Sony Mobile releases comment following ICS v Gingerbread debate

by XB on 2nd April 2012

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The Sony Mobile developer team has updated its recent blog post where it discussed the pros and cons of updating the 2011 Xperia range to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It said that the challenges posed by ICS with older hardware has been “addressed by our SW engineering teams”. This includes RAM management optimisation as well as a ‘Performance assistant’ that will launch when the phone starts. This will enable you to enable/disable certain apps to optimise the performance of your Xperia. The developer team reiterated that it is their “aim to deliver an as good ICS update as ever possible”. Sounds good to us. See the full statement below.

Updated – comment from the Developer World team:

We would like to clarify that above mentioned “challenges” have already been addressed by our SW engineering teams. For instance, we have not only optimised the RAM management by making the RAM usage for internal apps as good as possible, but we will also introduce a Performance assistant at start up when running ICS. In this Performance assistant, you can enable and disable certain services that you might not want to run on your phone, in order to optimise the performance of your phone.

We have also worked with quite a few partners in regards to architecture optimisations for SQL handling. In addition, we have also optimised the hardware usage. And as a result of this article, a number of app developers have notified us that they are evaluating if HW optimisation will be needed or not for their apps.

The aim of this article was to share our knowledge regarding the different characteristics for ICS and Gingerbread in an open way, as we strive to have an open communication with the developer community. All in all, we would like to point out that it’s our clear aim to deliver an as good ICS update as ever possible. As you might have seen on the Sony Xperia Product Blog, we’re not far from releasing it now. Thanks for all the feedback!

Thanks Rob!

  • M Usman

    YAY not far from releasing it. So it could be the fw that was certified on the 30th of March! I’m glad I still have my arc. As long as I get it on one handset soon. Still not happy about the Xperia S scenario but I’ll have it on my arc soon! Plus the performance assistant is just genius! As long as I don’t have to keep telling it what services I don’t want to use at every reboot.

  • Andrew Chukavin

    It’s nice that they allow us to disable their crapware.

  • hmmmmm let user choose services to run huh ? 
    Disable timescape , map and gmail service when i doesnt need it :P
    Interesting . This is the main purpose of me rooting my last few phone .
    Usually i just froze them using titanium backup .
    Indeed this is quite nice to be a build in function with stock firmware .

  •  ^_^   great!   I’m happy that Sony is still listening to us! We will be furious if ICS isn’t perfect!

  • Sufy

    Atleast they have worked on ICS for 512 mb ram phones.

    Way to go SONY !

  • AlexBurnout

    Sony’s ABSOLUTELY the best company ever

  • I kinda hope that this ‘Performance assistant’ will come to the Xperia S too. ICS should function fine without, but I’d like it if I could fine tune my phone and get rid of some of the “crap ware”…

  • Asad Mulla

    By them saying that it kinda makes you feel guilty for earlier saying “what update delayed”
    Sound like they have been working hard and we will be happy with what they deliver.

  • Asad Mulla

    You know, nobody has given a shout out to the new Dialer found on the Xperia S. Its really much better then the old one and better then the stock ICS dialer. I was using dialer one but on the XS there is no need for it. 2011 phones will the new dialer with the ICS update.

    I tried to copy it from my XS and install it on my RAY but it didnt work. I dont have root on ray after update so I cant install it directly to the apps folder.

  • Hope what they promise is as good as it sounds. My RAY is great enough with its awesome stylish physical appearance. I just need a better performance and the latest Android version to make my smartphone totally great.

  • Vikramaditya Rai

    Awesome! I was so pissed earlier.

    That’s the attitude! We understand that giving ICS to phones having a RAM of just 512 MB can be pretty challenging, but Sony has come up with such an elegant solution. Kudos!
    Its nice to see Sony finally paying attention to its consumers’ needs & wants.

  • But dont allow Timescape to download then? 

  • Angel M.

    Wow This is why i love SONY Products! They may be expensive but at you know your getting quality,support, and excellent customer service SONY for life!!!!!!!

  • Shariq Ansari

    It’s a good think that they are listening to their customers,and continuing their work based on consumer feedback. I have xperia arc, its a good news that SW engineering team has done good job of RAM management for ICS update
    I would love to hear from Sony regarding the HW acceleration needed for ICS before the final release of the 4.0.3 software for my device as it was mentioned on you updated blog.
    Good thing to note is that they are trying to be crystal clear on the matter,which matters the most to their consumer. I could afford to wait till may end or early june if i get a stable ICS software rather than a laggy one.

  • nhatnguyen

    That’s what i waiting for from SONY :)). Come on guys. Prove that we do right thing when decide to buy a xperia smartphone

  • DeLorean75

    No rush, Sony. I haven’t got my Xperia P yet. Take your time. Making it right counts.

  • disappointed

    good, quite positive reply. I would be more satisfied if other than Performance assistant you give us the possibilty to unistall all those (imo) useless applications (e.g download music, games, wisepilot, etc etc) let the users choose what to do. we’ll be much more happy!

  • nhatnguyen

    After reading this comment, i really can’t wait to enjoy ICS lol,

  • Wildthing

    Ok i’ll buy a htc or a samsung smartphone next month. Xperia U and Sola will have problem with ics and not receive jelly bean in future.

  • Dmitri893

    Thanks for the effort to diffuse the situation. But then again I miss Sony the innovator, which seems to be more and more like Sony the damage controller now. The game is all about hardware and it has been for some time now, how can you not realize this already Sony? You’ll just be whipping out a quadcore next year while the other manufacturers innovate on something else already by then. That’s how you recapture your lost marketshare?

  • John

    Ok, I will wait for my Xperia S after you get the ICS down and out Sony. 

  • 2011 Xperia Advance Feature Pack with ICS 4.0 features. Timescape! Make it light but powerful. ICS 4.0 is so demanding to the System RAM, consuming about 360MB. The 512MB devices simply can’t handle it. Give us Smart Dial, ICS 4.0 functionality without ICS system requirements!

  • xxxholix

    Or Sony could have just released  phones with better hw so they won’t be doing all these.

  • Maiolo

    i want the most stable gingerbread (2.3.7) instead of ICS

  • Pren Dedaj

    I love SE now Sony,and they did give us a ICS,i know it’s not perfect but it’s not for LT15i it has a little RAM,but ICS isn’t bad at all if you don’t do heavy gaming,even some heavy games work fine but needs a custom rom,but stock rom will be just fine if you use it for email checking,sms calls and games but it’s way too laggyer than GB,GB is perfect for xperia arc,games don’t lag at all…At the end,tnx Sony i still love your phones and you have the prettiest android stock ROM of all.

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