Xperia P and Xperia U UK launch slips into May

by XB on 20th April 2012

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When we originally came across the Sony Xperia P and Xperia U for pre-order in the UK, the sites were listing the release date towards the end of April (26 April in’s case). It now looks the UK launch has been pushed back a couple of weeks to 10th May, bringing it more line with the mainland Europe launch. has the Xperia P for pre-order for £379.99, whilst the Xperia U is £229.99. If you shop around there are cheaper retailers to order it from. Clove has both handsets for release a few days earlier on 7 May and you can pre-order the Xperia P for £330.00 and the Xperia U for £204.00. If you want to know how these Xperia NXT phones compare to the Xperia S then check out our previous comparison post here.

  • Bwune1

    Woooohoo cant wait to pick up a p it looks beautiful

  • owl

    you mean “pushed back a couple of weeks to 10th MAY”, not april.

    still, that’s not a huge delay. can’t wait to see how this new novathor chipset performs.

  • Guest

    When is this site going to have an extensive preview/review of the Xperia P? I’m really looking forward to your opinion on the device before I consider importing it. Thanks.

  • Asad Mulla

    bought my XS from clove after a few guys here directed my to them. Really good service. Price was cheaper and I also got 4 free NFC tags. Impressed

  • Lariv

    £379.99 for the Sony XPERIA P is a joke. With the exceptions of the aluminium unibody with buttons on the transparent strip and the WhiteMagic display why would anyone buy the Sony XPERIA P when the XPERIA S has better hardware and is available for virtually the same amount of money? The Sony XPERIA P should really be closer to £300 though £330 isn’t too bad.

    Atleast the Sony XPERIA U is well priced and it is great to see a dual core android phone available for near £200. This should be very popular for people who want a good dual core android phone and do not want to spend a large amount of money on it. It should be even cheaper on PAYG too.

  • Mc dison

    Its not available yet and when it is available xperiablog will definitely review it. Please use your common sense before posting.

  • I am thinking of getting the U for my wife. She needs a new phone. We moved country, and when we did I got my x10 unlocked. Now that thing was ok but the battery life always annoyed me with it. So I got the S (which rocks). Now my wife has a iphone 3Gs, still country locked. She is now using my x10 (which she hates and always has), but she does like my S (not only does it work well for tumblr which she uses a lot – but she likes the look of it i.e. not like all the other black slabs out there) so the U might be it for her as it will hopefully run just as well, plus it can look how she likes and it also haz rainbowz powerz!!!! tm light strip.

  • XperiaBlog

    Nice spot! 

  • Guest

    I’m sorry if my question offended you in any way; I have to assume you misinterpreted my question (because of the lack of education maybe?). Anyways, let me break it down for you.
    The key to the question is the word “When”. I know that the phone isn’t wildly available to the public yet (from what I have read, it’s actually available is some countries already), but because this is a Xperia dedicated site, either they are able to get the phone a few days before launch because of connections, or they will probably get one right around launch. And if this the case, all I wanted was to get a sense of the timeframe they were planning for reviewing the unit (to see if I should wait for it before making my purchase). If they didn’t know yet, or if they didn’t want to reveal their plans yet, a simple “stay tuned” reply would have been fine. I definitely didn’t expect my common sense to be questioned when I posted my question.

    Anyways, I have only seen one extensive preview/review so far (from a chinese site), but because XperiaBlog is my go to site, I trust their opinion more and will patiently wait for your review. I might have to re-evaluate posting on this site in the future though. Thanks.

  • AlexBurnout

    That’s what I’m talking about

  • Lariv

    It is excellent value for money but bear in mind there is no expandable memory and it only has 4GB of internal memory. One option is using online data stroage however if internal memory isn’t a massive issue it looks like a brilliant choice.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Hey  sony will be launching a photo sharing service next week

  • J Sohtaylor

     Can you give us link to the chinese review. I want to check it out.

  • In fact it has 8 gig if your check the comparison. But then she has an ipod she uses for her music. Otherwise, yeah, it does look awesome. 

  • Cp2020

    Really waiting for this device…another delay 28 of may now. Bit dissapointing but if that means some improvements to the phone…well i believe it’s worth the wait. Come Sony don’t keep us waiting for to long.

  • Guest

    I’m not sure if I’m allow to post links to other sites in the comments, so mods can delete my next post as appropriate. From my limited knowledge of chinese, the things I picked up from the 9 page preview is that battery isn’t all that good, and the back cover gets warm because of the aluminum (both points are somewhat expected). Either way, it sounds like the phone has been delayed again to May 28 according to Clove, so my desire for the Xperia P is really diminishing.

  • Guest
  • Philip
  • Homerjay

    Now on 28 may. :(

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  • Intru

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