Xperia ICS update hits wider release for Xperia arc S, neo V and ray

by XB on 25th April 2012

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The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Xperia update has been rolling out for other regions outside of the Nordics for the initial three handsets (Xperia arc S, Xperia neo V and Xperia ray). People have been updating their handsets in countries across Europe and Asia.

If you’re wondering whether your handset has been updated, keep an eye out for your SI number from this list here. Has your handset been updated? Let us know where you’re from and what carrier you’re on below.

  • Moreno Joao32

    Portugal/ Vodafone

  • lovebmw

    And no word on the xperia S, it’s safe to say SE phones are better at ics update than SONY…. Frustrating

  • UK / O2. Xperia Arc S, not available.

  • ana3mic

    Got my Ray ICSed a couple of days ago: Bulgaria, Mtel.

  • M Usman

    ics for xperia s hasn’t even been certified so why are people expecting it already? I have an xperia s and check ptcrb every week to see if anything has been certified. trust me, i was in the same position last year where arc was updated to GB last, after neo and I’d wished it was the other way round. Now I’m on the other side of the boat LOL

  • Saman Sa19

    Iam from Iraq, i just upgraded my Arc s thank u Sony,

  • Pvmpkin

    I just saw my SE Xperia Arc S’s SI # on the list (released: 04/23/12). Finally I can update my Smartphone to ICS, will keep you posted… Philippine Android user here.

  • FLT35

    Ok for my Xperia Neo V on “Free Mobile”. I’m from France.

  • panoramic

    Hey I got my update for Neo V for Asia, I havent installed it yet because I want to hear what feedback people have with the ICS update. If its really good then I will upgrade. Just a quick one though whats the best FREE back up app program available? I used to use mybackup but that was only on limited time, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  • Saman Aziz67

    I just updated my Arc S, it’s amazing no lag, no force close and no launcher restart, update your mobiles immediately once it appeared, u will never regret it

  • cha ching

     u still got internet bro?

  • adriduan zolkarnain

    I’m from Malaysia, just upgrade ICS for my xperia neo v 2 days my phone is laggy maybe it not fully supported properly

  • Adnan

    Updated my Ray yesterday. Bt it feels laggy. Want the smoothness that was with GB.

  • Indian user

     I updated my Ray 3 days back…I would suggest, after updating it to ICS…repair your phone using PC companion…A word of caution though…all your data on phone (contacts, messages, applications stored on phone memory) will be deleted so first, backup everything…then repair your phone…it won’t take more than 15 mins and once that is done, the minor bugs will get ironed out and your phone will work smoothly.

  • Mr_95_Mdmf

    I have got Sony Xperia Neo. Why this model can not be updated with Neo V? Everything the same except camera.

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  • shrbs

    I Updates my Day on o2 in Germany. Works like expected.

  • shrbs

    Ray not day, sorry.

  • Yogie011

    I live in Serbia and have just updated my Neo V yesterday to ics!Works just fine!I have noticed just a tiny lag,but to be honest I was looking for that after I read
    Sony Mobile discusses the pros and cons of upgrading to ICS!
    Lots of pros and very few cons(although I did -REPAIR- my phone with PC companion)!Job well done Sony!

  • Farhad Hossain

    Robi, Bangladesh

  •  i did update my Neo V as soon as it was released and i found few bugs in face unlock so i have re-updated my phone and is really working smooth and i love ICS on Neo V. hope Sony will release minor bug fix for all these phone sooner or later. Xperia phones rock now!!!

  • Saman Sa19

    Update your Neo V, its amazing

  • doraemonboi

     still haven’t hit their flagship.

