Xperia P and Xperia sola software certified by PTCRB

by XB on 24th April 2012

in Xperia P, Xperia sola

In a sign of the impending launch of the Sony Xperia P and Xperia sola, the first software for both devices were recently certified by the PTCRB. The Xperia P has software version 6.0.B.1.565 certified, whilst the Xperia sola currently has the slightly older 6.0.B.1.536 software certified.

This is unlikely to be global software as that would normally be depicted by the 6.0.A.X.XXX version number rather than 6.0.B.X.XXX. However, with around a month left to launch it looks like Sony is on track to meet the revised launch.

Thanks @wimpiedb!

  • Faddah96269626

    And what about Xperia s? when am I going to get rid of that slide to unlock screen, I only want ics for that

  • Scorpion

    Flash custom ROMs, official ICS will still have it

  • Here in China Xperia P, U and Sola are all already out, don’t know what’s taking Sony so long to launch them in Europe

  • make_believe

    maybe that’s fake

  • haha no it’s in Sony shops. Sony even has a huge campaign all over Shanghai for them. Just had a chance to play around with all four phones (including S) today. They all look and perform great. 

  • Hejsan

    Woot? That’s weird, haven’t heard anything about it. Are you sure they are for sale and not just test units?

  • Yeo pretty sure, I got my Arc S stolen the other day so I went in specifically to look at new phones to buy.

  • AlexBurnout

    Wow, can’t wait

  • Fox

     So it would be nice if you could provide the Firmware as a ftf file…or a link where to download it…

  • Its great to hear that Xperia P and Xperia sola software certified by PTCRB. I think that it would really like the great features of this software. I am really excited to try this amazing software on my own.

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