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by XB on 3rd April 2012

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Sony Mobile announced the Xperia ion back at CES in January 2012. The handset is meant to be heading to the United States via AT&T in this current quarter i.e. Q2 2012. Sony also confirmed at MWC in February that the Xperia ion would also be launching in wider markets outside of the US in the summer. However, since that initial announcement we’ve heard nothing new on the Xperia ion.

There has been no news of specific launch windows, no prices, no marketing, no hype, nothing. Given how important the US market is to Sony, we’re surprised that they haven’t kept the Xperia ion in the public conscious somehow. Consumers are notoriously fickle and with new handsets launching all the time, there is every chance the Xperia ion will get pushed to the shadows.

There could be a number of reasons why Sony Mobile is keeping quiet. We’re sure Sony doesn’t want to cannibalise sales of its Xperia S flagship that only recently launched. That could be a big factor, the other could be that the handset may have been delayed. Normally we would get an idea of a delay from retailers, but as the Xperia ion is only selling through AT&T that makes it harder. Especially considering we couldn’t even find a product page for the Xperia ion on AT&Ts website!

Could Sony have gone back to the drawing board and is planning a spec bump for the handset? Possibly. We really don’t know what’s going on here. Whatever the reason, we really hope Sony Mobile acknowledges the Xperia ion’s existence soon. We’ve noted in a number of forums (including our own) that people are getting fed up having to wait with no information. Given that we are now in Q2 we thought Sony Mobile would at least give an update on a release schedule. Until that time comes, we’ll just have to watch this space.

  • I love this post! Simply voiced out all our frustrations and rage!!!!!! 

  • I sure hop it did not have the same yellow tint issues as the XP S has and was delayed because of that. There are people on most of the major tech websites complaining about the yellow tint on the XP S screen. 

  • WaelFaddah

    i sure am happy i did not wait for it and got me an S 

  • Primod808

    Glad you guys brought this topic up, great read!  For the consumers who waited and or is still waiting such as myself I hope Sony/AT&T read this and just let us know what is going on.  It’s common sense to inform whatever information you have and share or it, or at least gives us an update.

  • let’s us all spread this post to them ;) make them hear us!

  • TC

    Thank you! I thought I was the only one that noticed. I’ve been looking every hour lol, I’ll keep you guys updated too. Hopefully it was upgraded to an S4 chipset :)
    Oh and I posted on their tweet wall lol… No response

  • TheIndonesian

    nice, so there IS a chance that this handset might come out someday. i hope that sony redesign it to match the japanese’s xperia acro hd with its 4.3 or LESS inch display, that would be great! buuuut, make this handset come out a bit later, after the xperia s almost sold out or something so sony wont go on bankrupt if that’s their aim on delaying the release of xperia ion.

  • Just to point out, the Xperia S LT26A doesn’t matter here in the US. Past experience is that if it’s not ATT announced it’s on the Sony Store 6 months (or more) after anyone else sells it in the world, there is no LT26A available even in Canada which has more Sony phones available (and PTCRB hasn’t shown any LT26A firmware). Sony US stores are only selling ARC/Arc S, refurbed x10’s, and X8, X10 min/pro.  There isn’t going to be a US unlocked ion. Sony will NOT have a hit with a $630 retail phone with these specs. A $199 or less subsidized phone, maybe. 

  • Warmgun32

    If you try to buy the Xperia Acro HD on ebay (as I just did), it is sold via Japan as the USA’s new Xperia, being that it looks almost identical to the proposed ION, I was taking this as the same thing…..possibly it could be a branding issue

  • king-james

    Xperia ION won’t come out global! Bert Nordberg talked shit. He meant “Hayabusa” will come to Europe. This will be a global version of the ION, but with a complete different design and probably with better specs. ;-)

    I’m very angry, cause I love the ION more then all other Sony Phones. I’m in love with this device. I bought last week the Xperia S and sold it yesterday. This phone is just shit. No Phone can mess with the ION. Sony made wrong decision to release the Xperia S global instead the ION. Shame on you Sony. I am very dissapointed… :(

  • even i have seen so many problem in xperia but is k i guess it can be avoid by rooting the phone

  • Lol

    This phone can rot in heck now. Sony should scrap this phone and cancel it from production. Many people have moved on now, no one cares about this phone anymore

  • TheLoyalist

    Well I don’t, my friend doesn’t so it’s a limited no of screens that has that! Also it’s replacable…

  • Avmaxfan

     Hey guys ! Really strange that nobody knew about this but the Xperia Ion is being launched by AT&T this Sunday April 8 2012 along with several other LTE devices like the Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Galaxy SII skyrocket HD.

  • its not even CONFIRMED. saw that everywhere but Sony Mobile never made any official statement.

  • AlexBurnout

    Sony 4 life

  •  got to gsmarean, the verge, c-net, phonearen, the official sony blog, eato forums  and you will be surprised how many people are having the issues with the screen. Some people already got more than 3 replacements and its still there.

  • TheLoyalist

    This is a first batch issue and has been taken care of! I’m not saying it’s not a problem but it won’t be with next shipments.

    3 replacements? They don’t get a new phone, they replace the screen and that takes min 2 weeks! hardly that many have been able to get 3 resplacements dude! Come on!

  • Your Name

    LOL… lies. Sony sucks because they like to delay their crap for ages. You can tell they like releasing things quickly to other international markets, but they slack off and ignore/refuse to release any kind of information on the ION for months now. As soon as they DO release information, everyone will just bash them and ignore them. Then Sony will realize their mistake and lose money. Oh well, they asked for it. LOL.

  • Guest

    Then you need serious help if you think YOU’RE the only one who noticed. Everyone NOTICED. Everyone who wanted this stupid POS phone anyway. You’re just too lazy and dumb to notice it. 

  • Lol

    Looks like everyone on SonyMobileUS Facebook is also impatient. And yet, typical Sony, is posting the same generic response “Stay tuned for US availability!” It’s like getting those automated messages when trying to contact customer service on a retail website. I really truly think SonyMobileUS facebook is run by Bots. 

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  • Wimplo

    Rude much?

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