Galaxy S3 announced – do you regret buying your Xperia S?

by XB on 3rd May 2012

in Xperia S

Galaxy S3Samsung announced the Galaxy S III this evening, after a long wait and a lot of hype. Its predecessor the Galaxy S II, has been the biggest selling Android device over the last year. There’s no doubt that the Galaxy S3 has some great hardware including a 4.8-inch 720 Super AMOLED touchscreen, 1.4GHz Exynos quad-core processor, 8MP camera, internal storage plus microSD and a 2100mAh removable battery.

However, given the hype that we’ve seen for the device, it doesn’t tower over existing handsets like we thought it might. We wanted to pose the question to existing Sony Xperia S owners whether you wish you had waited for the Galaxy S3? The Xperia S has its own features going for it including a more distinctive design, higher pixel density display (the pentile display in the Galaxy S3 is a bit of disappointment) and higher resolution camera (12MP versus 8MP in the GS3, although pixels aren’t everything). However, the Galaxy S3 does have a faster processor, higher capacity battery and comes with memory card support. So what are your thoughts now that the GS3 has announced – did you wish you had waited? Let us know in the comments below.

  • M Usman

    not really no. we all knew the s3 would be announced around this time. a bit earlier than what I had expected but if I wanted to wait for the s3. I would have waited and not got the Xperia S. It did cross my mind and I always knew the s3 would be a great device but I don’t regret it one single bit. I am happy with my Xperia S and I believe the 342ppi vs the 309ppi I believe it is on the S3 makes the Xperia S screen still the number one. Would be nice to have some of the thing the s3 has though but both Sony and Samsung made compromises. I’d go with the S anyday :)

  • Aaronrymer

    Still happy with my Xperia S, prefer the aethetic design of my XS by far. Galaxy S3 looks awful in blue, white is okay though.. just hoping Sony come up with something even better like the hayabusa or Mint with wireless charging and the SD card slot, removeable battery for me isnt an issue if im honest :)

  • rg987

    yes, i regret…………………….but i will buy sony mint i whenever it comes to market as thats gonna b a quad core A9 or dual core A15……………….so its gonna dethrone the SGS3 as soon as it unviels……………go ahead SONY…………………………… u rock

  • Lol

    SAMSUNG RULES. They actually update their customers on news, features and even a release date on their phones. While Sony, the rotten Pieces of Crap they are, are still quiet, lazy, and refusing to update their customers on the Xperia ion. Unfortunately I will not be getting the S3 as I already have the NOTE and I’m loving it everyday. Sony can go rot in heck for all I care. Screw them.


  • Tareq Talal

    Well i am not regret buying my Xperia S

    every mobile have it’s Good features
    i like the Xperia S look more than GS3
    the camera and HDMI port
    the Full HD resolution in Xperia is Great

    OK GS3 is faster but that’s not making any difference to me 

  • ProWeirdoJustSaid

    Regreting Xperia S? Ahahahahah, funny. As I see, SGS III has the battery a bit better. Xperia S has better almost everything (inclueding design), just some people may thing cuad is better than dual. I dont think that really changes  anything, when S has 0.1Ghz more than SGS III. I regret only 1 thing in my S, after firmware update, the system sucks. I wait for ICS patiently. SGS III has cool and cracked from other companies, nice design huh? Same as HTC! Nice assistant, right? Copied from Apple! Nice ‘back side illumination’. Copied from Sony’s Exmor r! Woooooow Samsung got 2100mAh battery. Crap, Sony got only 1750mAh – but does it really means that SGS III is the world’s best smartphone? I expected more from SAMSUNG THE GREAT. Pffff.

  • no not at all it looks awful. amoled or oled screens are awful to saturated whites more like blue only darks r good cos of pixels off. ok quad core prossesor started with tegra 3 but actually its even proved s4 dual core procssesor is better thasn tegra who really needs 4 cores? the only problem with xs is smaller battery hope sony will put bigger battery and more efficient screen like white magic to next flag ship other hand xs looks sexiest phone this year with iphone 4 s ,xperia p, so nope

  • Well -well, i am sure most sony ( ercisson ) users and fans dont care what kind phone samsung produce , maybe it has some best specification , quad core and etc , but who care ? even u cant know inside running single core or quard core till ur comparing or making a test ….

