Smartphone users prefer larger displays according to study – what’s your ideal size? [Poll]

by XB on 16th March 2012

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Research firm, Strategy Analytics, released a report earlier this week claiming that smartphone users want thin devices with large displays. They say that the sweet spot for these users is for a device with a 4.0-inch to 4.5-inch display, preferably one that is also thin and one that has a high-resolution display.

This is a trend that Sony (Ericsson) commented on in its recent Q4 results. At the time they said that the performance of the Xperia mini range was challenging due to the consumer preference for larger smartphones. We thought we’d take a quick poll of our readers to find out what sized phones people prefer. We don’t expect too many surprises, although we still expect that there will be a sizeable minority who are clamouring for a 2012 update to the Xperia mini. Please vote and comment below on your preferences.

What is your ideal phone display size?

  • 4.2-inches and above (49%, 1,156 Votes)
  • 4.0-inches (31%, 741 Votes)
  • 3.5 to 3.7-inches (16%, 379 Votes)
  • 3.3-inches and below (4%, 94 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,370

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  • reptile64

    60 inch and above :P

  • 4-4.3″ for me :P

  • Cloud_Connected

    The size of the Arc S with its 4,2″ display is the right size…for me ;)

  • adsada_arc

     4.2+ for me, ahhhhhh I’m so buzzing I won an Xperia S on the twitter competition :DDD

    …don’t know what to do with my Xperia arc now though haha!

  •  Jealousssssss :|

  • Mouldon

    AKA Arc

  • Flutterphael

    For me, the best size is Xperia Ray’s. It fits exactly in my hand, without moving and I can use it with one thumb. It is less heavy and you just don’t feel it in your pocket

  • 4.2″ screen is the single reason I didn’t get the Xperia S.  Needs to be 4.7″, but still sharp. And I’d accept a couple of extra mm thickness for a bigger battery, camera lens & sensor.

  • RaxaBoo

    25 and a half inches is ok. 60 is ridiculous! 

  • 4.5 – 4.6 is the best, and it still fit in pocket. 

  • Johnylim

    My Xperia play 4″, a bit bigger for me and iPhone 3.5 to small, so I vote 3.7 neo , still comfortable for 1 hand use

  • Guest

    Want my Sony version/update of Mini Pro please!!!!!

  • Hansip87

    Generally, people just like bigger e-peen.

    For me though, i like pocketable 3.3 to 3.7 inches. even though i have to admit, 1280×720 on a 4.3 inch is like pushing the ppi boundary so sometimes larger is better if the ppi is great too :) hoping sometime in the future sony up the ante for Xperia P and the like, to say, 1024×600 for 3.5 inch? That would be rockin.. ;)

  • Cssf09

    I’m used to the screens below 3.5 :)

  • Angel M.

    Start an xperia collection like me!!!

  • Szabolcs Feczak

    so what happens with 3.3 to 3.5 inch preference there is no such option?

  • Szabolcs Feczak

    NO larger than 3.5″ it is a PHONE not a tablet and battery life is key not the screen size

  • mountain

    Saw a demo of 80inch windows 8 on youtube, that is what I want, looks quite like minority report.

  • Hai Long Hoang

    4 inch is best for me! But I love my Xperia S!

  • i think it depends features of phones , like 2011 line phones , small size 3.3 wouldnt have hdmi out , and other third part live dock connection , how much screen size being big , features going up …

  • adriduan zolkarnain

    even 3.5 inch still small

  • ZyxeLa

    XPERIA Ion’s size(4.55) is perfect for me. Not too big, not too small :) 

  • Xperia Ray’s size!!! 

  • M Usman

    the Xperia S screen size and resolution are perfect for me @adsada_arc:disqus – your so lucky! I wish I’d entered hehe! Let me know how yr battery life holds up. Its a really bad issue for both my S handsets right now. Also I’d love feedback form other owners too. And @XperiaBlog:disqus @XperiaBlog:twitter if you could do a poll or article on battery life, it will help many of us :) x

  • DragonClaw

    A pocketable cell phone. Thats what I want. But I do not really look into the size. Higher resolution matters a lot more.

    Any ways. People prefer larger sizes as the larger sizes have better performance. The manufacturers make larger size devices with more power and the lower sized ones as low ends, for people who are low on budget. If we see an equality in performance of all sizes of devices, I think people would prefer all the sizes equally.

  • DragonClaw

    Xperia Ray is just perfect.
    I am typing this comment from a mini pro and not from a Ray, just because of the keyboard. Else Ray is perfect.

  • BatesOut

    I don’t get this seemingly modern obsession with huge screens, the key word for me is “mobile” and research has already been done that proved 3.7″ was the optimum size for a screen to use with 1 hand, fuck all these tablet sized devices and their 2 handed screen gestures !!

  • RaxaBoo

    Donate it to charity maybe? Hold a raffle? 

  • RaxaBoo

    tapping away with your dragon claws on the mini pro..  you should post a video of you doing that on youtube and send the link here!

  • RaxaBoo

    thanks make_believe, I say 25.5 obviously because you can strap a device that size to your back no problemo. At 60 inches plus you’re getting into sandwich-board territory- it’s more like the phone is using you than you using the phone! 

  • RaxaBoo

    I put 3.3 inches just to be different- I think it’s important the small screen community is supported and not discriminated against by the big beasts of this world. 

