Xperia S: What’s in your box?

by XB on 16th March 2012

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The Sony Xperia S is now starting to show up in many parts of the world. The UK mobile operators have the Xperia S available despite sim-free stock being in short supply. Elsewhere in Europe, stock is also available in many countries. In Asia, stock is available in Singapore, whilst Malaysia should get stock from 21 March 2012. There’s been no official word on when India will get the Xperia S, but grey imports are already filtering through to dealers.

Now that the Xperia S is ending up in people’s hands, we thought we’d ask what accessories people are getting in their bundles? The UK SKU’s all have a HDMI included, but mobile operator O2 offers the best deal including both four SmartTags and the Sony Smart Headset. So then, what did you get in your box? Remember to highlight which region/carrier your Xperia S is from.

Xperia S contents

  • TheLoyalist

    HDMI cable
    Micro USB cable + charger
    2 NFC tags
    Sony headset

  • XperiaSlover

    caphonewarhouse deos not offers  2 nfs tags

  • Komica

    HDMI cable
    USB cable ,charger
    Hong Kong ,Smartone

  • Lewis

    UK, Three Mobile

    HDMI cable
    2 NFC Tags
    USB cable and charger
    In ear headphones

  • Add1hunter

    o2 uk

    Headset, maybe smart, but I haven’t unpacked that
    Micro hdmi
    Micro usb with charger
    4 smart tags

    I should also point out most of these things are Sony Ericsson branded…

  • Hunted

    UK Carphonewarehouse (sim free)

    Micro HDMI
    Micro USB Cable + Charging Adapter
    In-Ear Headphone
    Screen Protector + Small Wipe Cloth
    Sony XPS Handset

  • Rene Pedroso

    US – Overseas Electronics (Unlocked)
    Xperia SUSB cableEarbudsCharger
    Anyone know if the smart tags are available for purchase and from where?

  • osamaH Al-Amri

    In Saudi Arabia there are two packages and the difference between them is ~60$
    Normal package : 
    – Sony EARPHONES
    – Charger
    – USP cable
    – Manuals 

    Full package :
    – Normal package PLUS : 
      # HDMI CABLE
      # SMART TAGS x 2 

    I took the normal package because the full package was not available before 10 days :)
    Bought it at 3/7/2012 :)

  • * HDMI Cable IM820
    * Screen Protector ET930
    * NFC Tags NT1
    * Compact Car Charger AN400

    Iran / Tehran

  • Lahiru

    France generique  (from ThePhoneHouse)

    Xperia S White
    HDMI Cable
    Headset (Guess the same as the Xperia Arc’s)
    Screen Protector
    Charger + USB Cable

    No smart tags …..

  • Auraib


    if you don’t mind me asking where did you get it from? riyadh? and from which shop.
    oh did it not include the car charger???

  • Mohammad Mostafa

    thanks , Osamah, for your information but please, tell me from which seller i can buy the full package and for how much saudi rials? thanks again.

  • WaelFaddah

    No HDMI Cable 
    NO Smart Tags 
    some cheap crappy sony headset 
    Micro USB + charger + Manual 
    SUCKS, where do you buy the tags from?

  • Ludo

    France (form RueDuCommerce) i have the same package.

  • NL_user

    T-Mobile NL:
    Sony Earphones
    Micro USB cable + Quick charger
    2 NFC tags
    + Voucher for free Smart Wireless headset Pro

  • Kudrnac

    You don’t actually need original Sony SmartTags. Here is a video (turn on the subtitles) on how to use any cheap NFC chip with the Xperia S:

    (I am not the author, just linking it)
    So if you are worried, that you didn’t get enough SmartTags with your phone, don’t be.

  • fried_egg

    orange (direct), uk.

    Micro HDMI Micro USB Cable + Charging Adapter
    In-Ear Buds   (cheap feel, sony branded, not very impressive)
    Screen Protector + Small Wipe Cloth
    Handset (Orange firmware)
    Microsim adaptor
    Orange bumph and Sony bumph

    the “labels” on each item say sony eri!

  • Giandrea

    In Italy:
    HDMI cable
    Sony headset
    NO Smart tags

    you can have 2 smart tags sent to you by mail if you register on a website

  • Spain, normal package:

    HDMI cable
    Micro USB cable + charger
    2 NFC tags
    Screen protector

  • WOW, XBA-1 instaed of Smart head set?