  • Fear


    my experience with samsung cellphone devices was bad enough to not let me fall for this again….

  • Tymodmyt

    Agree with the below written! Really hope to see Hayabusa and Mint soon with a beautiful design and better features (especially those connected with camera since Sony is probably the greatest company so far in this field of technology) than Galaxy S III. A big Samsung’s mistake is awful design. This is where Sony is much better! So, with Hayabusa and Mint, Sony will definitely be the leader! 

  • Dr Who the

    UGLY! How could you ever regret buying the Xperia S when the Galaxy S3 is so ugly.
    1/ You wont notice the speed difference
    2/ The Galaxy S3 camera is worse
    3/ The Galaxy S3 is massive which is only good if you wear cargo pants or have a massive handbag.
    4/ The Galaxy S3 is so thin, plasticy & flimsy 
    5/ the battry life is probably worse
    6/ Galaxy S3 is frickin ugly 

    I dont regret buying the Xperia S for a second. I guess its up to the Galaxy S4 to bring it back

  • jeffrey vandenborne

    Lol no, that thing looks like a turd

  • George

    Still happy with my Xperia S..dont like the samsung device’s… The looks of the Xperia s is muts nicer .

  • Jake

    See the design . LOLOLOLOL nope no regret at all .

    HTC one X might be closer than that .

  • Emaack

    That thing looks horrible, actually it looks quite Samsung.

  • It looks ugly. Buttons are unusable. It is very powerful, but there is no soft to show it. Expensive useless monster, like Bugatti. But Bugatti is a pretty pie?e of art.

  • Jake

    That only partialy true . I am aware of the hardware of the phone and the current average need of the hardware . perhaps Arc S is abit old hardware ( still can use most of the app on market ) . But xperia S will ensure full 2012 and even 2013 app will running well on it . So it doesnt matter they have quad or octa core . I am statifice as long as all the application and video is running .

  • Obvious troll is obvious.

  • Gregor

    Love my Xperia S… Change it with that ugly phone… NEVER!

  • Drmobileshz

    Are u kidding?replace my lovly beautiful,xperia s with ugly sammy plastic?,cool bravia display with over saturated amoled?or best 12mp cam 8mp? just wait for hayabusa or mint

  • galaxy

    Looks etc aside, the Galaxy S3 has everything my XperiaS has and a bit more! The battery alone topples the scale, I’m constantly aware of batterytime etc… You can even change the damn thing! who wants a 12MP camera when the app and features stink, specially in darker settings! The only thing that can keep me away from changing will be the next update and hint of better batteries!

  • osamaH Al-Amri

    I do not , and i will not do ..
    The worst thing about GS3 is its design, if they kept the S2 design it will be better, the best thing about it is the processor it’s awesome and its benchmarks says it’s the best now, But will you buy a phone for its processor while the others have less processing power with about 30% , and more futures ?
    Design , Software , Hardware . all together build the phone, Hardware enough ( samsung ) is not enough, nor Design ( Sony ) or Software ( HTC ) either, What if we combined the Source ( google ) with a design from ( Sony ) and a Hardware from ( Samsung ) and a software from ( HTC ) !! that will be the ULTIMATE ANDROID !

    Samsung is not the best this year , sony is walkin alone backward .
    Htc took the lead this year !

    BUT BELIEVE ME , SONY WILL BE THE KING THE NEXT YEAR ! I CAN SEE THE FUTURE AND IT’S SONY ! that what the President said and that’s what we have to believe :)

  • Jaspzx

    High specs. So what?! Design inspired by nature’s is bullshit. Look at The Xperia NXT line. rue authentic design.

    Long Live Sony.