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Xperia S size is the best for me. I have small hands, so…

  • DragonClaw

    Lol. Yea. Some time soon. :-D

  • Rayan Bayoumi

    Reading this post on my xperia s its amazing i never thought of being so amazed by a phone screen its just womderful. Xperia S 10/10

  • Asad Mulla

     I bought the RAY for the missus and I love it but for myself I prefer the Arc, Xperia S size. Its just a nice size. I mate walks around with a Galaxy note which makes no sense to me. its not a tablet or a phone.

  • 4.3-4.5, best for my hand.

  • Asad Mulla

    Discussion on sony blog about this issue.

  • Asad Mulla

    How I envy those of you with white Xperia S’s. Cant find a sim free one in london.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Xperia ion??

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I’m currently used to my X8 but i’m gonna need to upgrade because of it’s battery problems

  • M Usman

    there was a new fw certified for the xperia s on 15 march. hopefully this is a battery drain fix. i’ve tried everything but appreciate the help :)

  • antar

    4.65″ Super AMOLED screen . Exactly like my GNex

  • Give it to me for free please! XD

  • Kuraichocobo

    I can’t vote on this poll… I think 4.2 is the best size. No more than that.

  • betatesterz

    Lack of an option 4″~4.3″. Anything above that is too big for me.. IMHO There should be a new category for 5″ devices that are not within the range of smartphones nor tabblets. SlabPhones maybe?

  • Xajel

    I think you should add some more precise options, I mean I prefer 4.2 and larger, but not larger than 4.5 !!

  • hieu

    4.3 inches 

  • WaelFaddah

    i went from arc to ray to arc S to xperia S, swyoing on the ray SUCKED, letters where way too small

  • Atlas

    If I like the phone I like the size:)

  • Flutterphael

    My ray with its 3.3 inches and 854×480 is pretty good also ;)

  • 34yuco

    does xperia s and p has got nearly same battery life? if it is not which one is more

  • JT

    I prefer a 3.5″ phone because 1st and foremost it’s a phone, secondly it’s used for texting, thirdly it’s used for listening to music, and last but not least it’s used to check emails.  On occasion it’s used to take pictures but all others like viewing photos, surfing the net, gaming, and especially watching video are not as important.  Apparently, there are many size queens here. 

    So what happens to the Xperia Ray now that we have the Xperia U?  I wish the Xperia U has the same aluminum unibody as the Xperia P.  I like the fact that eh Xperia U has that illumination that changes color but I wish it has that option of aluminum in black or silver. Maybe in the next version.

  • Razor1911

    3.5 inches are iphone fanboys :D

  • I personally prefer smaller displays and devices – the kind of stuff that would easily fit into most pockets, would easily be operable single-handed for anything from getting calls to taking pictures, provide a better battery life and overally “feel” more compact than “semi-tables”. If I needed a tablet, I’d get one, but I definitely agree it’s obviously a matter of use cases and personal preferences. ;)

  • Gen4
  • scarmic

     big screen in small devices. Xperia S has a beautiful display witch fits mi desiderata, but the device is a little bit big.

  • leo

    3.5″ to 4.0″ is ideal, after all its mobile, i see users walking with their huge screen mobile in hand, always coz cant keep it in pocket and it look so stupid when someone in answering from his/her huge screen mobile.

    its mobile, hope all of u know whats the meaning of mobile is.

  • brixter11

    I like 3.7 on my Neo but it would be nicer if the screen had a different aspect ratio it’s a bit narrow

  •  If you are looking for a mobile to do the basic tasks like calling, messaging etc .. then 3.5 or less is the one for you, you should not lose your money on 2012 phones.

    For me mobile now days is more than that, I browse internet and see videos on it check my emails and reading books and playing games etc .. so less than 4.3 would be ridicules .

  • Antonio Romualdo

    Here in Brazil, at least with friends who have smartphones and know how to use it, toprefer the larger screen, about 4 “up, and more thin and beautiful too, but not so large, that has to get more out of front of the cell. in that Sony knows how to work. Why with the larger screen? to overcome anything that might offer a phone with a Android platform, that is, the larger screen to be more comfortable such a reading. There is a tablet, but as the tablet is not a phone.
    Aqui no Brasil, pelo menos com os amigos que tem smartphones e sabem usá-lo, preferem com tela maior, cerca de 4” para cima, e mais finos e bonitos também, más não tao grandes, quer dizer tem que se aproveitar mais a frente do celular. Nisso a Sony sabe trabalhar. Por que com a tela maior? Para suprir tudo o que possa oferecer um telefone com o a plataforma Android, quer dizer, a tela maior para ficar mais confortável por exemplo uma leitura. Existe o tablet, mas como diz é tablet e não um celular.

  • Samuel Serafim

    NO larger than 3.5″ too

  • Samuel Serafim

    NO larger than 3.5″ for me too.
    Xperia Ray + dual core + hdmi = perfect

  • lastguru

    Can’t vote for some reason – it says “Failed To Verify Referrer ”

    Anyway, my answer is Xperia Ray size. I need performance and features in Ray size. I am ready to pay for the features: I am not shopping for low price – I am shopping for size with features. I do not believe in phones over 3.5 inches – for larger screen I can have a tablet – I need a small portable device!

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  • Omar

    I know it’s an old post, but it’s funny to see how people’s opinions change because they are no longer offered what they wanted.

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