Nillkin Super Shield Shell for Xperia S review

by XB on 2nd April 2012

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Nillkin Xperia SSome of you may not have heard of Nillkin, but they are a big Chinese manufacturer of mobile accessories. They produce cases for a wide range of mobiles including a number for the recently launched Sony Xperia S. Whenever you buy a new mobile finding the right case can be a challenge. You obviously don’t want to detract from the sleek lines of a new handset by adding a bulky case, but then again you need some kind of protection against bumps and scrapes.

We’ve already come across a number of Xperia S users who have dropped their handsets causing damage to the phone. Thankfully the Nillkin Super Shield shell for the Xperia S seems to offer a great compromise in maintaining the design of the handset whilst offering some protection. Click through to read our thoughts on this case.

Nillkin Xperia S Review

We bought this handset on eBay for around the $15 mark, shipped directly from China. It took around ten days to be delivered to the UK which isn’t too bad. As you’ll read later, we think it was money well spent.

Nillkin Xperia S Review

This particular case is available in three colours (black, brown and red). We are reviewing the black version that probably works well on both the black and white Xperia S models.

Nillkin Xperia S Review

The shell comes well packaged and for the money you also get a decent screen protector included.

Nillkin Xperia S Review

You get full instructions on how to apply the screen protector including a Nillkin card to help ensure bubbles are minimised.

Nillkin Xperia S Review

A Nillkin cleaning cloth is also included to make sure there is no dust on the screen pre-application.

Nillkin Xperia S Review

The hard shell is made from injection moulded matte plastic. There is no soft material on the inside holding the phone.

Nillkin Xperia S Review

The Xperia S clips quite easily into the Nillkin shell. Perhaps a bit too easily was our first thought, but despite our attempts to shake the phone out the shell it did its job, holding the Xperia S in place.

Nillkin Xperia S Review

The back of the shell has a textured anti-dust surface that should mean it is easy to wipe clean. The surface feels almost rubbery and holds firmly in the hand, leaving little chance of slippage.

Nillkin Xperia S Review

The case has been beautifully designed with cut outs for the camera lens, flash and speaker all perfectly aligned.

Nillkin Xperia S Review

The really nice thing about this case is that there is also a hole for the transparent LED strip. This means you will see it light up when you get a phone call and the handset is lying on its front. A very nice touch and not too many cases offer this.

Nillkin Xperia S Review

There is ample room to access all of the phones ports and features including the HDMI port and volume rocker and camera shutter button.

Nillkin Xperia S Review

The same goes for the other side with the USB port. We were initially worried that a plugged in USB cable may hit the top ledge of the case, but this wasn’t an issue in practice.

Nillkin Xperia S Review

There is complete access to the top of the Xperia S…

Nillkin Xperia S Review

… and likewise the bottom.

Nillkin Xperia S Review

The phone clips into the hard shell. It should do a good job of protecting the phone in a fall, although as you can probably tell by the pictures the phone will not offer the protection that other cases do such as the Otterbox series.

Nillkin Xperia S Review


The Nillkin Super Shield Shell is one of the best Xperia S cases we’ve come across so far. It’s inexpensive, hardly adds any bulk, will protect your phone against small bumps and is beautifully designed. We haven’t come across any European retailers selling the Nillkin shell but it is readily available on ebay.

Nillkin Xperia S Review

Nillkin Xperia S Review

  • Asad Mulla

    I personally dont use cases on my phone but this is a really nice case. I got a white XS so its a more reason to say no but its really tempting. I use a lanyard with all my phone so thankfully my phones stay in very good shape.

    I have a similar case on my ray (cant trust the missus and kids playing with the phone) and I must say its really good

  • Sroos1994 in sweden have it

  • This cast is popular in malaysia together with smooth series .

    Lots of ppl getting the black one .

  • Asad Mulla

    The other day I was, thinking XB havent had a competition in a while. So what do we do to win this? Dont mind it if its free. LOL

  • Alexyuanbin

    made in china~~~

  • Jer

    I have a Nillkin soft case for my Ray and it’s a good one.  It seems to me that the soft cases are better at protecting the phone from drops, since they absorb more of the impact.  The only problem is on mine the holes for the camera and such are ever so slightly off – not enough to affect the camera, just a little off.  So maybe watch out for quality control.

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  • AlexBurnout

    Xperia S rocks

  • Benchong05

    The material for this case is good and does not have uneven edges which will scratch the phone, it is not expensive and comes with screen protector, I bought one brown colour for my Xperia S too. Recommend to anyone who want to get a good cover for your Xperia S.

  • Vandenbornejeffrey

    Just got the official hard case myself. But i must admit that this One looks slightly better. I do still recommend this One, fits great, feels good in the hand

  • PrivateSnake

    led lights, plastic cover, phone, all the same..all made in china!

  • Asad Mulla

     Certainly agree.The cut has to be perfect otherwise the led flash will shine back into the camera lens and ruin the picture.

  • W Name

    That is one handsome case. Very nicely designed. The cutouts are perfectly done and the Xperia looks even sexier with it, too. Here’s hoping they’ll make one for the ION model if it ever comes out this season. 

  • Guest

    Who the hell cares. As long as the quality is good, it doesn’t matter where it’s made from. Or do you prefer it being made in Afghanistan? LOL

  • Milin patel

    Is it available for Xperia sola?

  •  All mobile phones out there are made in china now, As long as it is under the company supervision it is okay.

  • Kong

    any idea if they will be selling this in white?
    love the way the case fits and the textured finish,which colour do you think would suit the white xperia s best?

  • Forcie

    Can you still use a brodit call holder with this case on the Xperia S?

  • Yoz

    Still prefer TPU/Jelly cases

  • Rene Pedroso

    Received my black case yesterday. I am using it as the car mount in my car. It holds the S beautifully and looks very sleek in my car. 

  • I picked up one after the review here and am very happy with it. The black colour on a white XS gives the phone a very retro look.

    My video review. Sorry for russian language

  • Tardio

    What about the screen protector ? Better than the the Vikuiti DQCM30, or I should buy the case, just for the case ?

    Can you tell us more about it please, thanks !

  • KCStarr

    Hmmm, bought on the strength of this review but the edge on mine snapped less than a week after I put it on my phone (and I hadn’t dropped it). Not v impressed.

  • surakai

    nillkin is good

  • Nilkin or Capdase soft jacket for Xperia S? I’m getting the S this weekend. Please help me decide!

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  • Curter

    The whole world is made in china now… why you’re complaining?

  • ZeroDefect

    Utter crap case!
    Never dropped my phone once, case cracked on every corner in my pocket over a time peroid of 3 months.
    Found pieces in my pocket now and then.
    And one day it just snapped into two parts….bye bye Nillkin.
    Nillkin does not offer better quality at this price range… so i will stick to the even cheaper ones…maybe they can surprize me.
    Never Nillkin again LOL

  • Markac

    I put one on my Xperia P. I wanted to protect the metal case from scratches. It works very well. Nillkin has cases for most Sony phones.

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