Sony ST23i ‘Tapioca DS’ and WT23i Walkman outed by benchmarks

by XB on 30th April 2012

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Another couple of low-end Sony handsets have been outed by benchmarks. The Sony ST23i has made an appearance on the GL Benchmark website. The Sony ST23i handset is likely to be the sibling to the Sony ST21i Tapioca, which could support dual-sims hence the ‘Tapioca DS’ nickname given in a previous leak.

The Sony WT23i Walkman has made a first appearance in the AnTuTu benchmark and this will be another low-end handset. The benchmark shows it will have an 800MHz processor, much like the ST21i and ST23i and a display with 320 x 480 resolution. It is likely to be using the Qualcomm MSM7227A chipset. These handsets will probably be targeted to emerging markets.

Sony ST23i Tapioca DS

Sony WT23i Walkman

Sony WT23i Walkman

Sony WT23i Walkman

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  • make_believe

    if those are st21 and wt23i, their specs should be higher than their previous mobile like st25, st15 and wt19, if that is true, it will fail I guess?

  • adsada_arc

    Dear sony, treat your legacy brands with a bit of respect, stop producing crap low end phones and sticking the walkman badge on them; the live with walkman failed for a reason (what a stupid name as well).

    I don’t get where their walkman mp3 players are high quality producing sound and great specs far better than any iPod, to then treat this brand with shit

    How good would a black NXT phone with orange LEDs in the transparent bar and a big shiny orange walkman logo at the bottom…

  • The Live with Walkman did not fail. It had a horrible design, but it worked absolutely brilliant and was priced very reasonably. We sold quite a few of them at The Phone House / Carphone Warehouse. All happy customers.

    If these phones are for emerging markets and will be priced low they could really be a success. We know how well Sony is with software optimalisations, and with this processor paired with enough RAM and ICS these phones could run very, very smoothly considering their price.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    why not make all the phones a Walkman

  • Sony’s model numbers aren’t incremental.

    1st: Small/Medium/Large/Walkman
    2nd: Touch/Keyboard
    3rd: Year (2011 = 1, 2012 = 2, 2013 = 3, …)
    4th: Range (from low to high, also depends on size partially).

    So. ST23i means: Small Touch 2012 low range (for small size). 
    WT23i: Walkman (usually Small) Touch 2012 low range.
    ST21i (Tapioca): Small Touch 2012 extremely low range.

    Just to provide you with more examples:
    Xperia P: LT22i: Large Touch 2012 Low range. It’s not a low range phone, but it is a low range large phone.
    Xperia U: ST25i: Small Touch 2012 Mid-range.
    Xperia S: LT26i: Large Touch 2012 Mid-high range.

    Hayabusa/Mint/Whatever: LT29i: Large Touch 2012 extremely high end.

    It really makes sense and makes it easy to guess what model numbers mean.

    So take that into consideration. It’s also a good way to judge prices.

  • amsaKANNA C

    Thanks for the info @Ambroos Vaes

    Makes sense except for Xperia P and Mint.
    Xperia P should have been LT26I atleast.
    Xperia Mint is a high spec mobile which is yet to be released in 2012 and doesn’t have a slot.

  • DragonClaw

    Oh. Thank you for the info. So Sk17i is small keyboard 2011 mid high end (in terms of small cells), and is the international version. Oh. This is so cool. :-). But that would mean that 16k INR will be the 7th highest possible price in terms of small cells. Then Xperia U will be below 16K? As it is 5? Or the last number index is refreshed every year?

  • DragonClaw

    Xperia Mint might just be announced this year, and be gifted on new year 13 by Sony.

  • i want an ELM 2 instead of this phone. Sony please make a Non-Smartphone like ELM or CEDAR…

  • i’m GAMER

    why sony  ,

    why are you trying to produce a low-end phone ?!!!!


    you have long- game- experience , please use your game experience if you want to be #1 . none of other brands doesn’t have any game-experience , please please please

    what about a very powerful high end phone? ( xperia play 2 ) i wish …

  • What is going with Sony ?  low ended phones , one is enough , We want powerful phone than S3 …..

  • KF

    hayabusa, mint are coming. whats wrong with low end phones??? just look at samsung which is the n0.1 now

  • paul4id

    I agree actually. An Elm2 would be a better use of resources than these low-end “smartphones”. The Elm’s small size and good battery-life makes it a good backup to a “smartphone” yet still has all smartphone features. Unforunately I broke my ELM :(

  • silvacrest

    off topic but i believe because new phones are still being leaked this0 means that a play 2 could exist 

    it would certainly be their biggest phone, in terms of hype for a slate phone, samsung and apple have that rapped up but a really good play 2? only sony can pull that off

  • Darkman999

    I wonder what happened to the part ICS needs more ram that 512mb so no optimized  ICS for you 2011 guys,yeah sucks to be you attitude ?

  • Jake

    Well 7227A is generation 2 of qualcom .

    Although using same adreno 200 but is overclocked .
    It provide near performance to the msm8255 on 2011 xperias .
    So it not really big problem for them to use it if the cost is cheaper alot .Its probably even better than the cpu on x10 .

  • AlexBurnout


  • TjaldidTjaldid

    do you know at what time and if there is a live stream of the gaming event???

  • KF!/eldarmurtazin/media/slideshow?

    ok ok i dont trust eldar, but this seems legit, a clear pic of the bottom of the st21i

  • I also know , Haybusa and mint coming soon , hope they are more powerful than S3 , but single core ? even 800 mhz ? , i will understand if it was 1.5 ghz single core but 800 mhz … No comment .. hope u understand me .

  • DragonClaw

    @xperia blog: some super cool news for the 2011 Xperia users. Sony guy said that the 2011 cell phones will recieve a 4.0:4 update soon. (link to screen shot of comment by Anthony.

  • DragonClaw
  • They have their plans every year, so the last number is refreshed every year indeed.

  • The LT30i Mint seems to be an exception. Nobody really knows anything about the handset, and the 0 at the end is something Sony (Ericsson) never did before. It might be something special (Play 2?).

    The Xperia P is quite low-end for a LT (Large Touch). Not too much RAM, not a high screen res, not the best processor. That doesn’t mean it’s bad though. In terms of spec you could say that you substract 3 or 4 from the last number every time you move upwards. So LT22i ~= MT25i ~= ST29i in terms of specifications.

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  • V Joisa

    Can you please tell about Sony Xperia SX : SO-05D?

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