Xperia acro HD launches in Japan

by XB on 15th March 2012

in Xperia - Japan Models

acro HDToday saw the launch of the Sony (Ericsson) Xperia acro HD on NTT DoCoMo in Japan as expected. Strangely, the Japan models are still sporting the full Sony Ericsson logos on both the handsets and packaging. The CDMA version of the Xperia acro HD also launched on KDDI just a few days ago. See some unboxing pics of the NTT DoCoMo version below, it’s nice to see that users get a cradle among the other accessories.

The acro HD includes a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4.3-inch HD resolution display (720 x 1280 pixels), 12.1MP Exmor R camera sensor, 16GB of internal storage (plus microSD support), 1840mAh battery and HDMI. It also has Japanese specific features such as infrared port, NFC mobile wallet and TV tuner. This handset will also be waterproof to depths of 1m.

Xperia acro HD

Xperia acro HD

Xperia acro HD

Xperia acro HD

Xperia acro HD

Pictures via Livedoor.

  • Cssf09

    it still remains as SE? : |

  • Faalhaas

    Really? So now there’s the Xperia S, P, U , Sola, Ion and Acro. I’ll still get the S though, but will this come to Europe? 

  • The Acro HD and NX are Japan-only. The S, P, U and Sola are coming to Europe and the US. The Ion is coming to some countries in Europe and AT&T.

  • Guest

    Xperia S (world) = Xperia NX (Japan)
    Xperia Ion (world) = Xperia Acro (Japan)

  • dereknobuyuki

    Not sure why the SonyEricsson branding was surprising.
    I’m sure that stuff was designed, built, boxes made, manuals printed, etc… months ago =P

    I played with it in the store and it was decent but the other designs like the NX are growing on me more than the Acro HD. The Acro HD largely looks like a lot of the other devices out there.
    I wish they would make all models waterproof though.

    My contract is up next month (2 years after the original April launch of the SO-01B/X10) so the Xperia Acro HD and NX look nice however the Xperia SO-04D (hayabusa) is only a couple months away.

  • WaelFaddah

    ill tell you what the blue is 10 times hotter than the black U.S. ION

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  • Warmgun32

    Any idea of the cost?

  • Laurence24th

    I agree and it’s epic water proof.

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  • Coollead

    I just bought an iPad 3, so now I’m waiting for an LTE Xperia on Docomo… why you ask? Because LTE phones have free hotspot WiFI tethering. On my Arc, I’d have to pay an extra 2500 yen a month.

    True, LTE is limited to 7GB a month, but I can’t see myself passing that… I barely hit 3GB as it is.

  • Coollead

    The Ion and Acro HD are so far apart and different, it’s not even funny.

    4.6″ vs 4.3″
    HSPDA vs LTE
    Waterproof vs. not
    1seg, IR, and NFC vs. none.

    Also, the Acro HD is thicker.

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