  • Maz NZ

    I still consider HTC One X.. Though I am not too fond of hTC, and have always been loyal to SE but man that ONE X peace is class.

  • AVH

    I have never been a fan of Samsung smartphones due to the feel of “mimicking Apple iOS” and also the plasticky build quality.

    For me the screen size at 4.3 is the max it should be for all smart phones because it can fit everyone and comfy enough to play around with either one or two hands. I am extremely happy with my XS at the moment, though I have to say I wish XS could have the aluminium body of the XP, and better battery life.

    It’s a BIG NO for SIII. No need for quad core, it will only kill your battery! 

  • adriduan zolkarnain

    still don’t know about it price..but galaxy S3 is the best phone for now, i more like to galaxy note, the size doest matter but more important is about how fully functional that phone to the user..galaxy s3 it faster than xperia s, but xperia s has better camera..why should consumer disappointed about the galaxy s3 design? how about quality? how really Sony solved the “quality issue” on xperia arc/arc s?

  • Just another iPhone from Samsung… Well, a little bit better ’cause it runs Android.

    I’ll stick with my beautiful Xperia Ray for a while.

  • lovebmw

    The siii just my Xperia s look better. Yeah I am little behind but not that much

  • Mickmcmut

    Happy with my choice of going with the Xperia S.
    Bit surprised that the s3 didnt match the 12mp camera.

  • reptile64

    All I see is a slightly upgraded Galaxy Nexus with the shame design, quad core and better camera… I expected more from them to be honest, still prefer my XS with the yellow tint!

  • Not at all i love my Xperia S so much. Quad Core? it means fast to low bat.

  • Nunob512

    No way love my Xperia S it looks good, its display is second to none, and it is a Sony. Never liked Samsung’s UI it looks cheap to me, eventhough this is a really nice phone, with incredible specs. I also dont like the way that Samsung devices feel in ur hand, too light, and the build qualty seems very cheap, unlike the xperia S and iPhone.

  • jeffrey vandenborne

    You just said that hardware doesn’t matter that much, so why would you honestly say HTC is taking the lead? The do offer Sense (so awesome and good looking!) and a camera which can make photos while filming (lol so useful, innovation)

    Last sentence was sarcasm for those who don’t understand

  • somdev anand

    No, not at all….

    5 things  I hate about S3
    1. Design 
    2. Camera 3. plastic
    4. Samsung
    5. Galaxy
    I love Sony 
    for see sull specs of S3 go here

  • nfs2010

    Typical cheap design from Samsung with pentile crap. I don’t think they will be able to  come up with a new design until Apple shows them a new one later this year. The hypes were ridiculous –  2 GHz quad core Exynos with LTE, 2 GB RAM, 12 MP camera, Non pentile regular RGB HD resolution, bezel free display, ceramic shell, and whatnot. LMAO. HTC one X mops the floor with this utter PoS.  I’m gonna wait for Hayabusa until June/July. If that doesn’t come out, I’ll get One X – no-brainer for me.

  • Smackdowninator

    The Xperia S is tastefully designed and is comfortable to hold a use. This GS3 is a Galaxy Nexus on steroids and is just as ugly and ridiculously large to the point where it is just plain impractical.

  • Ethanhunt

    samsung is the best…best photo, best optimization (best software) and best interface (new touchwiz x). GS3 rules with android 4.0.4 !!! Wow the gs3 have a wonderful new function. Sony watch and learn !!!

  • Juniper2hill

    So what?!?!

  • alvin

    Little regret because my xperia s have a yellow tint issue other than that NO, s g 3 looks so bulky ugly not like samsung at all who has tendencies with iphone-ish design :-D

  • I’m so happy I wasn’t waiting for the GS3. AMOLED screens have their burn-in issues (and I don’t plan to upgrade to a new phone anytime soon after buying something like that).

    Luckily Sony’s Hayabusa is bringing a large LCD screen, compact form factor, software buttons, and the Snapdragon S4 pro. This is what would disappoint me had I bought the Xperia S. ^_^

  • Jake

    Stop joking there .

