Xperia sola now on German pre-order for €259

by XB on 19th March 2012

in Xperia sola

The Sony Xperia sola has some brand new gadgetry inside it in the form of floating touch technology. The handset was due to sit in the middle of the Xperia P and Xperia U in terms of pricing, however our quick search online suggests that the Xperia sola will be closer to the Xperia U.

German retailer currently has the red version of the Xperia sola on pre-order for €259 (£215) excluding postage. This is cheaper than the price suggested by Sony Mobile France, who said it will retail for €329. Cyberport ships throughout Europe so if you like the look of this handset you may want to pre-order now.

Xperia sola now on German pre-order for €259

  • Tarekali

    I cant access, it’s ddeeaaaaaddddd!!!

  • Freakvn

    too expensive!!!

  • Upip

    EL OH EL!!! Lookie here, Sony is already spoiling Europe, Asia, and Japan with ALL these Xperia phones lately. How lucky of them. HEY SONY, where the HELL is the Xperia ion, huh? Are you trying to pretend your the American fans have completely forgotten about it? How about an update on the release date huh? This is getting absolutely ridiculous. We’re vast approaching the beginning of Q2 in a few weeks, yet NO UPDATE on the release date. This is so stupid. I’m done with Sony. All these phones can die for all I care.

  • SRM

    Guess this will hamper xperia u sales because of it’s memory card slot and floating touch technology.

  • alex[is] .

    Today my Xperia ray ask to update to Android 4.0 through OTA, thank you sony :)

  • What?? Really ?? Where you from?

  • alex[is] .

    I was surprised too. I’m from Spain. I don’t want to update it yet because now I’m at work, but this afternoon I will. The version is: 4.0.2.A.0.69.

  • WoW, thats really good news mate… Gud Luck :D

  • grammar nazi

    “red verison” = “red version”

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    let us know how it is :P

  • You speak everything from my mind, bro! Xperia S is out globally now and Xperia ION should have updates at least on the release date!

  •  Isn`t it that ( 4.0.2.A.0.69) the biuld number for some newer version of 2.3 which supposed to be just for Germany? Look here:

  • XperiaBlog

    Thx – fixed!

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  • parek

    price was updated to € 349,90 :((

  • Khaled El-Ashram

    i know its not out yet but which one would be dedicated for music, better sound quality and features, U, S or Sola? or perhaps the Z1000 Walkman? .. yes i know its not a phone .. duh :P

    would be nice if someone makes a review about it

  • SRM

    I guess live with walkman will be better in music than all this sony NXT phones.
    And undoubtedly,Z1000 Walkman will be the best considering only media players.

  • Nekola2004mkd

    Well, now the have a new price for Sola. 350 EUR.

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