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  • Arc S in Vietnam done :)

    for those who want to see how it performs, just head over here

  • Italian

    Updated neo v, rooted, uninstalled sony bloatwares and installed apex launcher: running good. it takes less ram than gingerbread! so…

  • Tuhin

    Waiting for this on my arc..India
    Hurry up sony

  • Crunch77

    As others have pointed out in regards to their phone, my Arc S was also extremely slow in certain situations. A repair install fixed it right up, and the phone is a joy to use now. :-)

  • Who

     so far, after a few days of use I’ve not found any particular troubles w/ ICS. WLAN is ok (though it lacks the WIFI direct feature).
    UI sometimes lags but not a real problem in everyday use (however some optimization would be very appreciated).
    the possibility to deactivate apps from application menu is great thing because I’m able to shave up all the apps I do not like and hence avoiding the root surgery. moreover I’ve disabled all the fancy effects from the developer options menu and left the other options untouched. browser seems ok, flash too (you need to install it). for the battery it is too early for speaking but it seems there are no leaking apps till now :-).

    said that from my point of view I think something has to be fixed soon by sony i.e

    i)  missed calls/messages etc are no more visualized on the locked display forcing me to check everytime what’s
        going on under the cover
    ii) after upgrading to ICS a strange error happens when I try to update LiveWare app (from 3.2.7 to 3.2.8). It says
        that the packet is not signed ?!?!
    iii) Wifi direct

    as said I’m quite satisfied but anyway I suggest sony a further optimization step… I’ve been waiting it  ;)

  • Who

     btw it’s an xperia ray

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  • hi…..,

  • Ascentway

    Updated xperia neo v in india.

    Ics is giving pathetic performance.

    Battery backup reduced to 8hrs from 36hrs.
    Lagging on various apps and screens.
    Phone dialer and logs take 3-5 sec to load.

    Consuming too much battery.
    Android 2.3.4 was better.

    Not happy.

  • awx

    Ray, Lithuania, from 04.23

  • Justas Skau

    Arc s Lithuania!!

  • XYZ

     Didn’t they already warn you there could be potential issues with the update?

  • paul4id

     Question for you Indian user: if I do a repair do I also have to reinstall applications that are on the SD card, or will those remain without having to reinstall them?

  • Sam

    I am enjoying the update and it’s not lagy at all I wish you could have the real ics lock screen but I don’t mind. I have the Xperia arc s and there is two gallerys to edit photos go in gallery and to look at facebook photo etc go to Xperia gallery and the camera app is better and you can disable apps that use up a lot of the memory. I hope everyone enjoys the update and Sony have made it better than their android 2.3.4. There is a lot of new features and I thank Sony for producting this update. I am in the UK

  • xxxholix

    YAAAAY! Just completed the update!!! Thank you SONY!!!

  • Madsham

    Updated today, rooted today, seems pretty good, battery life appears to be a tad better, all in all not so bad, 
    Arc S Eire.

  • Danoco78

    Les comento que actualice mi xperia arc s y hasta el momento ha ido muy bien, es mucho mas rapido en muchos aspectos y me gusto que me permitio recuperar mas de 30 megas de memoria.
    Les recomiendo lo prueben.

  • IsBliss

    You mean: “It’s safe to say that Sony is better on updating older phones than the newer ones”.

  • i still have’nt got ics update for my xperia neo v :(

  • xperia ray

    updated my ray
    1)widgets are working well,but they should allow us to re-size the photo frame widget,it’s too big now and i can only put 1 photo frame/screen.on GB i’m able to put 2 photo frame. 

    2)Wi-Fi on off and searching for Wi-Fi has been greatly improved, i just push the ‘on’ button and it connects to the available connection instantly 

    3)browsing speed has improved a lot but pinch to zoom on web browser is more laggy than in GB,but still smooth. and also i tried viewing some webpages that was previously laggy in GB, it gets like x10 smoother on ICS now

    4)the only thing i’m not really satisfied is that the transition from home screen to app drawer and back to home screen seems to be slower,and the scrolling of pages in app drawer is a bit laggy if i do it fast

    1) i hope sony will uprade the app drawer to look the same like the one in galaxy nexus and other ICS phones,with the 3 tabs in it, i’ve tried using apex launcher which gives the same UI in app drawer and it’s smooth

    2)i hope they can do some optimization or update for the transition between home screen and app drawer and scrolling of home screen/app drawer,please make it smoother 

    overall the update is awesome :)

  • Who

    sorry a question. are you able to upgrade LiveWare to v. 3.2.8? It gives me a strange error i.e. the application  is bad signed and it suggests me to uninstall the app currently installed in flash :( before proceeding w/ the upgrade.


