Xperia S battery can be changed if you really need to

by XB on 12th March 2012

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Xperia S_batteryThe new Sony Xperia S smartphone has an ‘embedded’ 1750mAh capacity battery. The fact that the battery cannot be changed easily has annoyed some who like to use higher capacity third-party batteries or like to carry a spare on long journeys. Well it seems that the battery is not embedded in the strictest sense. You can access it by removing the screws on the back cover (including a few torx screws) and then prising the chassis open.

The battery looks like a typical Sony (Ericsson) one from years gone by, although as you can see in the pictures the battery capacity is listed as 1700mAh (minimum). This is correct as Sony Mobile has listed the battery specs as 1750mAh (typical) and 1700mAh (min).

The video below shows the battery removed, although this user had already taken out the screws prior to opening the handset. It shows that the battery can be easily removed. It doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use a third-party battery neither does it mean you’ll be able to carry a spare given the arduous process of replacing it. However, it does mean that you can replace it if at some point down the line if the battery is losing charge.

Xperia S_battery

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  • Sony: ‘We made it non-user replaceable because of fast-charge’

    It’s just a normal battery! I think the chose for this because they were able to put it under some other components, to save space or to change the centre of gravity for better holding.

  • Danyasd78

    So, is it confirmed that the xperia nx japanese doesnt support nfc? Please someone tell me cause i bought it from japan and still on the way

  • paul4id

    Still not convenient for having a spare when travelling.

  • paul4id

     My interpretation on the fast-charge was that I assumed that the fast charge feature used higher currents when charging, therefore they sealed the battery to prevent electrical shock. Perhaps my interpretation is wrong, and I think more investigation or explanation is required by Sony so we can understand.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    the NFC chip is supposed to be in front of the battery 

  • Danyasd78

    What do You mean? Is My xperia nx coming with nfc or not? Please explain !

  • because the back cover use for NFC sensor

  • Danyasd78

    xperia nx has it or no???

  • Cssf09

    As some people exaggerate things! I will because I am used to withmy xperia x10 mini that also has sealed battery! , But in this case is easier just by removing the screws no more and ready :)

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  • Jagedblade

    I post this on SEATO and bam two days later it’s here. Honestly I thought I did a repost but showing up here is significance? Considering I too mentioned about it being the same battery that we’re used to seeing from SonyEricsson.

  • they just sealed it to prevent dumb users for buying a cheap “bigger” battery that cannot handle the current… there will come a BIG charge that is able to charge the xperia S with 2800mA!!! every normal Li-Po battery would explode at least after 10 minutes…. so they MUST block users to change the battery against no-name stuff because that are not “intelligent” batteries like on notebooks or camcorders that can “say” what current they can manage and what capacity they have…

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  • napismizpravu

    I see two internal connectors on the antenna? GSM UMTS and Wi-Fi  Bluetooth?Vidím dva vnit?ní konektory na n?jaký antény ? GSM UMTS nebo Wi-Fi a Bluetooth ? (czech)

  • Guest

     Yes it has NFC. But the NFC antenna have to be in front of the battery to work properly (as you can see in the picture on the right side the two tripes)

  • Cloud_Connected

    Explanation was given by Sony, provided the link in the first “anti stain feature” topic:

    Die höheren Ströme erfordern stärkere Netzteile, die mit der neuen Generation der Smartphones ausgeliefert werden, aber auch einen leistungsfähigeren Akku-Controller und, um Korrosion aufgrund zu kleiner Kontaktflächen zu vermeiden, eine stabilere Verbindung zum Akku, was nur durch einen Festeinbau und direkte Leitungen realisiert werden könne.

  • Pleitti

    why it is only 1700 mah ??

  • Gen4

    new SONY Xperia™ sola

  • Manjunathba
  • rog

    Wouldn’t recommend anyone to open the XS, I lost SIM card connectivity on one device after opening it :-p

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  • Zoey Nguyen

    Li-ion battery? Now that’s a step backwards, Sony!

  • Martin Wasley

    Question is, is there a sony battery with a higher capacity that will fit inside the phone. Just reading the specs odd some of the other 2012 phones, it would seem there are higher capacity batteries out there.

  • Mo

    you’ve checked the connector when closing it again?

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  • Yboaron

    how does the cameras connected to the board? socket/connector/soldered?

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  • Syconaut

    Or is it to make sure it never fully reboots so it keeps all the sessions active? i got my XS a few days ago and i have to say I’m very impressed….not just by the quality and design but by the audacity of electronics companies these days…devices like this have got the potential to monitor, record and upload every single aspect of ur life….2 cameras, 2 Microphones, GPS, Geo Tagging, every form of wired and wireless connectivity known to man…synchronizing your every action in every account in every network with every contact all in crisp 12megapixel 3D HD with full broadcast capability ,.and thats before weve all started using the Near Field Communication Tags to pay for everything and complete forms in a near totally unsecured network with a 3ft while ur telling the shopkeeper ur entire purchase history, a potted history of your life and the lives of all the people in your network the 7 year old geek behind you has nicked that drnuk picture of u and ur bird at it and has installed a remote desktop so he can tune in next week….this got the potential to be the biggest piece of spyware in living history…my advice is get ur head round linux and totally erase ur xperia and start again…its easily doable and more than capable…then u can have a proper play with its amazing social engineering capabilities…..why dya think its got that clear window? Is it to make it look pretty or is to get us used to the design before they build in a kinetic motion sensor for “Gaming” purposes…then they’ll be constantly scanning you and ur environment in glorious 3D!!

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  • H2o2deep

    Can’t charge my Sony Xperia S , comes up with red light saying charging but nothing getting to battery. How would I do a hard reset?

  • Ramin

    mate u r joking right? stop being so paranoid !!

  • Tayyab

    Would mine lt26i Sony xperia s, work if I put a gold 2480 mah battery in it? or will I blow up?

  • lurchio

    USB portable batteries are available or you can connect your phone to a usb lighter plug in the car. SP has better battery but only 8mp camera. The V is like the water resistant Z but has a removable battery (sadly the V is not available in Australia). Personally I might go for a SP because of the aluminium case as supposed to all the thin plastic phones that are coming out on the market. It’s more of a decent mid-range phone but if it’s a little bulkier (10mm compared to 8mm wafer thin hightechs) it should be a bit more sturdy and less of a flimsy biscuit.

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  • Dave S

    Hi, I have a Sony Xperia SP C5303, and I need to replace the battery, any ideas how you actually do that as it is very different to the Xperia S as I found when i took the screws out and the back off? Would really appreciate the help.

    Dave S

  • Asbo29

    Have just changed battery on mine few screws. 2 silver ones on very edges and 2 torn on actual sides. Then pop open with screwdriver from bottom gently lift all way round. Then gently lift all ribbons lift processor and replace battery. Put all connectors back on carefully screws back in and viola. Job done

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