King of Fighters Android out now for Xperia PLAY

by XB on 22nd March 2012

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SNK’s classic 2D fighting series ‘The King of Fighters’ has just been released onto the Android Market. Currently only four Android devices are supported including optimised support for the Xperia PLAY. The game features 20 classic characters including Kyo Kusanagi, K’, Ash Crimson, and Billy Kane and five modes of gameplay (3-on-3 battles, 1-on-1 fights, an endurance mode as well as challenge and trading modes). The game is out now on the Android Market for $4.99 (£3.72).

  • Alex Xperia

    Xperia Blog rocks

  • Asad Mulla

    Not enough being done for the other “playstation certified” handsets. only a handful of crap games available.

  • $5? No thanks.

  • Ernst ErnSat

    I’ve had an AT&T Xperia Play 4G since early November 2011. This is probably my favorite Xperia Play optimized game to date; we need more releases like this that actually take good advantage of the Play’s controller.
    $5 isn’t bad at all for fans of fighting games. The only true, major fault that I can find is a lack of online VS mode; I don’t know anyone other than myself who owns an Xperia Play. Computer opponents are far too predictable and any character with a ranged attack = SF2 Hadouken spam.

  • M Devlin

    is this not available in the uk? i have an xperia play and this app is NOT on the market

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