  • Indian User

    I had to re-install all my apps…the photos, videos, documents on your sd card will be intact but the apps will have to be re-installed again. It was tedious to do so but worth it…since after that, the phone gives better performance

  • Indian user

    Another thing paul4id, There is an app called MyBackup on the market…it is a paid app fro pro version but u get the free version as a 30-day trial…its a very useful app to backup your user data (Applications, Photos, Contacts, Call log, Browser Bookmarks, SMS, MMS, Calendar, System Settings, Home Screens, Alarms, Dictionary, Music Playlists)
    You can try that

  • arc s entirely updated upgraded – software and hardware wise and loving it!!! android 4.0 + 3200mAh [HLI-ARCXL] mugen battery: helluva phone with this combination!!

  • AlexBurnout

    What about the Xperia mini pro?

  • RolandoVilla

    Arc S in Costa Rica updated!

  • Sam

    Still no update for my Ray in the UK :( SI number 1252-3268, both unlocled and unbranded

  • Sourabh_bathe

    Update is availabe only through with pc companion no OTA update available.
    I did the update to ics 4d ays ago and it’s bit laggy.

  • Truck Stop

     I use Astro File manager for App backups SMS backup & Restore for texts. If you have Wi-Fi you may want to try AirDroid.

  • 55

     for me the same…

  • 55

     liveware the same issue and i cant use my smartwatch…

  • Giorgosvi

     Hi there I just made a huge mistake and upgraded my NEO V to ICS , and I no longer have working WIFI as many other users , my phone is completely useless with WIFI , it gets disconnected every 30Sec !!! Thanks a lot Sony for this huge mess of an upgrade !!!!!

  • steve

    i just upgraded  my arc s to ics its not as smooth as i expect it to be.. is there a way to make it as smooth as the default os before?

  • Greece, Vodafone Arc S

  • Dreem

    I had updated my Xperia Arc S Russia. Ther’re very small changes. There are lags on the home screen, in text input, in Skype and etc. I’m not happy. The stock firmware was better.

  • SI 1254-2341 Serbia, handset bought in retail, still no update. Any ETA?

  • I have updated my Neo V and Upgrade to 4.0 seems to be great as of now. The notifications (sms, missed calls) in lock screen is disappeared as of now we need to unlock the phone to check for mcall and new sms. Please put the notification in lock screen. Taking screenshot has become complicated as we have to press lock button and volume down button simultaneously to capture a screen. Please give us a direct option to take screenshot as Sony had given in gingerbread option. As we control music from lock screen please provide same option for radio as well as it is difficult for us to unlock phone and then go in radio app every time to change fm stations (it is very essential).

  • Hard_target1610

    i m from Pakistan

    still no update of icsmy si number is 1255-0728tell me when its update is comingand what the hell people,s feedback that no wifi is working after update:/

  • Hard_target1610

    m using xperia neo v

  • Sucky Code

    Xperia Ray – U.S  DONE

  • how u do that? can u teach me?

  • Bogdan22_s

    don’t upgrade your phone to android ics. i did and i am very sorry toch dosen’t respond correctly, the speed dailing takes longer and all the phone performances reduced a lot. TKNS U SONNY FOR THIS UPGRADE. OWER MONEY FROWN AWAY ON NOTHING. I hope the will fix this BIG PROBLEMS!!! Android 2.3 is the best. Excuse my english and have a good day. P.S. if anyone know how to fix this bugs please email me!

  • Dude

     do an hard reset. it has fixed all the troubles I had

  • sony bravia

    I’m from Pakistan too but my si no is 1256-….(i dont remember the rest).
    I updated my phone about a week ago, and man, ICS is beautiful. the few lags when opening the phone dialer and app drawer are present but not an issue since you can install apex launcher and exDialer, both available in play store for free. No WiFi problems here.

  • sony bravia

    Update is availabe only through pc companion.

  • Alipakistani007

    Wat bout xperia arc??

  • Lokendrapun

    updated my ray and works great!!! but home is a bit slow…

  • Ikevzreal

    Please Update Xperia Ray SI 1252-1226 ^^

  • Kulkaustubhkrk

    What do u mean by explain in detail plzzz plzzx coz my neo v runds a nit lagy

  • Kulkaustubhkrk

    What do u mean by repair install how to do it plzzz explain in detail coz my neo v lags a bit

  • mk

    guys most of my HD games like street fighter 4 and GTA 3 have stopped working after i upgraded to ICS. They were working smoothly on Gingerbread. Any one facing similar problems? any update?