    Samsung is known for not optimizing their software among famous companies .
    Learn the ugly design ? Better not to . Even sg2 which design base on iphone is better alot than this .

  • doraemonboi

     The Samsung Galaxy S III is just another quad-core phone like from HTC and I can’t really see the speed difference.

  • Danz_05

    Regret my beautiful, stylish, lovely Sony Xperia S??? Not for a second! I love it too much. It feels like a quality device, it works like a charm and it looks amazing.

    That being said…. Galaxy S3 looks horrible! I sorta liked how the S2 looks but the S3 looks like a ugly HTC. Its waaayyy too big and roundish. The specs are (compared to Xperia S) almost similar or not that much better either. So what if it has a quadcore processor… i’m not a hardcore gamer or video editor or whatever and most apps don’t need that much power either. It’s unnessesary.

    I expected much much more from Samsung.

  • Basharca

    Ooh lord the ugliness of this phone is more than I can handle.

    Why xperia blog why do you torture us by showing us such ugly and disgusting pictures?

    Man this is xperia blog which means it’s all about design and sexiness, please don’t ruin the image of it.

    And no way in hell would I buy an ugly, fugly, jungley phone like this compared to a piece of beauty from


  • Zack

    No..the design of XS still beats S3 by a mile.

  • it looks ugly… quad core is just extra…

  • Arkroy GUA

    samsung got wrong  this time to be honest i was kind of afraid of the s3 because the s2 was a big thing, im a SONY user only the the XPERIA S the amazing but still SONY is behind some littler things but still pulls the work out now that this s3 came out there is only some potentials competition and the s3 is not one of them now the XS needs ICS and also SONY needs to get the 4 core phone quick, lets hope that the Hayabusa comes with a big surprise, cheerssss 

  • Albert Octavianus

    No way I will ever go for any other phones than Sony!

  • paul4id

     four cores don’t matter. no one really needs more than a 1GHz single core on a phone anyway. Just give us plenty of RAM and concentrate on BATTERY, BATTERY, BATTERY instead.

  • I think for some one who bought Xperia S will not regret for this ugly design,this make no sense

  • Cssf09

    I never regret my purchase
    lower chamber
    The four cores is not so much on the speed of mobile
    Thoughts about a Galaxy Nexus with buttons nothing else!
    Very big! a little more and be a new Galaxy Note
    No matter if ours does not have to 32GB microSD card is enough for me.

  • Vi

    I don’t  even really care about Galaxy SIII..
    ‘Sony Xperia Series’ is different.. Great Design, Beautiful Interface, Lead in innovation..

  • Waiting end of the year, Sony Mobile Quad-core processor might be launch this year. Don’t always took 3000cc compare with 2400cc, should compare with the same standard example: Single-core to Single-core, dual-core to dual core, quad-core to quad-core.

  • Jessbullock2

    Don’t regret my S one bit. Love the display and so do friends. Design has that sophisticated edge which us what I was wanted, hope they don’t ever lose this. Don’t see anything wrong with the speed but would love a memory card slot

  • Killing Spree

    now i’m wishing for the hayabusa to have qualcomm snapdragon s4 chipset with quad-core 2.2 ghz processor.

  • iliketowritearticles

    Sony Xperia S – Mid-end
    Shitsung Galaxy S3 – High-end
    Huge difference

  • iliketowritearticles

    So what are you doing here? If you claim that $hit$ung is Sony, why are you on XPERIAblog? lol it must suck to be you, spending most of your life on Sony websites. I can’t blame you, you probably get board with your shitty device and just jack off to the sexy Xperia NXT models

  • Prakash Guru

    the looks of the S3 are too ugly. It does not even stand near by Xperia S looks.

  • WU

    Whatever may happen I am never buying Samsung mobile phones.. Dunno why, I just hate them.. I am really happy with my Xperia S..

