Xperia arc S, neo V and ray users: No need to wait, upgrade to ICS today

by XB on 15th April 2012

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The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich rollout commenced yesterday for three handsets of the 2011 Xperia line up (Xperia arc S, Xperia neo V and Xperia ray). Sony Mobile confirmed that the update is now rolling out to the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway) with other regions expected to see the update within 4 to 6 weeks.

However, if you have any of the aforementioned handsets then you don’t need to wait for the update to hit your country. We’ve outlined a couple of methods below to get the ICS update right now. Click through to get started.

Method 1: Rebrand to Nordic firmware

This is perhaps the easiest way to get the Xperia ICS update, although it is not free. First of all you need to register with WotanServer and download the client to your PC. Then proceed to flash your phone to Generic Nordic firmware. It will cost you €1.99 to flash.

Once this is done use SEUS or PC Companion (which will now see the update) to flash to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Method 2: Use FTF file to flash ICS directly

This method involves using FlashTool to flash your handset. The steps are similar to those we posted in our Xperia S debrand tutorial, however you’ll need to use the correct FTF files for your handset. The correct ICS files are available on xda-developers as follows:

Xperia arc S
Xperia neo V
Xperia ray

A word of warning though, FlashTool is currently missing a command to handle the new ICS partition resizes. A fix for FlashTool is in the process of being submitted, but in the meantime there are some workarounds including this tip which many users are reporting to work successfully.

Some Xperia arc (LT15) owners have also managed to flash ICS using the above method. The phone will now be recognised as the Xperia arc S (LT18) but will work without any issues.

[Note: If you don’t want to flash ICS directly, you can rebrand to Nordic Gingerbread firmware first using Flashtool. However, you will need to first find the correct FTF files from xda-developers for your handset. Once completed, you can then use SEUS/PC Companion to upgrade officially to ICS.]

  • Basharca

    I always recommend that if you don’t know what the hell you are doing, than go with the easy method :)

    Don’t try to be smart and then regret it! Either you know what ur doing or not. If you can take the risk than go for it, but from experience I know that a lot of people can’t handle it.

  • Truth must be said

    STFU and don’t philosophize

  • Lol

    WTF are you talking about?

  • Asad Mulla

    Probabaly best to wait for the correct firmware unless your on vodafone. in that case you probabaly wont get the update until 2013. sometimes there so slow. My sisters X10 mini got 2.2 monthe after everybody else.

  • Ambroosv

    Eh, Wotanserver is completely free?

  • adsada_arc

    Will you be creating a tutorial for this similar to debranding the Xperia S? :)

  • SilverHelmut

    Never done this before, is it correct to assume that by flashing all data and apps on my Arc S will be killed?

    Is it the same using each method?

  • make_believe

    No, they will charge you.

  • Aakash91turbo

    Sir, for these methods to work i have to root my ray. And if i do so i won’t be able to receive official updates in future. Moreover i’ll void my warranty. So is there any way such that i root my phone and install the Rom ands even receive the updates in future…?

  • Vidur

    No need for root if you flash a sony signed rom.

  • mitalbr

    This works like a charm

  • alan

    No need to root your phone if you are flashing FTF.

  •  I’m from spain and my STi18 is on Vodafone, I did the wontanservice and right know is getting the update for ICS :D

  • Asad Mulla

    i havent tried this because my phone isnt rooted but could you just change the build.prop file to say its a generic Nodric phone and then use SESU to update to 4.0.3?

  • Asad Mulla

    I just right now flashed my RAY. I want it for my XS desperatly now.
    I didnt have any isues with the partition and I unchecked the wipe user data. So when I turned on the phone the lock pattern was still there as where all my setting and other stuff. It all worked fine.
    But to be on the safe side I am now doing it the other way just to make sure the phones work as it should.
    To be honest its better wipe user data anyway because it will then fell like a new phone. With the old setting and it didn’t seem like much happened even though it did.

  • Asad Mulla

     By the way, It volume down only when connecting the USB for RAY

  • You can also use our complete firmware Collection for all xperias:

  • Asad Mulla

    I can confirm ICS work very smoothly on my RAY.
    the Partition business make a big difference

  • Oh yeah they changed it, didn’t know…

  • for those who installed ICS on their devices for locked & unlocked BOOTLOADER who want to ROOT their devices here is a Toolkit for Rooting your device ^__^

    thanks to Doomlord for making things easy for us :D

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  • the demented swan

    how long is wotanserver supposed to take to rebrand a handset? I’ve been sat here over an hour waiting for my UK o2 xperia ray to rebrand to nordic trade firmware 2.3.4, and the loading bar is not moving. 

    Any tips?

  • the demented swan

    2 hours in with no change or indication of whats happening, I cancelled the program and unplugged my phone. 

    It is now bricked.

  • XperiaBlog

    Try and repair the phone through SEUS/PC Companion. WotanServer normally does its thing in less than 15 minutes depending on your internet connection.

