Sony Mobile prepping gaming announcement for 2 May [Update]

by XB on 24th April 2012

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Sony Mobile is currently sending out invitations for an event that will be taking place on 2 May 2012. We haven’t received the invite ourselves, which makes us think this could be directed to the US media. The invitation teases “find out what’s new and next with Xperia gaming.” Joining Sony at the event will be Gameloft and the Major League Gaming organisation.

Given the partners it has lined up for the event and the teaser strapline, new hardware is a distinct possibility. However, given the lack of leaks of an ‘Xperia PLAY 2’ we’re not entirely sure this will be the case. What we may see, however, is a spec refresh of the Xperia PLAY, especially as the invite is believed to have an image of the device. Alternatively, Sony may just be looking to refresh people’s focus on the Xperia PLAY or there could be a new gaming service being launched. We’ll bring you more news on this next week.

Update: Sony Mobile has got in touch to clear up that this is NOT a hardware announcement. Here’s the statement in full: “Sony Mobile Communications has no intentions of making a product announcement at this time. The event is intended to preview a new initiative launching in partnership with Major League Gaming and Gameloft.” So there you go, those longing for an Xperia PLAY 2 will have to hold on for a bit longer.

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Thanks Dacha!

  • RacecarBMW

    I hope it is new hardware!

  • Maverraver

    If it is a “Xperia Play 2” I wish they’d do money off for trading in the Xperia Play 1

  • Asad Mulla

    We know all about the upcoming Sony devices at this blog. XB have no leaked news about a new device so there is no new device.

  • I posted this in the last topic earlier today :(

    Anyways, the timing is interesting considering the date of Samsungs Next Galaxy announcement. I wonder if Sony is trying to steal some of Samsungs thunder? Or maybe it’s bad timing on Sonys part.

  • MalaPersona

     Patapon for xperia play or else im selling it and buying another device

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I doubt it will be the Xperia Play 2 more likely Xperia Play HD they probably won’t make an Xperia Play 2 until next year when the Quad-Core devices come out and they can Make PlayStation Certified Version 2

  • Atlas

    I think just bad timing, i mean Sony mobile May 2nd, supposed Galaxy S3 May 3rd

  • I think it has something to do with PlayStation suite, but an updated Xperia play hardware would be super..although i would a little anonyed, just buying my Xperia S a coulpe of weeks ago..but its also PlayStation certified, so no problems there..
    Although i think they might be waiting to release a quad-core Xperia Play, if they do not want to release many phones, because if they announce a dual core now, by the time of its release it will be outdated imo..

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  • Johnylim

    I think it will be about PlayStation suite, or something like new gaming service.

    Hope it surprise us for great gaming content and services.

    I doubt there will be a new device. Xperia play still great for now. It only lacked great games as ‘PlayStation’ device

  • i’m GAMER

     OMG , we really need new games , not new game services .
    please if you if you meet SONY , please please pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaase tell them that xperia play is really UNIQUE , XPERIA PLAY IS #1 ,

    we all sure if HTC , SAMSUNG … could have game-exprience as much as sony has , the always focus on game-phone .


    our xperia play is really out of date , we need a high end phon e to supprt games as good enough as it can.

    quad core , tegra 3 , 1 or 2 GB RAM DDR 2/3 …..

    please tell our words to sony , please

    i’m in love with my beautifull xperia play  

  • ClioCreslind

    Maybe they’ll announce new stylish & discrete gamepad cases for all playstation-certified Xperia NXTs, so that android game devs have reason to gamepad-optimise their apps again?

    (… yeah, dream on…)

  • Jesus Fuck

    i hope that they bring psp games for xperia play, as well more ps1 classics

  • Roeshak

    The xperia failed for a reason. With the exception of a small minority and of course kids with rich parents, no one wanted a smartphone that has a slid out game pad.

    I for one would be very embarrassed to use one in public. They should stick to making more powerful smartphones and tablets with gamepad connectivity and much better hardware.

    Releasing the xperia arc with a single core snapdragon was a bad mistake but releasing the same hardware on the play was just criminal

    They need to stop flooding the market with too many phones and just focus on a line of say no more than 3 or 4 devices. HTC have learnt a bitter lesson and sony need to do the same. 

  • Basharca

    Damn it! I’m planning to buy the xperia P, if it happens that there is another Play in the works, this absolutely means a change in plans :D

    I would never sacrifice a new play! I already have one and it’s the best device I ever had, period!

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  • metcarded

    Xperia Play 2 with NovaThor A9600, 1.5gb ram and before the end of the year. Believe!

  • Anirban Das

    I just guess there would be announcement of PS SUite and Exclusive Max Payne for Xperia S and PLAY!!! :) :) though hoping for the next play!! :)

  • Xperia S rulez

    Would be great if quad core & 1GB ram used, but as Maverraver said, would be great to trade Xperia play for its successor without money, man, new and BETTER model for free? just for old, used and worse one? naaah i dont thinks so, even if, you would have to pay 3/4 of Xperia Play 2’s prize. THE OLD (Many times broken), and worse model is worth 1/4 of his new and better version. ;)

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  • MalaPersona

    PSP games to Xperia play or im getting rid of it and buying a samsung

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    do you know at what time and if there is a live stream???

  • ClioCreslind

    There’s been so little coverage of this event since 24 April, it’s like… 5 people knew about it. Sony PR guys, what have you been doing?

    And here we are on the 3rd May for most of the world and … not a PEEP!

    So now we get to “find out what’s new and next with Xperia gaming.” – Nothing!

    Sony, SonyMobile, whatever, do you even know how to keep your “Xperia Gaming” ecosystem alive!?

  • Manideepdas7

    u r jst an ass !!!!!!!!!! u kw much btr huh 

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