  • lee

    Singapore (Non carrier)

    HDMI cable
    Micro USB cable + fast charger
    2 NFCs
    Live Dock (Carrier)
    Wireless keyboard (Carrier)

  • Rune Christiansen

    Denmark, Online store: Computersalg

    White Xperia S (black was sold out everywhere)
    Standard in-ear headset(just call/hangup button)
    Screen protector

    Was a bit disappointed that no NFC-tags were in the box, but I just looked up a danish dealer (the only one) and they sell them for 10-15 KR, which is 2-3 dollars or 1-1.5 pound :p

  • Xperia S rulez

    USB + Charger
    HDMI cable
    Phone of caurse 
    Sony’s Headphones

  • does Xperia S has a dock??? I didn knew that. =.=

  • CPW Ireland:-
    4 smarttags
    HDMI cable
    Smart Headset
    USB cable and charger

  • Shanefalco

    xperia s display problem:
    attention please!!!

  • osamaH Al-Amri

    I bought it from jeddah, albluetooth store it costs around 2399 S.R for the full package
    Sony World says that it will be available for Pre-order in the 18th of march , and it will be available after 2 days ( maybe 20th of march ) with the same price :) 2399 S.R

  • osamaH Al-Amri

    In Riyadh, You can take it from AL-MURSALAT area , but i dont think that you will find the full-package now :)
    Oh yeah , i forgot to add the car charger. thanks :)

  • AD

    Can i ask Uk users if the handset came with a screen protector already on along with a spare, or just that one?

  • Emil

    Denmark 3 (Three)

    HDMI cableMicro USB cable + charger2 NFC tagsSony headset
    Screen Protector + Small Wipe Cloth

  • Nickr

    Sweden (Three)

    Black Xperia S

    Micro-USB cable and a charger
    HDMI cable
    Screen Protector (rubbish)
    2 NFC tags
    A Sony in-ear headset.

    Everything but the phone itself are labeled ‘Sony Ericsson’.

  • Ajexis

    Danish 3 carrier:
    Hdmi cable
    Screen protector with tiny cleaning cloth
    Mh-650 headset
    Not much in the package, but it’s only €510 for 6months with 2 hours call time, unlimited text and 5gb a month

  • Dante_dt

    phones4u UK
    hdmi cable 
    screen protector
    normal handsfree
    micro usb cale + charge

  • Asad Mulla

    I still havent got one. I want to buy Sim free White but I cant find one in London. Any Ideas?

  • TheIndonesian

    do they have it in jarir bookstore yet? what date was it realesed if it is already released in jarir? please reply ASAP, thank you!

  • Andy

    Cheap and crappy headset? According to several reviews the headset should have really good sound quality, on pair with Beats audio provided with HTC.

  • TheIndonesian

    its the old live dock, compatible with almost all android i think.

  • Mortenfarvin

    My xperia S is a sim free from Denmark.

    Out of the box:
    HDMI cable
    Extra screen protector
    Basic Sony headset
    2 smart tags

  • M Usman

    Sony Xperia S White via Phones4U on Orange – phone (lol) standard earphones :(, hdmi cable, manuals, usb charger, and an additional screen protector with cloth (one screen protector readily applied to handset). I’ve had this handset for a week now. I’m facing severe battery drainage issues. @Tej:disqus – can you please do another post and ask people about their battery life, Sony UK says they need enough feedback to provide a fix. Many thanks. 

  • Boyimace

    I got a new contract with o2 but didn’t get a headset? Only a voucher for the tags, wtf? Anyone now if I can still get them free?

  • Raumatiboy

    New Zealand

    Got mine on Tuesday 13th.USB cable and chargerIn ear headphones – I use Sony blue tooth headphones and the sound is great! 
    I have not noticed it charging any faster than my arc s ?

  • Mark

    UK O2 – bought through Tesco Mobile ShopUSB + ChargerHDMI cablePhoneScreen protector and wipeSony headphonesNo NFC tags – even though this is O2

  • osamaH Al-Amri

    I asked them once about it and they told me it will be in stock around the 25th of march.
    Hope that helps :)

  • fried_egg

    its not really o2… its likely tesco buy the handsets and then pair them off with a sim pack for the network you choose.

