Xperia acro HD is a best-seller in Japan

by XB on 23rd March 2012

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The Xperia acro was a real success story for Sony Ericsson Japan last year and it looks like its follow-up will end up doing just as well. After recently going on sale, the Xperia acro HD is topping the smartphone sales charts in Japan. The GSM NTT DoCoMo version of the Xperia acro HD is sitting pretty at the number one spot, whilst the CDMA version from KDDI is holding the number two spot.

The acro HD includes a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4.3-inch HD resolution display (720 x 1280 pixels), 12.1MP Exmor R camera sensor, 16GB of internal storage (plus microSD support), 1840mAh battery and HDMI. It also has Japanese specific features such as infrared port, NFC mobile wallet and TV tuner. This handset will also be waterproof to depths of 1m.

acro HD Japan

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  • No shit, it’s a brilliant phone!

  • Eka

    They should release it international, instead of the low spec Xperia Active.
    I really want a waterproof Smartphone, but Xperia Active small screen turn me off.

  • mountain

    Exactly. Have been using it for a week, and not only did it not have the yellow tint found on my nx, but the touch sensitive buttons are so much more accurate.

  • Jimimoku

    I’ll be surprise if it wasn’t. The specs of the Arco HD matching (if not better) than the Xperia S with better battery, micro sd card, waterproof etc. We need something like that in the EU.

  • Weerasakkos

    Why SE / Sony never luanch the same high spec. globally !!! …  This one is far better than the Xperia S

  • make_believe

    They should have released it worldwide!

  • kervin88

    Please release it worldwide! Sony Mobile please do it. Just remove the features specifically tailored to Japanese market to reduce its cost and hence, the selling price. :D

  • can’t u guys just stop complaining abt the yellow tint on xperia s display…………?
    For god’s sake sony is replacing all the affected handsets!!!!!!

  • ahomad hosin

    why everyone is saying that it is much better than the xperia s, they both have the same spec (more or less). this phone has slightly larger batter 1840 compared to 1750 in the xperia s and is water resistance. while the xperia s has larger internal storage 32gb compared to 16gb, and for me, the look of the xperia s is slightly better.

  • Where is XPERIA ION?!!!! T-T All Xperia that announced during CES is released now except ION! T_T

  • What about the Xperia Ion? It’s getting a worldwide release.

  • WaelFaddah

    i dont understand who says or decides this phone will sell in japan in this wont sell in the U.S….  when are they just going to make one phone for all…  look xperia s was realeased world wide except U.S. what did i do? i bought it cause it perfectly works in the U.S.  come on SONY we actually want to give you our money, but you are acting in a weird way by release specific market phones… there is only 1 iphone out there, sim or simless but they are all the same, guess what THEY ARE SELLING

  • pixlas

    You must understand. It’s the Carriers worlds out there. Off course SONY wants to sell worldwide but it’s up to O2, Vodafone, AT&T and so on. They range the phones and thats what matters.

  •  I would like to ask a question, when i buy that phone from DOCOMO ARCO HD(SO-03D), take it come back my country(VietNam), Can I use it like the other phones(for example: Xperia S,Xperia ARC S) ?

  • Dej

    that phone is never releasing the ion ANYWHERE. Just give up. Sony likes to ignore it and hope that we will forget about it. And once we do, they will continue releasing Xperia A,B,C,D,E,F,G and Xperia Sunshine, Rainbows and Unicorns to so-and-so country (excluding USA). They might even release a special edition Xperia ion Justin Beiber edition to Japan. LOL. Sony sucks.

  • Guest

    VINCYUEE don’t you understand? SONY wants to FORGET about this phone, repeat, FORGET ABOUT THIS PHONE. They are pretending they are ignoring it. They don’t care about the phone anymore. They are so longing and resisting the temptation to release the ion to Japan and Europe, but they cannot. So as a result, they are ignoring this phone forever and hope that USA fans will move on.

     Their prototype model you saw at CES have long been disposed into the Sony trash bin and collection dust forever. Either that, or it’s been taken apart and used for Sony’s next super-secret Xperia phone for Europe. In the next post update, Sony will release the Xperia B Justin Beiber edition to Japan and Europe, then the Xperia A,B,C,D to China. And last but not least, they will also release Xperia S,T,F,U to so-and-so Country-that-is-not-USA.Tragic, isn’t it? I convince everyone to FORGET about the ion and buy another phone. Sony doesn’t want our American dollar bills.