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  • Okk..So it has impressive software built in..But why is it so important to have such great phone?? I own an Xperia Mini and believe me, it looks and feels better ( Haven’t even touch this SG3 but I believe my phone feels better becoz I like small smartphone..XD ) than this one..Slick, fast ( Coz it has a 1Ghz processor which is beyond my need for a 3 inches smartphone ) and I believe it won’t make that big difference compared to this SG3..Btw, it’s just my 2 cents, so, for those of you who like this phone, go for it..And for those who have already own a smartphone, be happy!! Enjoy yourselves..~

  • Tidusdahero

    No wonder everyday new smartphone will produce.. if xperia s is the best phone, it will be encounter with more “hypersmart”phone…even s3 itself… but for along time i use sony brand for 10 very statify with sony… now with my xperia s i can do anything with simple touch… so i never regret it.. but i not blame the s3 with hyperspeed phone… every brand have their own specialization.. so welcome s3, n bravo xps cuz be the best the simplest smartphone i ever have..

  • Leo

    I am not Xperia S user; as I am still using my Xperia X10. 
    I finally can wait the SG III to release more about the phone spec. 
    Anyway, I will stick on my plan to upgrade to Xperia S, hardware spec is important; but nice design of Xperia S is more important. 

  • megane198

    Of course not! :P
    See more on Know Your Meme

  • Ralph

    S3’s a disappointment because it doesn’t have much to offer – the softwares they introduce like Smart Stay i believe can be developed easily for android. Was planning to buy XS(the design is so sleek and sexy.. hands down) but looking at its specs its pointless(unless its quadcore/supports card slot). Don’t need 12MP cam if your just gonna post photos for web/fb(at least 5 or 8 MP is enough) and AMOLED is better because it doesn’t consume much power(those who complain about oversaturation that too can be adjusted easily with an app) and the screen wont break that easily. I own a white S2 and will be sticking to it for now(it looks prettier/less ugly than S3 -i hate the elongated home button). Will wait for the next SE quadcore phone though.

  • AlexBurnout

    I am freaking pround of my Xperia S. I like the new Galaxy, I admit it, but not not even close as much as my Xperia S :)!

  • AlexBurnout

    Yeah, look at the One X. When charging, it freaking doesn’t charge!

  • AlexBurnout

    Who the heck liked this comment?

  • Carlod879

    Heard and read a lot of good reviews about the Galaxy Series. Sony needs to get moving if if wants its Xperia series to be taken seriously. I still own my X10, which is nice, as with the X10 and current crop of Xperias, Sony delays sending out better technology to its customers. To know how good the phone is, one must use it, get the feel of it, just by reading the user misses out on the look and feel of the phone . . . 

  • Ronch91

    Sony all the way..!!

  • Gregtay67

    I thought I was going to switch phone when the S3 got released but now that it is unveiled, it is just disappointing. What happened to the quad core 1.8ghz processor, 12 mp camera and 2gb ram, 1080p screen rumoured? To top it off, it has the fugly htc rounded corners dated design that appeared many years ago on the iphone 3g. Its just a 4 core version of the Galaxy Nexus with the inferior pentile amoled screen. I will be keeping my Xperia S tillI upgrade to the Hayabusa towards year end.

  • Alvin

    I think gs2 does have much better design than gs3, and I think Samsung should partnering with Sony, HTC, and Nokia to make galaxy s4 design, I know it is faster with its quad core processor, but for design, multimedia, screen, and more, I prefer xperia smartphones,

  • Alvin


  • iCeQubeTomato

    Yea… even tho xperia s looks way better than s3 but the specs beats the shit out of my sony… i have compare the one x with my phone and it already makes me wanna cry

  • no cause i did not bought xperia s

  • camera on sgs 3 will be better … and you can have 128 gb of memory with it :)

  • Silent

    Dont regret my Xperia S purchase at all for the s3. Touch wiz is just so ugly looking that regardless of specs I wouldnt touch a samsung. That coupled with the plasticy feel of most of their phones.

    I may regret getting an Xperia S when Hayabusa is announced if it looks decent as id rather the new architecture dual core coupled with Sony’s good looking android skin.

