Getting the Xperia arc crack fixed – our story

by XB on 27th March 2012

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Xperia arc repairWe have previously reported on a number of users being affected by hairline cracks in the chassis of the Sony (Ericsson) Xperia arc. The crack would normally manifest itself on the plastic near the light sensor at the top of the handset. Judging from our initial poll almost eight months ago, over 60% of Xperia arc owners had a crack of some sort (close to 1,700 voted). The Xperia arc S also seems to be affected although to a much lower extent, 37% said that their handset had a crack from around 650 who voted.

Our resident Xperia arc handset was also affected, which we wrote about in that initial post back in July 2011. Given that the warranty was fast coming to an end we thought we’d find out how Sony Mobile was treating this Xperia arc issue. We wondered whether Sony Mobile would repair the handset under warranty or whether this fault was treated as cosmetic damage. Read on for our experiences in getting this fixed.

A call to Sony Mobile support

The first step was making a call to Sony Mobile UK support. We called 08705 237 237 which charges 10p per minute. A full list of global Sony Mobile phone contacts is available here. Our call was dealt with promptly and professionally by somebody based in the UK rather than an offshore call centre. We outlined our problem to the support person and they outlined the steps needed to get the handset repaired. At this point they couldn’t confirm whether the phone would be fixed under warranty, an engineer needed to look at the phone in person to determine this. He did say that if the repair was not under warranty, Sony would contact us to tell us how much the repair would cost. If we didn’t want Sony to do the work, then we would have been charged a £10 administration fee before the handset was returned.

Emails outline dispatch process

Following our call we were sent two emails telling us exactly what we needed to do. It said what items we needed to include, the repair reference number and postage instructions. We were happy to see that postage was free and that a proof of postage from the post office would ensure that the phone was covered if it was lost in the post. We removed the memory card, sim card, battery and back cover from the handset and sent it off to Sony Mobile on 5 March 2012.

The waiting game

Now it was a case of waiting to hear back from Sony. To our surprise we had a package waiting for us on 14 March 2012, seven working days after dispatch. Quite an impressive turnaround time, we were expecting it to take longer. The item was sent by recorded delivery.

Xperia arc repair

Xperia arc repair

Xperia arc crack is fixed!

To our delight, our Xperia arc was returned to us fixed. It looks like the front chassis had been changed. The material looked darker than the previous one so we do wonder whether a new plastic is being used. Overall we were delighted with how Sony Mobile handled the situation. The initial call was dealt with very professionally and quickly, sending the item back to Sony did not cost us any money, the turnaround time was quick and the product was fixed. We suppose the conclusion to the story is that this crack issue is covered under your warranty, so if you do have this problem and you are coming up to the 1 year mark on your warranty, get in touch with your local Sony Mobile centre.

Xperia arc repair

  • thelocaluk

    Same problem but I’m not willing to be without my phone for a week to get it fixed if it’s only a minor cosmetic issue. Good to see Sony fix it for free.

  • adsada_arc

    I bought my phone second hand, so no warranty – if I were to get it fixed, did they quote how much they would charge for the repair?

    also in the above picture there is the yellow tab of a screen protector, did they add this to the screen, or replace the screen as well?

  • Blackvodka

     my congrats! good job, Sony! :)

  • WaelFaddah

    i wish people would give a positive act from Sonny a thumbs up… that way we can show encourage them to keep doing the right thing.  good job SONY, much better than denying the problem.

  • Quickhosting Now

    Wow, I only noticed this on my device after reading this article! Not going to send the device in though. This being South Africa it will most likely get “lost” (Stolen).  

  • Quickhosting Now

    Wow, I only noticed this on my device after reading this article! Not going to send the device in though. This being South Africa it will most likely get “lost” (Stolen). 

  • XperiaBlog

     We are assuming the
    screen protector was added to protect the mobile during transit. The display
    doesn’t look like it has changed to us.


    Regarding the cost, we have no idea what it would cost out
    of warranty as we never heard from the engineers. It was just sent back to us
    when fixed. As the phone has only been out since 31 March 2011, there is a good
    chance that you are still covered by the warranty. Take the battery out of your
    Xperia arc and you should see some characters to the top right (above the bar
    code and serial number). It will be something like “11W12”. This is the
    manufacturing date, it shows the phone was manufactured in the twelfth week of
    2011. Sony Mobile will go by this date if you have lost your receipt, so it
    still maybe worth sending in.