  • =.= you made me speechless. If there’s ever a Xperia B Justin Bieber phone. I rather die phone-less. =.=

  • dereknobuyuki

    hmm… my SO-01B (X10) contract expires in a week…
    I’d consider this phone but being a domestic market phone and getting domestic market wanted features, it also means  a lot less XDA support. If you want to undervolt and overclock your Japanese domestic market device will a lot of ease, you may be out of luck.

    That being said, there are a lot of phones available and a lot more coming; I’m not convinced this is the best choice yet. The Acro HD is pretty nice to hold and use so far though (in the only 5 minutes that I tried it out).

  • dereknobuyuki

    Phones are all locked; you will need to pester docomo a lot and they might release the code for you.

    That being said, don’t expect 1seg to work for you and don’t expect Sony FeliCa NFC to be fully compatible with NFC in the rest of the world. Also, I wouldn’t expect the IR to be very useful in any market where the vast majority of phones don’t also use IR to beam contacts.

    Good luck though; I hope if you try it, you can get it to work fine for you.

  • dereknobuyuki

    You do understand that the market demanding market specific features produced a market specific phone and those market specific features will largely not work or will be largely pointless outside of that market.

    If you can’t find a phone you like in the Xperia product family that’s available in your market because it’s only available in Japan then you will likely find an even better product in your market within 4 months.

  • Guest

    It must be pretty hard living in the States

  • It IS BETTER than the Xperia S (even though I now own a Xperia S) because it has expandable microSDHC, water proof till 1m…

  • TheIndonesian

    THE MICRO SD! THATS THE THING! i prefer having a micro sd so that i can put all the thing in the micro sd and when ever the phone got a virus or crashes i can just pull out the micro sd out and save all the data. plus it would make a larger space, rather than stuck on the 32 gb.

    maan these days, there’s like a 64gb micro sd, that would be superbly amazing having it in the phone. the acro hd have more colors, the blue one is superb IMO. and the waterproof, for taking pictures underwater, that’s just playin awsome!

  • I was using SGS and I just bought a SanDisk Ultra Class 6 32GB microSDHC in Jan 2012.  I am already missing it as I swear that that makes a hell lot of diff in terms of speed and stability and the freedom that you mentioned.  Imagine if our Xperia S has expandable memory, I would already have 32+32GB super duper fast avail memory….I am now thinking of selling the Xperia S off…hope the Hayabusa will have expandable memory

  • TheIndonesian

    maaan, xperia acro hd is just freakin awsome!  , please, PLEASE! talk to sony and tell them to release acro hd to worldwide! I just cant stand looking at this video and knowing that it wont come worldwide, i mean, come on! the video was showing the acro hd being thrown to the snow many times and they were laughing at joy:(

    compared to xperia s, the acro hd is REALLY worth of buying (whatever the price is) after hearing the batery problem and the lack of micro sd on the xperia s :( after hearing all this news, i now have a huge doubt on buying the xperia s, wth fml.

  • TheIndonesian

    XPERIA BLOG! please look at this and have a wordwith sony! i’m a big fan of sony and i dont want to leave sony because of this!

  • AlexBurnout

    Xperia acro HD is super awesome. It’s meant to be a best-seller!
    GO SONY!!!


    Bcuz It is not just black n’ white, it’s colorful and great design. Sony should make this like global.

  • Docomo  allows this phone to be unlocked( i have one in aus now ).  Its a great phone!  My fiancee just recieved her delivery, she loves it(bright pink too :s)

    As for you guys saying why isnt it released world wide – Just get the damn thing from japan, its really NOT that hard(surely you know someone who speaks japanese?).  Finding the phones docomo will unlock can be a pain, but its worth it.

  • Muu

    I dont get it, and need a quick answer
    so is this thing unlocked meaning I can use it anywhere? (living in HK) No need to tweak or anything just punch my SIM card in and it simply works?
    Loving this phone so much and prob can get someone to bring it to me from japan.
    Thanks for the help :)

  • Kaibigan

    I’ve been enjoying this phone since it came last week. aside from video/photo quality, the xloud is impressing too for Php 26,800 my only disappointment is that the shop didn’t include HDMI cable. 
    Hope I can root it soon. 

  • YES!

  • haha what? you’re so delusional and detached..

  • alex

    Who knows PRICE of this phone

  • cheesy

    I’m so excited to get this phone. o(>3<)o

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