  • ray is so compact and feels light :) i like this phone…

  • alexbong

    Galaxy s3 looks so ugly. Plus, the fact that S voice and ShareCast makes it debut will raise apple’s guns higher than before. Fail.

  • Buaba28

    first of all i love the Dispaly and The Proccesor 
    but the one that let me down is the 
    -camera isnt is supposed to be 12 Megapixel even Xperia S have it
    -casing(ceramic body) ok is not that i hate the casing but i think the body looks so old like old ceramic
    -notification light well i love galaxy nexus not. light but why galaxy s3 dont have
    -The design i prefer HTC One X if for the design galaxy s3 design it looks so plain
    -The Home button i really really really wish to see a button like galaxy nexus i don want a button end like my SGS2 whenever i press one time it jump to Voice Talk
    -A Camera Button like Nokia Lumia 
    -LED Flash i waill buy if it had Double LED flash 

    Im so dissapointed with SGS3 :(
    maybe i will stick with my SGS2 or HTC one X :(

  • wazzeeeee

    2100mah battery

  • pixlas

    Ridiculous article. When Hayabusa is released will you then ask everyone if they want to trade in their galaxy s3?!
    Don’t believe the hype!

  • doraemonboi

    Samsung Galaxy S III. Screen 300ppi only?
    Camera 8Megapixel only?
    Ceramic Body? Throw dropping it.
    Samsung Touchwiz?


  • Stephane from Switzerland

    NO !
    I want Japanese makers like Sony or Panasonic.
    Well, waiting for Hayabusa (July) and HIGHSPEC Mint (October)
    Like My Xperia S, dislike absolutely Samsung for all.

  • tim

    why sony xperia s is still gingerbread it has been a month still no update of ICS even the old xperia already update to ICS this what make me want to change to HTC one x not SGSIII

  • Stephane Mauris

    NO !I want Japanese makers like Sony or Panasonic.Well, waiting for Hayabusa (July) and HIGHSPEC Mint (October)I Like My Xperia S, dislike absolutely Samsung for all.

  • Narayanawijaya

    We never can satisfied with spec. because spec revolve too fast. I prefer design since no phone beat sony. I still love my arc s no matter what. So, i think it will the same for xperia s owner

  • Djsilent79

    I totally agree… The Sony Xperia S has is own good attributes. Many people that want a singing all dancing phone only use at 40% of the phone any way

  • MacVities

    Dumbest topic ever?   The Xperia S is £150 cheaper, and will have been out quite a few months by when the Galaxy S3 is available.

  • jah

    Just release the official xs ice cream 4.0 and sayin no worry about the thing

  • TrickyNishidake

    I recently switched from a Sharp SH0-1B to an Xperia S.  I like the phone a lot, but when it comes to phones I’ve always been about form over function.  Because of my low data use the battery tends to last me over the course of the day, but if there was one thing I could take from the SGIII, it would probably be the ceramic body.  It ensures it’s pretty much scratch proof; unless you dropped the sucker from more than 4-5 feet I don’t see it shattering.

    In spite of my satisfaction with the Xperia S, I’m tempted to pick up a Xperia P just for kicks.

  • Asad Mulla

    I have friends who are die hard Samsung fans (me Die hard Sony Fan but still) and they are they are very disappointed. No super Amoled PLUS screen. and the size is truly ridiculous. Thay also reckon the best designs phones are HTC. In waht way is HTC better looking that Sony with the likes of The ARC the RAY the XS and XP.
    I Argued Samsung design is a direct copy of Iphone. I said HTC phones all look alike.

  • Tareakali

    Why do most people complain about the looks for, don’t they look the other side of things?
    If Sony had a 700MHz processor let’s say compared to a much faster processor in Samsung(let’s say 1.5GHz) but it’s look hella ugly and the Sony looks 10 times better, would people still choose Sony?
    Of course quad core isn’t everything but people here seem to just care about the aesthetics….

  • Papak P

    No no no , there is no regretion. Sony Xperia S for ever…….

