PlayStation Store now available on the Xperia S

by XB on 14th March 2012

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Xperia S PS StoreEarlier this month, we reported that the PlayStation Store was not live on the Sony Xperia S. Sony has now opened its doors, giving Xperia S users a limited selection of PlayStation content. To access the PS Store you need to open the “Let’s start PS Store” icon in the app try. You will then be greeted with the screen below and two download links.

Make sure you are able to download from Unknown sources [Settings > Applications] so that you can install the two apk files. Once installed you’ll be able to select from around a dozen games (no different to what you can access on the Xperia PLAY). Each game costs £3.99. Hopefully, we’ll see some wider content in the not too distant future.

PlayStation Store now available on the Xperia S

PlayStation Store now available on the Xperia S

PlayStation Store now available on the Xperia S

Via Android Central.

  • Mikey

    Hmm nice.
    Thankx xperiablog :)

  • Rick Schippers

    The dutch xps does not have the “Let’s start PS Store” icon. What url did your browser goto? Maybe we can download the ps store from there manually.

  • XperiaBlog
  • fried_egg

    and i have an orange supplied xperia s in my hand…   hdmi cable included but no smart tags.  it has a load of the orange apps (backup, wifi etc) loaded and the ribbon is a nice orange colour..  so its clearly orange firmware loaded (oh well, dont be late in the updates orange!).  the small sim sadptor IS NOT compatible with the x10, so i used the sony companion pc software and it loaded all my pc contacts on the phone even though i asked it not to. hopefully i will be able to load them off googlesync back up or orange back up as i dont want to delete them 1 by 1… oh and i will get to see the ps shop in a couple of hours!

  • Rick Schippers

     Thanks, the url works ps store + ps pocket installed fine. Unfortunately the store says “This service is not available in your country”.

  • XperiaBlog

    We’d suggest you flash to UK generic firmware using Flashtool and then you won’t have to rely on Orange for updates! Easy to do and you don’ need to unlock your bootloader.

  • fried_egg

    humm.  so xperia S sim is activated, contacts uploaded, wifi etc set…  and NO PS STORE ICON?  and on my orange branded (it has an orange badge on the back cover too) phone it has “let’s golf” which has an impossible to use keyboard to type in your name…  grrr…

  • Bring classic PS2 titles to the PS Store pleaseeeeeeeee!!

  • BatesOut

    How do you do that? Sorry, i’m new to Android and I have rooted my Xperia Ray but i’ve had real trouble trying to find a source for firmware files, there was a couple of links for 1 but both were dead and other than using Wotan, I just can’t find any firmware files to enable me to flash them to the phone.  

    Is there a site somewhere I can download them from because when I was on iOS they were readily available from the net.  Thanks !

  • AJP

    I would love to see FF7 added in the near future :)

  • Micklol

    Awesome…. Just got my Xperia S ::P

  • XperiaBlog

    Wotanserver is probably easiest ( and it’s currently free. Just download the Wotan Client and connect your handset via USB. Then you choose a generic firmware file for whichever country you are in.

  • fried_egg

    good idea, but i like the orange “gold” ribbons and im still setting up swappables etc…
    however should they be slow, bye bye firmware!

  • fried_egg

    thank you!  ps shop loaded.

  • Mikey

    WoW… Great news.

    Unboxing my new XPS (sim free) xD

  • fried_egg

    ps.. there were some nice things with orangefirmware…

    2 games…   lets go golf & who wants to be a millionare 2011

    but it was the things that didnt come installed that was a shock.  NO ORANGE MAPS! nor was there WISEPILOT, nor MACAFEE, and no ASTRO.   although i went and got astro so that i can do the usb extra memory thing…   yes, very little bloatware other than the orange apps “your orange, assistant, wednesdays and wifi”  all i would have installed anyway apart from assistant which does, er, well, nothing i can see of any use.

  • Asad Mulla

     would love to see it but since I have had my tablet S there have only been a few game and Mostly PSONE games. to be honest, Smartphones are better today then the PSONE and its reflected with the games aswell. Smartphone games are better.

  • nöp

    i´ve just tried it just 4 fun with an arc s.
    ps pocket runs fine, but in germany without any content – maybe because i´ve nothing installed from the ps store :P (because it said that there is an error^^) 

  • BatesOut

    That’s what I used to drop down from.62 to .042 but I was looking for somewhere I could actually download the firmware files from as Wotan doesn’t seem to have an option to download a copy of a firmware and as you say, it is currently free but 1 day it may not be and without the actual firmware files I would be stuck lol

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  • Rune Christiansen

    NICE timing, I’m getting my XPeria S tomorrow… Are there demos of the games? Don’t want to shell out 4 euro for a phonegame which I haven’t tried out….

  • Koyoo

    Finally made it work. However the only game I’d play (Wild Arms) is not available in my country -.- Fuck that.

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  • fried_egg

    the two games on second opening demanded money, bye bye and deleted..  bad for them as i didnt test play them the first time i ran them

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  • M Usman

    Downloaded RayMan on there last night. It works to say the least. Will download something more challenging and graphic intense such as Drive! Where’s crash bandicoot???

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  • Renee gerards

    Ik heb hetzelfde geprobeerd. Erg vervelend, dit betekend dus dat Nederland geen gebruik van deze playstation store voor de xperia s maakt. Hopelijk komt dit wel nog.

  • Haze

    anyone know when we can download the playstation store app in europe?
    sorry my english is not so good.. hope that someone understood what i just said haha :P

  • Xperia S rulez


  • Pedzz_0007

    My xperia s never came with the placeholder?

  • Peteroarmstrong

    Ive got Orange to, they are crap, had to contact sony for the dirct wesite address

  • FOUND OUT ALREADY???ur u also planning download at xperia s as well?

  • M Usman

    found out what already Amanda? i’ve already downloaded several games on my xperia s. don’t like any of them. they all look terrible on the xperia s

  • Ddraig

    Im getting that message as well, anyone know how to connect??????

  • Mr Black91

    is it playstation store need downlod in android market?

  • Zazu

    When will it be available in Asia-Indonesia?

  • Adam

    what was the website address

  • Phornrithy

    why can’t i find “let start PS store”help me,please.and explan me clearly

  • Jungleroar


  • Lode41

    Why doesn’t it work in Latvia? I have Sony xperia S
    and Latvia is in Europe.
    I need to know is it vil work in Latvia
    I hope it vil

  • Lode41

    Please send the answer to my email (to Sony team)

  • Freeman 94_7

    is it available in Egypt I cant find it on my xperia S

  • Justinbirdygordon

    they advertise these games as “full game” but they arent.
    i had destruction derby on ps1 years ago and the xperia version is only half the game…..not happy

  • hrithik chaudhary

    Can u tell when it will be released for India. Using xperia s as ps store shows ‘there are no contents /items to

  • osigurac

    Not in Croatia :(

  • abgm

    cant get crash bandicoot on my new xperia z tablet ….why

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