Xperia ion on sale in Taiwan this week?

by XB on 23rd April 2012

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Whilst we’ve been waiting for the Sony Xperia ion to launch in the United States, it looks it might be heading to Taiwan, China first. ePrice is claiming that the Xperia ion will be on sale in Taiwan on the 26 April 2012 without naming any sources. It’s not clear if this is an official launch by Sony Mobile or whether these are grey imports. The report didn’t give any detail on pricing either.

ePrice says that the exact Xperia ion to hit Taiwan will be the LT28i model i.e. the international version of the AT&T version (LT28at). We imagine the LT28i will be identical to the LT28at but will not come with LTE functionality. Only a few days to find out if this is the real deal.

  • Ok but does anyone have any idea when this will be launching in #CANADA

  • lovebmw

    before the U.S.??????  it must be At&t behind the delay then.

  • Tenka

    Not on sale. Just a press conference will be hold on 4/26.

  • Albert Octavianus

    Yep, you are right, tried to google translate it and it says Sony will held press conference and LT28i will be sold in Taiwan ‘in the future’

  • Taiwan isn’t really China

  • Their source is an article from a Mainland website, so it would make sense as to why they ended up printing it as such, even if it is erroneous. 

  • Findmehkg

    No…. I think the At&t version is 4G. But Taiwan hadn’t got the ” go ahead ” for 4G yet hence only the ( I) version is available for Taiwan .I am only guessing.

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