Xperia ion announced for Taiwan

by XB on 26th April 2012

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As expected, Sony Mobile held a press conference in Taiwan earlier today and formally announced that the Sony Xperia ion will be heading to the market. No official release date or pricing was revealed, but the handset is expected to launch next month. This will be the international GSM version (LT28i) of the handset rather than then AT&T LTE version (LT28at) destined for the United States.

The Xperia ion has not been announced for any other countries so far, although Sony did confirm that it would be coming globally previously so we would expect further announcements shortly. Have a look below for a first hands-on video of the LT28i Xperia ion sans AT&T branding as well as some pictures of the device. It certainly looks like a very good looking handset in our eyes.

Xperia ion

Xperia ion

Xperia ion

Xperia ion

Xperia ion

Xperia ion

Xperia ion

Xperia ion

Xperia ion

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  • adriduan zolkarnain

    nice design except the touch-screen button composition, prefer composition button such as like Xperia S.

  • Basharca

    Perfect timing!

    All what’s left is that I can order it from ebay.

  • ipatz

    How much do you think it will cost?

  • Minato

    so lovely 8D

  • T C

    wtf sony…still using a processor from 2010…I don’t get it!

  • It’s a shame it doesn’t comes with LTE! :( It was the selling point of the device! :(

  • Dan

    When will xperia ion be available in USA???

  • Khaled

    What is the pixel density on this phone? If it is the same as xperia S I might just switch to the ion

  • Haris Mohammad

    when it’s coming on AT & T ? any news……………………….:(

  • maybe a lot of xperia s fans aren’t gonna like this…, but to b true xperia ion looks way better than xperia s

  • Muhdshahmeer

     its come with LTE 4G. you can check at gsmarena

  • The pixel density will be lower than the Xperia S due to it having the same resolution but a larger screen.

    I must admit I’m a bit puzzled by how this is going to work out in the end. It seems like we’re going to have the Ion coming out and the Hayabusa will be hot on its heels. Sure Hayabusa will have a better processor and likely better camera tech, but other than potential design differences I wonder what else will differentiate these 2 phones.

  • nfs2010

    Any update on Hayabusa? After seeing this global release of ion, now I’m afraid that Hayabusa might not come out until December or so :(

  • I meant the the version Taiwan announced… Taiwan doesnt have LTE 4G network… and all the specs mentioned by them so far NEVER MENTION ABOUT LTE. :/

  • For Xperia S – 
    720 x 1280 pixels, 4.3 inches (~342 ppi pixel density)
    For Xperia ion – 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.55 inches (~323 ppi pixel density)

  • Philip

    ION 319 ppi;
    S 342ppi;
    iphone 326;
    P 275;

  • Philip

    I saw a poll on Chinese website;
    more people perfer this one than S, 86% ion vs 14% s;
    maybe people from other area have different taste.

  • Philip
  • Philip

    Hayabusa rumors from China site:

    1. spec
    -roughly 7mm thick-ICS-1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 CPU-4.55″ 720 x 1280-1gb ram-16gb internal memory-13MP camera-1700 mAh battery-lte -nfc
    rumer said the camera has new developed image sensor.2. Name
    Xperia GX; 

    3. Release
    announce June, release July;

  • ankitw

    I like this phone but few things not working out for me, why search button?  they should keep the 3 button design only, its looks better that way… no transparent bar is another downfall… otherwise the body is pretty much sexy :)  ..


    Hong Kong is accepting pre-order! Way cheaper than Xperia S!!! :D 

  • very sexy phone. I think it has better design than Xperia S.

  • well, i’m not from china…!!!

  • well……… that’s something awesome!

  • btw… if this is hayabusa than i wonder what the hell of a hardware the more expensive ‘mint’ will carry, and yeah the phone in the pics looks a hell of a slim device

  • megane198

    Its Hong Kong but the price is Chinese Yuan, not Hong Kong dollars. I’m confused. 

  • Rajiv Ranjan

    i hv sold my fn HTC sensation xe and i’m waiting for this XPERIA ION from 1 n half months.Xperia S was never on my mind.sensation XE had a very bad camera.I dnt prefer Samsung b’use it’s UI is not so gud & dint evn lykd d SGS2 design..every phn looks same in samsung.Sony Xperia Ion has it all what i want frm my next phn,Big Screen,Great Camera & Killer Looks

  • cool… ION is not even out in the market and we gonna talk about Hayabusa… here we go again, LET’S PLAY THE WAITING GAME once again… SONY, MAKE FCUK BELIEVE. =.=

  • very hot, very stylish, very trendy

  • ION is old news man ! Originally it wasnt meant to be released globally. So may be thy need sm tym makng it avalilable globally. Xperia S was da global device and its on market for sm tym. And i think diz hayabusa can be da 1st device originally designed by SONY. Not lyk Xperia S which has been designed by Sony Ericsson before thy separate. So Hayabusa can be da real thing revealing wat SONY is up to.

  • Just sick of waiting… had lost my phone for the past 4 months and originally tho getting ION as a replacement.. now Hayabusa is surfacing.. have to wait another few months… == this is seriously bullshit.

  • AlexBurnout

    How’s that, LOL?!

  • T C

     AT&T made them do it.  They talked about it at CES

  • Cheng

    hmm after seeing the pics. I really prefer S over Ion if I have to choose. S has bigger memory and very importantly; the transparent strip which I really like of the next series design. I still would say S or P,as Im still thinking about these 2. It’s choosing 1 out of 2 for me ~~~

  • Findmehkg

    Taiwan hasn’t got the license to operate 4 G yet. Need to wait till next year.

  • Findmehkg

    I heard more expensive than OTHER 4 G phone. This phone really rocks.

  • Findmehkg

    Before Aug. I heard.

  • Findmehkg

    If your country service provider has LTE. Then the at version should work.

  • so you meant.. LT28i that just announced in Taiwan HAS LTE EQUIPPED? :D

  • @facebook-100001675198800:disqus it’s true, I was planning to buy the Xperia S since at first it was going to be sold in North America only. when suddenly I was the Xperia ion show up on my country’s official device tester. imo, ion’s design is a lot more better than the Xperia S and somehow the look of the backcover is just similar to Xperia P minus the transparent strip.

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  • Parsa

    plz tell us about worldwide release.

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