Sony Mobile launches Augmented Reality marketing campaign in UK

by XB on 15th March 2012

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Sony Mobile is starting to make a big splash in marketing the new Xperia S handset. In the UK, the company took a full wrap advert in the free Metro newspaper (one of the most popular morning papers in the UK). However, this is not any ordinary campaign. The advert was done in conjunction with blippar, the augmented reality app.

You can install the app from the Android Market and direct it to the images in the paper to reveal the core watch, play, listen, create features of the handset. If you want to test this for yourself, you can access this morning’s Metro paper here. For ease of use we’ve also included the images below.

Blippar Xperia S

Blippar Xperia S

Blippar Xperia S

Blippar Xperia S

Via The Next Web.

  • adsada_arc

    This an interesting marketing idea, and kudos to Sony for it, however the advert is relying on you to do quite a lot to get full information out of it, first you need an android phone then have to download the app, let it load up and then let it connect to the internet.

    How many people reading the paper in the morning are bothered to try this out? I can’t think many would, because the majority of people just pass the ads without evening reading it, so my only concern is the money they spent on this, and actually the pages on a normal glance really don’t offer much, if any information about the phone, just a colourful background, an Xperia S and a sony logo

  • M Usman


  • goldenblls

    Took a while to get started but this will work with any interactive advert now.  I tried it this afternoon and it was pretty impressive.

  • goldenblls

    The Metro has a huge circulation and mainly targets commuters, where it is available for free on buses and trains so, with nothing else to do, a lot of commuters, like myself, would have tried this out today.  

    I guess we’ll never know how many actually tried it though.

  • RaxaBoo

    Actually played around with Essie (xperia s, if you want to be formal) in a 3 store today. The display is truly awesome, the software runs superquick, the camera takes amazingly detailed photos, 1080p video is decent. Fast capture works well, too-( I was a little sceptical about this but the speed is acceptable enough to be termed ‘fast’). £400 payg- worth the money even on gingerbread imho.
    I scorn the Metro,xb, but I did notice the Xperia Sony Smartphones hoarding while watching the Champions League Chelsea match (wasn’t as prominent as the Vita advertising but hey-ho).

  • RaxaBoo

    On the telly, I hasten to add -wouldn’t be seen dead at a football match.

  • 29_to_mars

    Showing an iPhone while advertising a Sony mobile??? Now that’s just wrong 

  • Asad Mulla

    why is there a second G+ icon at the absolute bottom left ccorner of this page? I clicked it anyway .

  • RaxaBoo

    Whoa, that’s amazing- just tried it lol. Should be some sound accompanyng the visual, though. Also, looking at the e-edition there doesn’t seem to be a clear ‘download blippar from the Android market (oops Google Play store!)’ instruction (how many people had that app before seeing this ad?!). Also, many people wouldn’t have had an internet connection on the tube anyway if they wanted to try this. Still, a lot of fun. 

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  • rog

    Awesome! :)

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