    >xperia arc s


  • Moh3nllica

    When ics release in persia??????
    Im dying herem/

  • Peev83

    Well, Sony assures us they are providing the best software with ICS update. This is not the case with my Xperia Ray – the lagging is obvious, dialer is taking ages to load, and yes, no notification light. So far with the basic PHONE functionality. Disappointed.

  • Wasi Warx

    How did you repair install?

  • rayx

    Did ICS-update for my xperia ray SI 1249-0948 yesterday. I was unsure, but I like it very much! Its a nice update, sony did a good job. Akku drain is the same as with GB on my phone. 4% over night (ca. 8h). Performance great with LauncherPro. Thank you

  • ICS update on my experia arc s last night and i am loving it. 

  • Sabadboy6

    i have updated my neo v its working awsome NO LAGS MORE INTERNAL MEMORY THOSE who have ISSUES please REPAIR ur XPERIA  from PC SUITE its works fine remember to BACKUP UR STUFF PPL although MANY good games are not SUPPORTING ICS yet ..guess they WILL b IN ONE MONTH ……N YES BSURE  to UPDATE TO ICS……………….
    FRM INDIA…..

  • Fidzoashraf

    I’ve upgraded my xperia neo v to ics. Its user interface run smoothly and improved a lot on my neo v but when it comes to camera its sad… My still camera was okay but video camera become laggy when i start recording. Its different than ginger which is much more smoother when recording, man its 720p HD video recording!!!! What the point I Bought the phone that has HD video recording if I cant even record a smoother video!? This problem somehow make me regret of ugrading to ics.. For them who has the same problem as mine please help me if you know how to fix this.. And for sony developer im BEGGING u to make an update to fix this problem… PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  • Sivasms99

    For screenshot power button and volume button is not working in neo v…. Can u tell me the right option for it….

  • Farooq

    upgraded my wife’s ray to ics. within a week she asked me to roll back to gb. phone lags, wifi dosnt connect or connects then disconnects, basic apps like dialer takes long to load, takes a long time to save vids.

    on the whole disappointed, I knew it wud be bad. didn’t know this bad.

  • the apps shud be ICS compliant 2 work

  • matttm7

    I’ve experienced an improved performance with ICS on my ray. I did however start fresh and did not keep any of my old data on gingerbread to go to ics. Dialer is a shit though, i’ll give it that, but I never really use dialer enough for me to notice. But apps open much quicker and the stock launcher is not horrible anymore.

  • Denis

    Updated to Xperia S to ICS – nice features appeared, but performance is extremely slow. It takes upto 10 sec to open dialer!!! Browsing between screens also take time. 

  • Badua_squier

    my xperia ray became slow after updating it to ICS… what might cause that?

  • Gilbert Olchondra

    there are problems and issues in arc s
    1. the phone dialer takes time to load
    2. browser would suddenly disappear.
    3. temple run no longer running perfectly imangi said unity3d not fully supported by ICS?
    4. screen snapshot is not clever with volume down and power combi, you will get the volume bar icon in picture too and it is hard to make it work
    5. the keyboard sometimes would not appear when clicking input boxes to type.
    6. it is hard to control the copy paste marker to copy portion of texts.

  • Revingohil

    I tried to upgrade my arc s using pc companion..I get stuck during the preparation steps ( of removing the usb cables, then turning the phone off, turning it on again and then connecting it back to the computer,holding and pressing the back key of our phone)I tried it several times but it doesn’t work. The screen stays on there although my phone is 100% connected. Anyone with similar problem. Does my phone have a problem or is there any alternate way to upgrade my ics. 

  • Kolaq32

    Dont Upgrade yet… I did mine and i cant play HD games again… imagine very good games not playing on ur neoV???

    I am looking at downgrading now. is it possible?

