Sony Mobile announces new CEO Kunimasa Suzuki; Bert Nordberg becomes Chairman

by XB on 4th April 2012

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Sony Mobile Communications has announced some new management changes this morning. The biggest news is that former President and CEO Bert Nordberg will step down from running the company. Kunimasa (Kuni) Suzuki will take over as new Sony Mobile President and CEO effective from 16 May 2012. Nordberg will move to become the Chairman of the Sony Mobile Board.

The move is not entirely surprising, we reported last week that Suzuki was handed responsibility for the entire mobile division (smartphones, tablets and PCs). His brief is to “integrate and enhance the user experience across Sony’s entire product and network service line-up”. He will also be in charge of the User Experience (“UX”) & Product Strategy and Creative Platform.

Sony President & CEO Kazuo Hirai had this to say about Kuni: “He is a strong leader and the right person to oversee Sony Mobile Communications as we establish a new business structure as ?One Sony’ intended to reinforce and accelerate our overall business management.”

Hirai also had some kind words for Nordberg: “Bert Nordberg has done an outstanding job in transforming Sony Ericsson, now Sony Mobile Communications, from a feature phone to a smartphone company. I have enjoyed working with Bert and I would like to thank him for his vital contributions over the years, and I am glad that he will become the Board’s chairman to support Kuni and the management team of Sony Mobile Communications during these critical phases of the company’s integration with the wider Sony Group.”

Bert Nordberg seemed to take the move on the chin, this is what he had to say: “During my years with Sony Ericsson and now Sony Mobile Communications, I’ve seen the mobile industry change at a rapid pace. We’ve shifted the company from feature phones to a smartphone company, and established Xperia™ as the Sony smartphone with consumers and operators around the world. Sony is a content, electronics and entertainment powerhouse and it has been a pleasure being part of the Sony team during both the joint venture and through the transition of becoming Sony Mobile Communications.”

  • Shane Kurnia

    Good times for Sony!

  • AlexBurnout

    Go Sony!!!
    2012’s gonna be awesome

  • RaxaBoo

    Ok, now make a decent Hayabusa (by decent I mean ultra-awesome)

  • Nick

    Kunimasa Suzuki=Sony Hayabusa right on time!!

  • WaelFaddah

    FINALLY, although SE did change allot after us hammering the X1, and X10.  it took forever to listen to customers, i hope suzuki will change that, for a change do what customers want, not what they THINK customers want. 

  • reptile64

    At last!!! The ugly fat Swedish guy that led Sony Ericsson to the cliff will go a step down, where he belongs! 

  • Thorsten

    Huh? Get your facts straight. Bert was the one who turned SE around. Hideki Komiyama was the one who drove them down the cliff. Bert became CEO 2010 which means all of 2010 was still hideki, 2011-2012 is all Bert and has been really good years for SE, turning the company around, more open etc.

  • paul4id

    Putting the Japanese in charge of user experience = FAIL.

  • Bert Nordfuck

    That guy was an idiot. way he goes. Finally.

  • RaxaBoo

    Hmm he’s still there tho -so if he’s the problem then difficulties will remain

  • reptile64

     Search again for the company’s top years (in sales n reputation) and you’ll be disappointed

  • Bert Nordfuck

     At least he’s no longer making the vital decisions for the comp.

  • Actually as a chariman you got quite big power. So Bert would definately has something more to say in Sony. And thats just bull what you just said. The most important tech is actually ERICSSON thats why Sony had to talk to ericsson about their paterns. SOny had kinda the funny parts, but ericsson contributed the most IMPORTant parts. So you all wrong it was defenately a not Bert who drove SE into the abyss, he saved them.

  • RacecarBMW

    I noticed something funny

    The Hayabusa is the name of a motorcycle designed by Suzuki (company) It is one of the fastest motorcycles everThe new CEO here has the last name of Suzuki and the code name for the next phone is Hayabusa.

    Coincidence? I think not! :)

  • brize

    Really guys, it’s thanks to Bert that S(E) managed to pull off the smartphone race, at all. With Bert gone, Sony can do with their mobile division as all their other products, create a silo, stop listening to the customers and eventually turn the Xperia line into Xperia-Applewannabe-line with all their own products as non-optional. And for all you Ericsson bashers, without Ericsson, Sony could NOT produce and sell these phones. Read up on the patent licensing deal that was struck in the buyout deal.

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