Xperia S goes up against HTC One X and Galaxy Nexus in browser test

by XB on 7th April 2012

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We have avoided posting too many benchmarks of the Sony Xperia S against other flagship handsets. Whilst they can be an indication of power, it does not always give a true picture of real world performance. All things equal, a browser test can be a good way of comparing two handsets, especially considering how rendering web pages can be quite processor intensive.

Swedroid has posted a couple of videos comparing the browser performance of the Xperia S against the Galaxy Nexus and HTC’s newest flagship the One X. The results were a bit of a mixed bag, the Galaxy Nexus seemed to do better overall against the Xperia S, however the Xperia S has the upper hand against the HTC One X. Software optimisation is likely to play a part here, but it also goes to show that a higher number of cores doesn’t necessarily count for everything in the smartphone arms race.

  • Wildthing

    It’s more fluid in galaxy nexus and one x, i prefer samsung for all. Xperia s has a yellow display :(

  • Atlas

    Looks like we don’t need quadcore just yet;)

  • DragonClaw

    Obviously. More cores really mean nothing. They do mean better multitasking capabilities, but lower cores with better architecture can do wonders. Example will be the latest dualCores by Qualcomm. They are supposed to perform better than the quad core running One X.
    Hopefully the next Flagship by Sony, to be released Q4, will be having that processor. :-).
    Anyways. One X, has much more power than the Xperia S. That’s for sure. The only question is if you need so much of power.

  • Sony knows how to optimize :)

  • somemadcaaant

    Xperia S faster to load most pages and flash, less memory issues with blank space while loading or zooming and a better all round experience then the other two phones from what I saw in the vids.

    Some great optimization from the Sony devs with older software and lack of gpu acceleration.


  • bkh

    Yeah, that’s what I’m waiting for. Don’t need quad core. Dual core is more than sufficient. Just want 28nm rather than current 45nm for the battery life improvement.

  • hhlong89

    “Software optimisation is likely to play a part here, but it also goes to show that a higher number of cores doesn’t necessarily count for everything in the smartphone arms race”
    >>> I think so!

  • Tobasco

    Do the same test with Xperia s on the right hand vs the nexus. You will see the difference.

  • jmar

    Are you blind?

  • SuperAMOLEDsuckzzz

    Where all the core whores at with all that talk about numbers? U nerds r joke lol only bench I care about is the one I lift weights on.

  • evita

    Ericsson know-how about well-optimized!

  • Wildthing

    you see what you want…use glasses please!

  • Asad Mulla

     core whores. LOL. like it

  • Asad Mulla

    amazing how the XS looks so small compared to the one X

  • trowfd

    ICS browser is better than gingerbread’s. It would be fairer to compare them with the same software surely. The difference between the stock browser and Dolphin browser HD is huge on my SXS. Dolphin HD runs so smoothly, it’s close to safari on iphone 4s.

  • AlexBurnout

    So cores don’t matter. Best move by Sony!

  • you seem to have gone blind………..
    xperia s has perfect white display with more brightness while galaxy nexus has that usual bluish tint in white colours

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  • was want to change from Arc to One X
    but after i looked this video, i’m back to Sony!

    Quad core doesnt means faster!
    quad core means power-hungry device!

  • i thought sony is slow android phones, but very ace in audio, camera and reality display like arc
    but XperiaS is FAST!

  • Sameh De

     we have said like this before.. the single core more than sufficient.. now the dual cores..

    of course it doesn’t give the 200% double of performance.. but still gives a quite different in any circumstances

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  • Fast5

    why galaxy s web browsing it choppy it is not smooth i got one there is much smoother !!!

    i dont say any bad word about XPS  because  i liked  

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