  • Fiona Virginia

    When I was connecting my Xperia arc S handset to my PC some 2 weeks ago for a routine data backup, the Sony PC Companion automatically let me know of the update to ICS was available and recommended it, so I did. Followed the instructions and installed it successfully. But what happened for the next 5 days was a nightmare. Apparently ICS made the operation of my Sony much slower, it would take me ages just to open a Facebook news feed or even checking the Google Play Store apps. I ended up contacting the Google Play people to ask for some help. And the battery drained much quicker. As a result, I was determined to downgrade back to Gingerbread, spent hours google-ing sites of how to downgrade safely (because the PC Companion does not have that, because we are not supposed to downgrade), luckily found it and did it as soon as I could. Was VERY relieved Gingerbread is back on my handset. I’ve 2 questions, 1) if ICS sucks… why recommends us to update??? 2) Does anyone else have the same problems? I don’t think it is something wrong with my Xperia arc S. What I do now is just wait until I’m 100% sure the Ice Cream Sandwich will not perform worse than Gingerbread, then I’ll install it back. Until then, I’m pretty happy with the Gingerbread!

  • MoN

    Hi there,

    How can I downgrade back to Gingerbread? I am having the same battery issue:(.

  • Lizh90

    I have an experia arc s and my network provider is o2. I am from redditch,Worcestershire, uk

  • Sony arc s.
    For those who want to downgrade to 2.3 os, see this link -> Read and follow the instructions given. I already done with it and it is successfully :) no more suffer with lagging issues on ics

  • varun

    I am also haveing the same issue, Did you fix this by any means ? any one have sloution ?

  • Fionavirginia
  • Alexandre Cereja

    Arc S (LT18i) updated  to ICS on saturday (may 19).

  • Joshua Jagua

     i found my SI number form the list above but pc companion and software update says i have the latest software. any suggestions to upgrade my arc s to ics?

  • Vishal4victory

    I’m a Neo V user, India. I was thinking to upgrade my phone to ICS. But now afraid to do so due to comments posted on its slowness after upgrade. Is it still slow? Actually my phone is slow even with gingerbird. So if ICS gonna be slower than this, am not gonna do this upgrade.. please advice. 

  • Rocky

    why not SL: 1256-4016

  • Marcel

    I updated my phone yesterday to 4.0 and after almost exactly 24 hours of normal operation, suddenly the phone died completely. I needed to remove the battery in order to get the power off. After that I have not been able to start the phone anymore. Every time I switch it on, the phone freezes completely during or right after the SIM unlock screen. I just did a SW repair (great, lost all apps and personalized settings). Hopefully I get my phone back working again.

  • aditya

    i am having the same problem :[ need help

  • hemendra

    i am from india (mr.hemendra)using experia neo v,i cant update my phone any idea?i send mail at sony support but no response :( if anyone have idea about this problem pls let me know thx !

  • rakesh

    what if my Si number is not ther …, wont i get an update

  • amrie

    why is very difficult to update the latest software for xperia neo android 4.0 pc in companion provided by sony? Can the sony solve this problem as soon as possible? please explain why!

  • AS Neeraj

    Hi !! I am having the same problems. I too want to downgrade.But after the downgrade can we update it again. Reply as soon as possible. Thank u for ur help.:-)

  • vimal

    Try to press volume down + power button .. It works

  • Can anyone tell me how to install PC Companion in my pc? I could not install it. :[

  • Reneesh S

    how did u update??

  • Sharvari

    Its just stupid to use volume down key in order to take screenshot… 

    Plus it is really difficult making it work.. as you can also see volume control screen sometimes when you try…

  • Does ICS for Ray Avilable in Middle East ?

  • Farzan Behdin

     xperia arc s with android 4.0.4 camera is slow in take film.

  •  Keep pressing the Power button and volume button for atleast 1-2 sec. It works…

  • Ed_W

    Xperia Ray, 1252-3268, on O2 (via Tesco) in UK …

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  • Taiiimur

    TaiMur here from Pakistan. I am using Xperia Arc S (LT18i) SI number is, 123753481. Is there any update to ICS on this device?

  • M Anannya

    Where is the front camera button for Xperia neo v 4.0.3?..please help

  • M Anannya

    Where is the front camera buttton in xperia neo V 4.0.3?…

  • Gilbert Olchondra

    My arc S hangs all the time. I have to remobe batt to work again. Darn phone

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