Radio silence on the Xperia ion

by XB on 3rd April 2012

in Xperia ion

Sony Mobile announced the Xperia ion back at CES in January 2012. The handset is meant to be heading to the United States via AT&T in this current quarter i.e. Q2 2012. Sony also confirmed at MWC in February that the Xperia ion would also be launching in wider markets outside of the US in the summer. However, since that initial announcement we’ve heard nothing new on the Xperia ion.

There has been no news of specific launch windows, no prices, no marketing, no hype, nothing. Given how important the US market is to Sony, we’re surprised that they haven’t kept the Xperia ion in the public conscious somehow. Consumers are notoriously fickle and with new handsets launching all the time, there is every chance the Xperia ion will get pushed to the shadows.

There could be a number of reasons why Sony Mobile is keeping quiet. We’re sure Sony doesn’t want to cannibalise sales of its Xperia S flagship that only recently launched. That could be a big factor, the other could be that the handset may have been delayed. Normally we would get an idea of a delay from retailers, but as the Xperia ion is only selling through AT&T that makes it harder. Especially considering we couldn’t even find a product page for the Xperia ion on AT&Ts website!

Could Sony have gone back to the drawing board and is planning a spec bump for the handset? Possibly. We really don’t know what’s going on here. Whatever the reason, we really hope Sony Mobile acknowledges the Xperia ion’s existence soon. We’ve noted in a number of forums (including our own) that people are getting fed up having to wait with no information. Given that we are now in Q2 we thought Sony Mobile would at least give an update on a release schedule. Until that time comes, we’ll just have to watch this space.

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