  • Here in the Netherlands you can make an appointment via the free webchat, and they will pick the phone up at home for free. It took them 2,5 weeks to send it back though :( and they didn’t even fix a thing, but I wasn’t charged administration costs either.

  • adsada_arc

     mine is 11W23 so June 6th, so if I phone up and state that I lost the receipt they should accept it under warranty to get repaired?

  • Mrpaulparker

    Good to see sony doing something about it..I will send my arc to them to and see what happens

  • XperiaBlog

    Precisely. From our chat with the support guy, it didn’t seem that a receipt was absolutely necessary. As the email states, they will work out whether it is in warranty themselves – all they are doing is looking at this manufacturing date. Best thing to do is give them a call and say you don’t have a receipt. As your date is in June we don’t see you having any problem. Good luck!

  • adsada_arc

    Okay thanks for your help. I have emailed the support for advice, if they don’t respond I will call up and give it a go!

  • Asad Mulla

    doesn’t Sony Ericsson phone all come with 2 year warranty?

  • Hon Fu Chong

    I’m in the US and it took a month all in. Like above, they were not sure of warranty until they had a look at it and will get back to you after “inspecting” it. 2 weeks after them receiving my phone no news whatsoever. I called and to my surprise it was not covered under warranty. That is when I started going to the Sony forums trying to get help. In the end due the lack of spare parts, they just send me a new phone.

  • Ronish95

    hey i, im india can u find out the info cause the chasis of my arc has become black n the pain on the body is becoming white how do i get it fixed under warranty ??

  • adriduan zolkarnain

    what I know, some SONY centre will accept this problem, and then they will replace with new casing for xperia arc / arc S but it(new casing body) still using same material and same manufacture. So probably it will be crack again and again.

  •  hey is silver lining losing its color? becoming black in patches?

    I am from India as well.. having this issue.

  • sufy

     Sony Mobile themselves don’t fix the issue they send it to SBE extranet and their engineers fix it.

    I sent in my Xperia Play for repair and to be honest they really didn’t do a good job. They gave me it back with the power switch and L + R buttons not working so I was very dissapointed.

    But what I did after that was phone Sony Ericsson and I told them what had happened with my device so to my surprise they gave me a brand new replacement !

    I know you didn’t have issues when you got your Arc back but it may just be my luck with which engineer was repairing my phone.

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  • Vikramaditya Rai

    I’m from India & I contacted Sony Mobile on 1800-3000-2800 (Toll Free) & I was told that this is a manufacturing defect & IT IS COVERED UNDER WARRANTY.
    They told me to contact the local Sony Ericsson Service Center. They also gave me a Ticket ID No. in case the guys over at the service center are unaware of the issue.

    Have to say that post the Sony – Sony Ericsson acquisition, their service & support has improved tremendously.

  • Ronish95

    yes n my phone is silver colour n the silver body colour is becoming white 

  • Unknown_X

    Just to let you know, my arc got the crack fixed 2 TIMES ALREADY and i have the crack once again.
    Reading a lot of opinions from users and forums and having talked with a friend who works in a S(E) Tech support office the conclusion is simple:

    This crack will be there everytime, no matter how many times you fix it, they don’t have any new version of the faceplate, with new materials or harder, it’s exactly the same and in a few months you will be seeing it again.
    It affects all the xperia ARCs sooner or later and those who voted NO it’s just because they haven spent enough time with their mobile.

    As a side note, the last time i went to the TS my friend told me that they last shipping of faceplates were ALL BROKEN(with the crack).

    The good point is that, at least here in Spain, they have been told to repair EVERY ARC with the crack EVERYTIME with no exceptions and for free.

  • Well, I was a lil surprised there too… in sweden we have 2 Years warranty and we can make a complain within 3 years.

  • Aa

    plz i request sony to advertise there xperia mobiles

  • Mahika

    I brought a Xperia u, 20 days back. I noticed a hairline crack on the screen yesterday night. You can’t feel it and the touch is working fine too.

    I showed it to the sony xperia showrrom where i brought it from. The person concerned, refused to accept his mistake or consider my problem. He informed me that its a physical damage and is not considered in warranty. I have never dropped my phone or put it to rough use. So i fail to understand what exactly went wrong. I regret my decision of switching to sony when i am a loyal nokia customer.
    I have the bill and warranty in place. I want to know if such a problem is covered under warranty? and how do i go about it?

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