  • Naz

    The only thing better on the S3 is the processor & GPU. The battery is bigger but that does not mean it will last longer due to the bigger screen & hungrier processor. The design, screen, camera, build, feel of the Xperia S is much better. Who cares if the S3 is 2mm thinner. At least when you hold the Xperia S, you know your holding a phone. 4.8″ is to big for a phone and there is no real applications out there that really require a quad core processor right now and to the average person it won’t really make a difference anyway. Wait for the Hayabusa or the next Google phone which will be the Mint… Watch this space!

  • IhateSamsung

    I never have liked the design of the Samsung phones. Whether its the Galaxy Y (cheapest android from Samsung) or Galaxy Note, their looks are the same. They should rather hire some designers for their high quality phones. Sony always amuses me with their new designs and innovative features.

  • Poster88

    Specs are more or less meaningless for the average smartphone user. I wouldn’t consider the SIII because of it’s ridiculous dimensions. I’m waiting for the Xperia P (max feasible size for me)… Design and build quality is the main reason I choose Sony (walkman, vaio & now xperia :p)

  • scarmic

    The huge monsterprocessor of SGS3 is just useful for the Touchwiz LOL. No regrets!

  • Umbertoeklat

    It depends on the price of the sgs3…

  • osamaH Al-Amri

     I’m talking about the difference between the Tegra 3  processor and the Exynos, Exynos is better by 30% but in graphics the One X is better for sure.

    So the One X is overall better than the GS3 ! in terms of every thing , from the hardware to the software.
    HTC got a better camera , better screen , better design , and the other futures almost the same as the GS3  except the processor !

    Did you get it ? -,-

  • Lito_ni

    nope, i do not regret getting my xps even when it has the yellow tint issue. ( getting it changed lets hope i dont get the tint)

    what confuses me is the  “The “natural interaction” paradigm continues with the lock screen. Swipe your finger across it when the phone is face up and it will do nothing; bring it up to your face as you hold down on the screen and it unlocks. It’s a brilliant and elegant way to communicate. ”
    i dont know how many of you guys unlock the phone without looking at the phone, i do that most of the time when im driving and yes im aware of not using phone while driving but at times you just need to. so im really wondering if samsung is doing the right thing implementing this feature. 

    other wise i like the siri look alike feature. :)
     XPS FTW the design already owned SG3 sorry.

  • I really love my Xperia S. I like simplicity design of my-white Xperia S.

  • Rasto

    I’m sure SGS3 is hell of a beast when it comes to power, but design-wise, it’s simply disaster. After all those beautiful renderings and fanarts comes this? Looks like a budget Samsung phone worth no more than 100 euros…
    I thought HTC One X isn’t very attractive, but in side-by-side photos One X smashes Galaxy to pieces. Shame on you Samsung!

  • i’m GAMER

    as “Dr WHO the ” said , the xperia S is much better , the material , the camer … and the important is that is SONY :)

    please tell sony that we are with sony,  so please sony , please , hear our request , we need a quad core xperia play 2 .
    i’ll wait till that day for xperia play 2 …

    i’m in love with my beautifulll xperi aplay

  • webuser828

    Not at all. One big reason. Pentile.

    Of course, the big memory space offered (64gb + 64gb) does create envy. But you see the screen 100% of the time you use your phone. 32GB in the Xperia S on the other hand I can live with and won’t really notice the difference under normal usage.