  • TheIndonesian

    really?! WOW! cant wait!!! thanks for the info! :D

  • Asad Mulla
  • Dio_Merdaiolo

    io ho trovato un dio stronzo succhia cazzi e rotto in culo

  • WyldThang

  •  What dealer had the NFC tags? :)

  • owl

    contents of singaporean m1 set can be found here

    you seriously got a live dock from your carrier?!

  • Asad Mulla

     not available yet

  • Asad Mulla

     Hopefully tomorrow. Comes with 4 NFC tags and some other accessories worth £30 for a total cost of about £440 inc del. Not bad.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Holland Hi
    2 smarttags 
    usb cable and charger
    Sony headset ( not the Smart )

  • BillyLondon

    O2 UK
    -Xperia S with screen protector on
    – 1 extra screen protector
    – Small Micro fibre cleaning cloth
    – Sony Smart Headset (cool and tangle free)
    – Micro HDMI cable
    – Standard Sony Ericsson UK charger /adapter
    – USB cable
    – 4 smart tags
    – Manuals

  • Asad Mulla

     Clove have it in stock today. Ordered it for £438.00 (IN WHITE)

  • Lee Nightingale

    knew i should have gone with o2 direct for my uprgade doh!

  • Asad Mulla

     thanks for the heads up. I will have it tomorrow. Normally I would buy it at the launch but I wanted it in white but I couldn’t find it.

  • saeen

    I got mine from mishal asema 2,100 full pack.

    Edit: sorry normal pack :)

  • guest

    2 NFC tags
    Base headset
    Micro USB Charger

  • Ayman36

    I got the white colored xperia s
    – Stereo headphones
    – Micro- usb cable + charger
    – Manuals

  • Herry Sudharma

    Micro USB cable + chargerSony headset

  • beendone

    Hi Billbond

    What CPW store did you buy the S in?

    I got mine in the CPW store in Swords Pavilions and had no smarttags. They said I should call Sony. But Sony said it’s up to the retailers

    Both Sony and CPW refuse to provide them. I’m really pissed off

    Thanks a lot

  • Sandra

    Bought it at Wupti and got 2 smart tags

  • spatch

    Australia, unlocked via Dick Smith Electronics retail outlet:

    Standard Sony Ericsson headset;
    Micro USB cable + charger;
    2 x NFC Smart Tags (black + red).

    Interestingly, Sony has bundled a pair of their MDRZX100B monitor headphones with the Xperia S — not in the box, but both packages were wrapped together in shrink wrapped plastic. These headphones retail in Australia for $39.99, so I was impressed to get them for nothing. They sound ok, but for free they sound pretty good to me.

  • Sa7hvik

    i didnt get smart tags in my box…

  • Sa7hvik

    i jus got hdmi cable nd a leather pouch thats it. Am really dissapointed on this…  :(

  • mine came with:
    -USB cable
    -adapter for charging
    -many papers
    -sony earphones

  • Nithin Kumar

    didn`t get any smart tags with my brand new xperia S. pls help me with this ..

  • I got an xperia s in Holland a few weeks ago, and got nothing but a normal headsets! Not too impressed

  • Ajay K

    In my box purchased @ India:
    Xperia S smartphone
    2 NFC Tags
    HDMI Cable
    USB Cable [2]
    Car charger
    Leather case
    Sony Headset
    Standard paper documents

    Would have been a little happier to see the included screen protector and smart headset instead.

  • Ajay K

    And of course, the travel charger adaptor .

  • Jesse

    Australia: Virgin Mobile on plan
    USB Cable and charger
    2 NFC Xperia Tags
    In-ear earphones

    Sadly, no included HDMI Cable, have to buy in eBay. :(

  • Bill Hamer

    Bought mine at Beep in Madrid – was the only Movistar dealer that had the black model. Box included: data/charging cable, EP800 USB charger, HDMI cable, earphones MH650c, instruction booklets in English and Spanish and a single screen protector with applicator. No Smart Tags!!

  • at what price you got your handset

  • Jen Bato

    where in Saudi did you purchase your Xperia S?

  • Diddy

    Australia (Optus)

    Micro USB & Charger
    2 NFC tags
    Sony headset
    all papers
    but no HDMI Cable :( gotta purchase it.

    but I hear Vodafone here offer all that + HDMI cable in box. but its on a very light use plan. :)

  • jugg

    provo a contattare il team cyno è un progetto interessante, vedo se almeno prendono in considerazione la mia richiesta

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