Three UK now selling Xperia S; sim-free expected on 12th March

by XB on 8th March 2012

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Three UKThree UK has become the first UK mobile network to offer the Sony Xperia S. It confirmed this morning that the handset was now available on the network both on Pay as you go and Pay monthly. We couldn’t find any signs of the handset on their online portal, so they must be offering it in store only at this present time.

Three is pricing the handset at just £369.99 on PAYG or free from £30-per month contract with The One Plan with all-you-can-eat data, 2,000 minutes and 5,000 texts. Other UK networks that will be stocking the Xperia S include Orange, T-Mobile and O2. Sim-free stock of the Xperia S was expected on 5th March, but Sony Mobile has delayed shipments by a week. UK retailers are now expected stock on Monday 12th March.

  • Widz

    Hmm, Ill wait for an Xperia thats waterproof, with all the extra features of the P thanks… Come on Hayabusa..

  • Guest

    £369 is cheap. and play,com and amazon all have it around £430 don’t they?

  • Khaled

    It’s 358 on Clove without Tax/ VAT, I preordered mine from there

  • The Xperia S looks good in pictures.  I saw the white one in a store and it looked a bit too thick.
    Maybe, the black one would have a thinner look.

  • Sggg

    £369 inc vat yes but locked to the three network. Not aim free.

  • Anonymous

    How about a post on PC Companion updating, xb? Seems to have a few new links on it as well as the obvious rebranding. 

  • Anonymous

    Probably worth a post at some point you’re right. We much prefer using SEUS as it’s a cleaner piece of software! Sony don’t allow you to download it anymore though which is a shame…

  • Asad Mulla

    £369 is dirt cheap On Wednesday I phoned Sony center Tottenham Court Road and they said they will start selling Saturday or Sunday and they expect it to cost £499 or £599 both colours.

  • Does someone have the .exe installer, maybe it can be uploaded somewhere (Yes it’s illegal, but…)
    [I have SEUS installed by the way, but for other people maybe]

  • €10 to unlock it with some software tool.

    I wish they would sell expensive phones with a prepaid card here.I have to buy one unlocked or with a monthly fee.

  • It’s available in Three stores now. Total price without a contract is £384.99 (they require you to buy a £15 pay as you go sim). Phoned a couple of stores in the Manchester area and they both received them today, so I picked one up from the Trafford Centre :-D

  • i allready have my xperia s sim free here in portugal it came out in 6/3
    believe me, worth every penny

  • xperia s

    when is the U.S release?

  • Unforgivez

    For Three PAYG , is the phone locked? Because I still got a contract with vodafone

  • Grace

    When is the Xperia S release in india??

  • Dragon

     Three will unlock it for you for just £15.35 or you can get the white sim free one from phone4u for 399.00 ( I’ve just got mine).


  • Smallz2k

    wow, i just got a contact instead £21 a mnth 300mins unlimited txt 3gig data and free 08 nos free video calling, id try going on a contract-i had to pay £30 to walk out the shop with a free Xs xD

  • Asad Mulla

     Its a good option but, 1 Its 21×24 or 18 £504 or £378 + handset cost (if any). Second its not generic. Third At the time I wanted it in white and it was only available at Phones4u on certain carriers. 4 I don’t like to be tied down to a contract for that long. 5 dont want a new contract. Already have a 12 month sim only. so thats my thinking

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