Sony forms new management structure – mobile one of three “core pillars”

by XB on 27th March 2012

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SonySony has reshuffled some management responsibilities under a new structure that CEO Kazuo Hirai hopes will unify the company and user experience as “One Sony”. The catalyst for this change is to leverage the assets across the business by providing “optimized decision making”, something the company has lacked in the past i.e. one hand not talking to another.

Sony will focus its resources on three core pillars of the electronics business – digital imaging, game and mobile. Kunimasa Suzuki will oversee the mobile division and look after smartphones, tablets and PCs. Sony says that his brief is to “integrate and enhance the user experience across Sony’s entire product and network service line-up”. He will also be in charge of the User Experience (“UX”) & Product Strategy and Creative Platform. The full list of new responsibilities are listed here and come into effect on 1 April 2012.

  • Asad Mulla

    We need sony to be one company. It will make are smartphones alot better.

  • AlexBurnout

    Yeah! Go, SONY!!!

  • paul4id

    Putting a Japanese person in charge of “user experience” is NOT a good idea. If you’d have any sense Sony you’d promote one of the former-Ericsson guys from Sweden or UK.


    Sounds great, the king is returning !!!

  • that would be a terrible idea, Sony work best when the japanese are in charge they are more innovative, they need to forget ericsson completely they were a sham

  • paul4id

    Nonsense – Sony was the one that kept back SE the most (e.g. SE wanted to make Xperia Play 5 years ago but Sony refused etc.).

    Japanese people are excellent at designing technical gadgets but terrible at understanding user interaction. Just look at the Japanese phones throughout the years – packed with cutting edge technology ahead of the rest of the world, but with absolutely horrible user interfaces. Sony should be using the strengths of its international workforce, and using different people for what they do best, not for giving us an inward all-Japanese solution to everything.

  • Joaquin Padilla Rivero

    They’re smart to re-focus on mobile. It’s one of the most powerful sources of growth. They’ve done it in the right time, maybe a bit too late.

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