  • lalalama1247

    ewww I just updated it on my arc and it kind of sucks without the proper launcher, it still has old music player and widgets :/  Im going back on gb and going to root back with the xperia s theme since it looks better :P

  • Theravenwillfollow

    Which version of the nordic firmware is it? I tried 4.0.2.A.0.62 and SEUS still says my phone is up to date. If it makes a difference I am in the US and it is an Arc S

  • Theravenwillfollow

    sorry I meant I was using the PC Companion

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  • U. Giresunlu

    Is the Neo V rom compatible with Neo? Anyone tried Neo V ICS on Neo here?

  • Theravenwillfollow

    Is it the 4.0.1.A.0.283, 4.0.2.A.0.42 or 4.0.2.A.0.62 Nordic firmware that will work? Someone please answer me. I don’t enjoy fooling around with my phone and following the directions to the tee and it still not working.

  • Nikoskakogiannakis

    WotanServer is waste of money and time ,i paid the price and they had only Israel version for ice cream ..was my first and the last time i spend time and cents to those 

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  • Lauweihiong

     any one try it pls advice

  • Harry Dirty

    ?????? ?????????…. ?? ????? ??-??????????? ?????????? ????????????… ??????????? ???????? :(

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  • yea mi arc with ICS Thank, I use the second method. Really work successfully

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  • i did the wotanserver route for ICS upgrade on the ray, and although this process worked perfectly, I can confirm that that ICS is not quite as fluid in normal use as GB but I would say the increased functionality and improved aesthetics make it worthwhile. I wont be going back to GB on the ray as a result

  • Yav

    Problem… who can help!?

    I am using the WtanClient having paid $1.99
    its a UK Arc S i am trying to flash. 
    I go through everything, and it starts the process, but when it gets to the “unpacking stage” the 9th one “userdata.s09” it stops and shows an error message “ERROR: file write failed!”

    Can anyone shed some light on this please?
    would be very grateful

    Thank You!

  • AlexBurnout

    Can’t wait for my Xperia mini pro

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  • Aaa O

    es el 4.1.A.0.562 este es el numero de compilacion y version del android es  4.0.3 eso es lo que me pone en mi movil que actualize ayer por el metodo flashtool

  • Rishabh

    Updated to android 4.0… Excellent features but not as smooth as GB..

  • Faceless_void99

    is nordic firmware english version?

  • Theravenwillfollow

    WotanServer will now let you directly flash to the Nordic ICS without having to first flash to GB and then use the PC companion.

  • Theravenwillfollow

    Got the same issue with my US Arc S. Not sure what the problem is.

  • Rampraven

    hello friends pls can any one help me i need neo v ftf files  4.0.2.A.62 my SI NO:1254-8967, Country India

  • Rohit Joshi

    Hello All,

    I tried updating my NEO V with Flashtools as per the Instructions but all I get to is the SONY logo, and then an Exclamation Mark in a Triangle beside a phone. Can anyone please tell me if I’m missing anything? 


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  • GHCK Kuma

    I try 
    WotanServer  flash tool, and i paid them 1.99 euro, finally its come file write failed, i try several time, its never updates, finally i boot my phone and its appear “Sony” logo only phone never ON, then again i update my Arc S old version, given me a bad idea

  • Janajackie

    Why don’t u try the second one. It doesn’t charge u and its a easy process all together . I did it yesterday and its awesome in my neo v. If u have any doubts feel free to ask me

  • JanaJackie

    Why don’t u try the second method

  • JanaJackie

    Yes English version

  • Joshi Rohya


    I tried with the 2nd method to update my non-rooted Neo V on stock Gingerbread to ics Nordic, but my phone boots with SONY logo, then a triangle with an exclamation mark next to a phone. And it turns off. I also did repair from pc companion it revert my phone to Gingerbread firmware. Same with SEUS.

    Could you please help me out with this?

  • JanaJackie

    Hi joshi . Actually the process involves 3 times flashing the same same firmware with different settings each time .so better luck try again . If u find it hard reply Me . I ll post a video of how to flash Ics nordic to other neo v’s . Ok

  • JanaJackie

    I tried the 2nd method and it worked perfectly. Ics is very smooth in my neo v . But gb was smoother than this.

  • Someone-else

     Why are people using Wotan? Why not just use flashtool or fastboot? It’s free…

  • Jaka

    Thanks, didn’t know how to flash it on my Ray! :)

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  • richa

    would you please tell me how long it takes to update to anroid 4.0??? it is killing me. my internet speed is 384Kbps. if it fails would my xperia ray would damage? :( please reply its my new phone bought with saving.

  • naveen

    ya dear i want know all d steps 4 upgarding, i 2 hav neo v

  • ikifreak


  • Nik

    To update the ICS, i should have my handset with me! It’s with the service center since last month & unable to repair it as Neo V production is discontinued. Both costumer care & serivce center people are fooling me to mail here and there. Sony Ericsson service is the worst i have ever faced!!! :X

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