Mmmh I hope there will be one for the arc HD

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  • Anonymous

    hahaha, glad i am an xperia lover…. believe it or not, because of the dock, i am getting the ION… although its so damn UGLY compared to the Xperia S… i just hope and pray that there will be a way to make a generic firmware to get AT&T out of my phone….

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  • M Usman

    LOL! I don’t even think Dipish read the article. He just jumped straight to the comments section. Epic Fail

  • Anonymous

    so you only want PS3, Bravia NX and Vaio Z? :-)

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  • spatch

    There is no smartdock for the Xperia S because the USB & HDMI ports are on opposite sides. Well done Sony. Great planning. Guess I can still use my LiveDock, but this really sucks.

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  • Mulberry

    Where can I buy the DK300 dock in Toronto, Canada????

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