Android Market rebranded to Google Play, get it now

by XB on 7th March 2012

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Google Play ShopGoogle has announced that it is rebranding the Android Market to Google Play. What this means is that the ‘Market’ app on your Sony Xperia smartphone will soon change its name and icon to ‘Play Shop’. Depending on your region you will also see apps for Google’s other services including ‘Play Books’, ‘Play Movies’ and ‘Play Music’.

When the announcement came out yesterday we struggled to understand the reasons behind the move, for us it is difficult to remove the connotations around gaming surrounding the new ‘Play’ moniker. The rollout of the new Market app should be commencing as we speak, but if you can’t wait for it to appear on your handset then just follow the instructions below.

Instructions to download the Google Play app
Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Market. Then hit ‘Clear cache’. Now try and launch the Android Market, it should ask you to re-accept the new terms and conditions and following that it will download the new Play Shop.

Google Play content depending on location
United States: Play Shop, Play Books, Play Movies, Play Music
UK & Canada: Play Shop, Play Books, Play Movies
Australia: Play Shop, Play Books
Japan: Play Shop, Play Movies
Rest of World: Play Shop

Google Play

Google Play

Google Play

Google Play

Google Play

Google Play

Google Play

  • Guest

    Its Play Store in my phone :D

  • Anonymous

    That’s interesting – wonder why it would have a different name…

  • me too.. Play Store..

  • MisterG

    Jup, also Play Store on Xperia X10 in Germany

  • Rene Pedroso

    Thank You, as usual you guys rock. Play Store on my arc S soon to be Xperia S (en route for delivery today)

  • Rai Vikramaditya

    I so envy you man!
    Many congratulations

  • Anonymous

    This was available last night in the UK, XB – why so tardy?! The name is v similar to Play Now- Apple I’m sure would sue Google in similar circumstances over the use of the name!

  • Cssf09

    what a shame that only from 2.2! I keep the original in my xperia x10mini

  • Rai Vikramaditya

    Strange that when I cleared the cache on my Xperia Arc & then opened the Market, it did ask me whether I accept or decline the Terms of Service, but then, nothing happened. No download begun. It still says, “Market” & the logo also is still the same. I tried it a couple of times & also waited for quite a while.


  • M Usman

    yay I got it just now! Still called the Market. 20p games for 7 days. Just downloaded the golf one and its amazing on the Arc. I wonder how it will look on my Xperia S once it arrives next week! Oh and I just had to say, totally unrelated to this post, what a disappointing day for Apple! hehe

  • Rene Pedroso

    Updated my Xperia S but the Icon looks the same and it still says Market. The interface has changed though

  • Hi,
    I’m using Xperia S and i tried what’s mentioned above and it dint even ask me anything :(. Any help?

  • M Usman

    You lucky Bastard! LOL. I have to wait a few more days. Should have it by Tuesday/Wednesday the latest. What colour did you get it in. I got 2 of them in white! I played around with one yesterday in phones4u. They had a demo model in and I have to say. I was well impressed. And all the reviews about the hit and miss capacitive button affair is false. I had no issues with it at all! Its a Beauty! Congrats my friend!

  • Marshallk77

    I get no option to accept, instead it opens up in the browser with no option to accept and so I cannot access at all…  Anyone else had this or better yet managed to fix it?

  • Rene Pedroso

    I got Black. I have no issues so far. The call volume was very low but the update helped. The button issue is a none issue like you said. Once you get used to your phone it’s yours. I am a small guy and I have no problems turning on the phone with one hand (very similar to the arc). My S just changed the icon on Market to ”Play Store” yippee. I tried to using the ”Playon” feature for video and it works great except no sound. Sony has to update my TV for more sound formats (I convert in aac). The phone is awesome. I did not get HDMI or tags in my box :(

  • Naji_la

    i don’t know why my xperia don’t have google play 

  • Nas Que23

    ..can’t seem to update to google play..tried to clear cache but the4 button is greyed out..what should i do..?

  • Bilal_the_boy1

    I have Xperia X10  and i still have market.  I have dont everything that you told me to do in the text but still Nothing happens.  (I live in sweden btw.)   Please heeelp me!!    type to me what to do  (   thank you for helping me

  • Pilhaha

    why did google didnt give me any messages about google play through my market? btw, i did what you said to get google play but it didnt work and my phone is xperia x10

  • Sasi

    I am useing xperia x10 minipro plz help me

  • Daphne Yee

    Why can’t update??
    My phone is xperia x10…

  • Benson T.

    Hello, I have an Xperia x10i from at&t and it is currently running 2.1 software. I have tried the directions posted above. After clearing the cache for the android market and launching the market again, Nothing pops up to have me re-accept the new terms and conditions therefore not allowing me to download google play. I am confused, am I supposed to have my Xperia updated to 2.3 software first because I am unable to update to gingerbread as well. If anybody can help I would greatly appreciate it! My email is

  • qwerty.1

    i have a Xperia X10 and i dont know how to update my phone to 2.3. i tried with a computer but i dont know what to do. and do you need to update it to 2.3 to get google play? please help. i really want google play.

  • Amjed_muhsin_123

    I have a xperia x10 mini pro and i did clear cache and it´s not working!! :)

  • Angry.

    it didn’t freakin’ work.

  • Confused! WTF!?!?

    WTF?! I have just got my xperia arc back since it had to be reparated, and I got a total new one! And now that I want to download stuff from google play I se… Where is my google play icon?! Since it was new none of my earlier applications was there ofc, but how can I get that Google play back on my phone?!?!?!?!?! Right were I am now I don`t even have google play so I can`t download a thing from there! Help me! I don`t undertstand a thing! And I can`t take screenshots anymore, it`s just gone!!! HELP!!!!!!!! :@ :(

  • Poor u! Good luck ;)

    I don`t know, you should contact the store u bought it from, they might know what to do.

  • D_jraj

    Hi, can anybody help to update my Xperia mini to Android 4 version…

  • grace

    I followed the directions above, and i accepted the terms and conditions but it just downloaded a different version of android, please help.

  • grace

    I want it to get instagram, but it just keeps calling it the market, and instagram isn’t available on it. :'( please help!

  • aabdulmohsin

    Looking forward to seeing this


    i did this “Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Market. Then hit ‘Clear cache’. Now try and launch the Android Market, it should ask you to re-accept the new terms and conditions and following that it will download the new Play Shop.” and nothing happened. it did asked me to re-accept the new terms and conditions but it still remaines as Android market. im using XPERIA Pro.

  • Sara Danaj

    i cleared the cache and when i checked it again the market was still the same . i went back to app management and the cache was made 2.00kb i cleared it again and when i checked back it was made 8 :o

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