Xperia S coming to Australia and India in April

by XB on 27th March 2012

in Xperia S

Sony Mobile has confirmed that the company’s new flagship, the Xperia S will arrive in Australia from early April. The dates are not confirmed right now but Vodafone has an 11 April launch date pencilled in along with Crazy Johns. Optus has also confirmed the Xperia S, although it currently has no date listed.

It will also be available sim-free through Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Dick Smith Electronics, Allphones and Telechoice. Harvey Norman has confirmed that the Xperia S will retail for A$599, whilst Sony will retail the handset through its Sony Centres for A$579. Dick Smith will be the cheapest at A$555, going on sale April 18.

The dates for the Indian launch are a bit sketchier. This is what Sony Mobile India has been emailing customers over the last 24 hours: “In response to your query we would like to inform you that Sony Xperia S handset is not yet launched in *India*. We are unable to provide the exact date of release or availability and price information for this phone and we have only tentative date of launching Xperia S which is 10 April 2012.” So it looks like a 10 April launch in India barring any delays.

  • DON

    What about USA??? When will xperia s be available in USA???

  • your name

    You mean the Xperia ion, correct? This phone is exclusive to USA at least for a little while.The S will never come to USA, only Canada and international countries. SORRY. You can always import one when it arrives to Canada, though.

  • glew

    Good news… means i will be able to update my software to 0.67 without having to flash the phone to make the GPS work!

  • but we dont even know ION will be out or not. =.= there’s not even a single bit of news regarding bout its release date. only know its in Q2 2012

  • Jasmin Amraniya

    in india mumbai hirapanna shopping mall gray market we can buy in this days.. price around 32,000

  • Macabre13

    I envy u guys, in Indonesia we don’t have any release date yet :-( ,very poor marketing in here

  • Asad Mulla

    And sony blog where saying “Right about now – Xperia™ S shipping globally”

  • AlexBurnout

    I want it now!

  • Your name

    Exactly. Just move on Vinceyuee. There is no point in waiting for its release date. Sony doesn’t care about that phone anymore, like they don’t care about their USA fans. You should just move on and look into other phones. There’s going to be a lot of beautiful phones coming out this Spring. Some may even be superior to the Xperia ion. I mean come on, there is no point in waiting and waiting for this phone. 

    Sony is literally begging for this phone to fail. All these news of the Xperia (insert letter here) being released to so-and-so international country is getting OLD fast. If I don’t hear anything about the ion’s release date by the end of april, I’ll be DONE with Sony.

  • Lamul1

    also in ISRAEL!!!

  • I guess Im with you. Despite I really hope Sony will release ION as soon as possible like early April, I doubt the phone will ever exist as promised.

  • spatch

    I’m still hoping for an Xperia Ion release here in Australia on Telstra’s new 4G LTE network. It will have to run on the 1800MHz band, so can anyone confirm if the Ion is compatible?

    My fears for the Xperia S outright release through retail stores in Australia is that it will only be compatible with the Optus network, and not Telstra or Vodafone. Is there any word on whether this will be the quad band model?

  • DON

    Exactly… We are waiting for the ion to be released in usa in Q2… And its almost Q2, but still no news about it… Sony should start advertising about xperia ion, if they wanna succeed…

  • Astx

    Just start selling in Russia in “Svyaznoy” store. Price is 24 990 rub (~ 850USD/640EUR).

  • Adeel Ahmad

    such nice sharing nice new update SONY XPERIA S REVIEW 

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  • TheLoyalist

    Nice review – they are so wrong in many ways! 1. It has a 12MP camera not 8. It has a 1,5GHz dual core not 1Ghz dual core….pretty meh!

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  • those are Xperia P’s specs =.= 

  • doraemonboi

    2weeks since i had gotten the phone :) 

  • Ajde_ajde

    all phones have in australia for cheap $488 online price shipping is $15
    and retail $500 cheaper then dicksmith
    has been available two weeks or so through there site
    optus has informed me on friday for anyone who wants to get it through them
    will be available within two weeks – price uknown so best choice is all phones.

  • Stu

    Doesn’t look like it, unless they make one especially for the Australian market.

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