Xperia ion certified by GCF – hints at impending launch?

by XB on 22nd April 2012

in Xperia ion

Xperia ionWe have recently been speculating on the reasons why we’ve heard nothing on the Sony Xperia ion since it was announced back at CES in January. At the time we were promised a Q2 launch, but we still have no firm date despite being well into the quarter. Well the Xperia ion was certified by the GCF (Global Certification Forum) earlier this week which could hint that Sony Mobile is in the final preparatory stages before release.

Sony needs to communicate something to its fans in our view. Other high profile handsets that were announced for AT&T after the Xperia ion are already either on sale or pre-order with the carrier. Big handsets such as the Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC One X. Let’s hope Sony has some positive news on the release front in the very near future.

  • Xperia ION should be released shortly after HTC One X launched in AT&T :/

  • Rammstone

    What exactly is the difference between Xperia S and Xperia Ion? Just the 4,55″ screen?

  • Asnel224@

    This is the same as when the P990, came out. Folk like the P990, but Sony( Ericsson) was late,plus no advertising( USA) folk were like out of sight,out of mind and iphone; just ran better marketing plan.Sony,needs to market in States as well in Europe,if they( Sony) want to be number one.They did do well at tennis matches,held earlier this year,with commercials,on t.v..Work,on it,Sony,when it comes to your mobile products.Word of mouth is not cutting it. Stop with updates with management changes etc. Get product,out! Al Nelson,still waiting on ION! For now…

  • The screen size, dock capability (the ion design allows for a real dock), and the ion has 16GB of memory integrated but with a microSD slot available.

  • M Usman

    and a 13mp camera sensor right?

  • LTE

  • Same one as in the Xperia S.

  • Dan

    Finally!!!!! But no promising release date!!!

  • Lito_ni

    Maybe they are releasing it with ics

  • Lucstrie

    Xperia Ion and Neo L will available in Indonesia. :)

  • nfs2010

    I’m seriously hoping for some spec. bumps like an S4 chipset instead of S3. Otherwise, ion is very likely to get blown away by One X and other upcoming phones.

  • R Pedroso

    It’s amazing that you guys think that Sony has changed when it comes to the mobile market when nothing has changed at all. This will take some time to become number 1 in all aspects of the mobile communications field. Be patient, it will happen. Sony will be number one. Although they are late with releasing their phones or software/updates their product is far more superior than anything else on the market and that is why I personally stick with Sony. LOVE Sony

  • jeffrey vandenborne

    You mean it’ll get blown away by other phones according to people using their phones to bruteforce passwords or perform an immense number of arithmic calculations on it for some science project such as CERN.

    Seriously, I don’t get why people look at the processor so much. After the 73 update on my Xperia S it’s been going for days, battery life is amazing and all my applications launch in an instance of a second. I believe a better processor is handy when it comes to that launching ubuntu on your mobile phone thing. Then again, it’s in it’s starting stages and nowhere near finished. Also I think a lot of people with the purpose of running a Linux distribution on their phone in order to use it as their mobile workstation will wait until a decent Linux distribution comes available for the android phone

  • nfs2010

    Actually, S4 is built on 28 nm (compared to S3’s 45 nm). The advantage is obvious – lower dynamic power consumption leading to better battery life and this is very important for mobile devices. To top it off, the cores are a15-like compared to a9 cores of s3.

    You made a point by saying that a lot of people don’t need that much horsepower. I totally agree on that. But a flagship needs to pack the latest tech – not the same chipset that’s been used in HTC sensation about a year ago. Trust me – it doesn’t save a penny. It just tells how slow they are to bring their product to market.

  • I hope Xperia Ion is set for global launch, I like it better than the Xperia S

  • It would be even better if they’ll release it with an S4 CPU

  • Philip

    faster, faster please; thinking about getting a new phone; P or ION or Hayabusa, come on, sony!

  • Dan

    Battery performance too…. Cause Xperia S have a 1750mAh battery and xperia ion has a 1900mAh battery… Hope it wont have battery issues like xperia s…

  • Found an article written “Xperia ION will be released on 17th May” seems legit to me! :)


    26th April, Taiwan will be holding an announcement on LT28i Sony Xperia ION! 

  • TechGuyChris

    Gosh i was starting to think i was the only one who remembered about this phone. It kind of disappeared after they talked about it at CES. Its odd that allthe phones that were announced at the CES from competing companies are now selling their products now. Sony Mobile is late. Not good for a first start…

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  • Albert Octavianus

    Link for the release date please :)

  • Albert Octavianus

    It does not mention 17th May as release date but?

  • R Finney

    I have spoken with Sony (last week) and was told that the phone would be launched in a “few weeks.” I was also thanked for my patience and assured that this (the Xperia Ion) was a one-of-a-kind phone and I would be glad I waited. I can live with that but I think Sony is losing a lot of the market share and interest in this phone by not communicating in a more public way about the delay on the this phone.

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