Xperia PLAY owners testing ICS beta reporting game compatibility issues

by XB on 11th April 2012

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Do you own an Xperia PLAY? Have you downloaded the official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich beta? If so, have you noticed that you existing games are working okay? Well apparently there are a number of developers who have not yet optimised their game titles for Ice Cream Sandwich.

Droid Gamers brought the issue to light when testing a number of Gameloft titles, although they aren’t the only culprit. From the nine games they tried on an Xperia PLAY running the ICS beta only two worked flawlessly. Bugs included graphical errors, freezing, control issues, whilst other games failed to even launch. If this is representative of titles from other publishers too then Xperia PLAY owners have to hope that these issues are fixed before Android 4.0 arrives in late May. If you’ve encountered similar problems in games running ICS we’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • Isn’t that the sole purpose they got the beta? To report issues so that they could be fixed.

  • sufy

     Spot on mate ! that’s exactly why they released the beta so they could give feedback to Sony to see which games work and which games dont.

    That’s the whole reason why this thread was made ! it was released by the Sony developer that released the ICS beta for the Xperia Play.

  • Asad Mulla

    The next Play, They should make it that it can play psp go games. Normal PSone game are abit lame nowadays compared to todays optimzed smartphone games. not worth being PS certified. Got some PSone games on my tablet and XS but never play them.

  • Johnylim

    We can play PSP Games brother.
    We already got PSP game Loco Roco Midnight Carnival for Free with some little tweak. And ESRB has released list of some psp title as Playstation Suite title.

    We just need to wait…

    Gaming device doesnt need to have latest technology, it just need a good quality games.

  • AlexBurnout

    Fb Like, +1 and Like

  • OafleyJones

    The pace of developers optimizing for ICS is horribly slow.  How many months has ICS been out now? Google really needs to step up with pressure on developers to optimise for the latest standard.  I don’t miss iOS, but the speed at which developers updated for the latest version was really impressive.

  • Asad Mulla

     your right. I dont have a Play so I dont know about them titles only an XS and Tablet S and they dont have any good games (not sure about the 11 new titles) but what I am saying is all the available games for PSPgo should be made available to the play. I konw the PSPgo and the Play are very different devices so thats why I say the new Play should be built to support it. Atleast PSP games are upto date compared with PSone games.

  • i’m GAMER

    i’ve checked the official ICs on my Xplay . some of the emulators run slowly in compare of gingerbread. 
    some of games runs with glitch …
    unfortunatly , none of PSXPERIA games even can’t run on ICS , just locoroco( psp game ) sometimes works and sometimes not works !

    on my openion and exprience for 5 days with ICS , the ICS is slower that official gingerbread .

    we as gamer , have hope that SONY , BIG COMPANY will solve all problems :)

    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play :)

  • Babydabes

    All gameloft games have major control issues, they don’t like the analog, on six guns running gb the right analog loves to do everything but the camera. Its like having a random effect power on my thumb!

  • Maly82

    I’m not owner of Xperia play but I owe Xperia arc s with official update and most of my games lag or not working at all like Bruce Lee dragon warrior which was preinstalled on play not even starting but on gingerbread it was working flawlessly.
    I think it was developers fault not updating their versions to latest os. So for now I wouldn’t install updates unless you really have to/ want to . I’ll wait till ics will get more popular and get more support by devs. Till then I stay on gingerbread.

    By the way well done Sony for keeping promise about updating devices from 2011. Not many producers give this kind of promises and keep them no matter slight slip worth dates.

  • Hamad Ali

    Sony’s rationale for canning the ICS for the Xperia PLAY was performance issues with games. If this is indeed to be believed, then one has to wonder why Sony hasn’t released the updated Adreno 205 driver. The driver update was released by Qualcomm on the 30th of December at the end of LAST YEAR. The update is believed to give a performance increase of up-to 1.5x or even 2x in some cases depending on phone and app. This is just one in a number of very simple measures that Sony could but haven’t taken to bring us a stable ICS to the Xperia PLAY. Another is the clock speed/frequency. It is currently clocked to a measly 1Ghz while it can be safely clocked to as high a frequency as 1.9Ghz, so why not clock it to a still very stable 1.4Ghz, would this not increase performance to a sufficient enough level? Alas, this brings me back to my earlier criticisms of Sony’s dev team and their utter incompetence, or at best, lack of giving a damn for supporting older devices. I was foolish to expect better from Sony, a lesson well learnt indeed

  • aaaaaaaa

    to ensure gaming performance i would rather not updating PLAY to ICS after reading comments below, as long it can run android application, why must update? if it is for graphic beauty (ICS) it better don’t if using PLAY for gaming….

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