New Xperia S firmware (6.0.A.3.67) released

by XB on 8th March 2012

in Firmware, Xperia S

Xperia S 6.0.A.3.67Sony Mobile has released new firmware for the Xperia S. We imagine that this new firmware (version number 6.0.A.3.67) brings only minor changes, perhaps bug fixes, as we haven’t noticed any change on our Xperia S. If anyone knows of the confirmed changelog let us know in the comments below.

Xperia S firmware

  • Anonymous

    Ouch, seeing that ‘2.3.7’ figure for the Android version in the screenshot brings home the fact that no ICS on release for the Xperia S was a bit of a booboo.

  • LOL because I’m running the ICS beta on my 9 month old Neo smoothly.

  • XDIYx

    where is new FW for arc s (62 is bad)

  • OOOOuuuh !!!! You bought Xperia S!!))) GReat! In Russia just next two weeks!!

  • Xperia S rulez

    dude I am in Poland and I already got it :)

  • Anonymous

    good for you- i’ll wait for the official update 

  • Hyde

    price in euro?

  • I just connected my XP S to PC companion and a software update is available.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Mine is Updated. They also updated PC Companion to v2.1. It now says Sony and has links to Forum, MU, VU and Xperia (Xperia takes you to or whatever country you are from) I personally think the phone speaker is better after the update. Could be all in my mind though or should I say all in my ear.

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  • Mahdi Moha

    is xperia play dead ? :(

    damn …

    ==========================i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play

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  • rodhiesutrawan

    How about XPERIA PLAY…? Is xperia PLAY not get an updates?

  • Da123456

    This is a worldwide firmware update for the Sony Xperia S ONLY! What it do is give it a little boost in battery time and correct some errors in the auto mode of the camera which will allow you to take better pictures in snap-and- go mode. ICS is coming Q2, probably in may because Google is planning a update themselves for ICS.

  • Asimshami94

    just bought xperia s 23 hours ago and it got hanged its the screen is on but its black its only shows the top bar the lights in the transparent line are on and no button is working at all can some one help ?

  • stinlager

    will there bee a firmware for  XPERIA NEO soon??  enyone…? thanks…..steinar

  • Waqas

    Have u encountered any GPS issue on your Xperia S before  or after the update?

  • Xperia Kenichi

    Xperia Play will get its Android 4.0 update on 31st March

  • Belabacsi

    Yes, GPS problems with the original firmware (no satellite connection at all). /it went wrong while using Runkeeper/
    I fixed it with a simple ‘Settings reset’, still under the previous firmware.
    After 2 days with the new firmware no GPS issue.

  • pinas tech

    If you encounter this issue again try to hold the power button and the up volume together it will restart your phone alternstivr solution because you cant remove the battery pack

  • Adad

    Thanks a lot for this useful imput…..

  • Armknp

    How to update? It always say No update available from my over companion.

  • pradeep

    new firmware reduce over heating problem while playing games and increase battery life

  • gur

    how to update??

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