  • Asad Mulla


  • Kjetil B. Thomassen

    I do not regret going for the Xperia S. There are several reasons for that. Here are some of them:
    1) The Xperia S came with Android 2.3.7 out of the box, which means that I am able to test that as well before the upgrade to 4.0.
    2) The Xperia is fast. No need for more CPU. Quad Core is not needed in general.
    3) The Galaxy S III is too big. Even 4.3″ is on the edge of being too large. It is hard for me to use the Xperia S with one hand, but I manage. with 4.8″ that would not have been possible.
    4) It does not look as though the Galaxy S III has ANT+ nor HDMI.
    5) The Xperia S is closer to standard Android, whereas Samsung and HTC have a heavy UI on top of Android.
    6) Both Samsung and HTC tries to think how I think and I don’t think like most other people. This so-called intelligence they add on top of Android often turns out to be counter-intuitive. I’d rather stick to the standard way, and build my own intelligence on top with apps.
    7) Android is not adapted to both internal memory and microSD-card at present, and as it might be handy to be able to stick in a microSD-card, it is not necessary. That can be done using an SD-card-reader connected to USB.
    8) The screen on the Xperia S is so sharp. I connected the phone to a 40″ TV using HDMI, and the Xperia was a lot sharper than the TV. Also I brought up a fullsize page (approx. A4) of the same article in a PDF-version of a magazine on my Xperia S and an iPad II, and the Xperia S was better. The Galaxy S III has the same resolution, but the screen is too large (see 3) above). It may not be as good as the Xperia S, or it may be better, but who cares, the one on the Xperia S is excellent.

    When figuring out which phone to buy, I also checked out the HTC One X and One S, but I concluded that the One X is too large and the One S didn’t have what I wanted. Besides, I have never liked HTC Sense. My X10i with 2.3.3 has served me well, and I liked it, so the choice was not difficult at all.

    So, no, the Xperia S is the one for me.

    Kjetil B.

  • xfichtenelchx

    I kind of regret it, but because the SIII – nowadays I would buy One X  or  Xperia P.

  • Andrey Gromak

    SGSIII Cool phone

  • Asad Mulla

    the attached pictures are not of the GS3 but my point is Samsung copy Iphone and then thier fans say they dont. Apple sues Samsung. I dont like apple but they have a vaid case.
    Samsung, recruit some designers.
    ARC RAY XS XP, Sony make the nicest phones.

  • not a bit, not even a little bit, S3 looks fugly LOL
    who cares about quad-cores it has with that kind of appearance ? 

  • Elroy_felecian

    Of course which is the best,i sony,you should built new smartphones that more powerful than Samsung galaxy 3..

  • Abdessemed

    If Sony want to be alive,  it should to shifting quickly to HD AMOLED display. 

  • fried_egg

    Phonearena just did htcx1 v xperia s and it was a draw effectively. I do not regret buying the xperia as it did what i wanted from a phone. I do wonder why it is so heavy, and since the samsung has a removable battery (and 2100 at that!) plus have up to 64gb onboard plus a sd card slot that can do up to another 64gb, i do not understand why htc and sony did not offer either ability.  but my xperia is good enough and for 95% of uses will not be worse than either of the quadcore phones i mentioned.. and i doubt i will ever have a use the 5% would offer.

  • Bernaldop489

    I waited for s3 to compair with xperia i decided to bye xperia s..thanks for user review

  • Pork

    No I dont  because
    1) it is too big- screen 
    2)  i like the camera 12 mpix
    3 ” to small bettery and  cpu fit together like “elephant  and mouse  in   small ceramic store  ”
    4) i hate  samsung touchwiz  i rather have my old n95 than  touchwiz

  • marko68

    I’m disappointed about new galasy, and I don’t like it a lot….. Hardware specifications are better in xperia s (only the CPU is better in s3 but a quadcore is useless in a mobile phone)
    I could change device only if the upgrade to ICS of the xperia s will be not available very soon…….

  • This piece of ugly trash over the Xperia S? Yeah right… If i chose my phone based on specs i’d rather go for the One X than this .. 

  • wyt

    i bought the xperia s despite knowing that the gs3 would come out coz I think the design is its best selling point. Also, I trust none other than sony in bringing the best quality camera and audio. 

  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    Regret umm no!!!!

    but i wish they had used the s4 instead of s3 you know making it a bit more future proof apart from that no issues with the phone what so ever!
    though i really think sony should go the apple route and just create one cell phone per year! and i mean it!
    imagine xperia s with aluminium body and the bar changing colour and white magic display(though i think it isn’t possible for a 4.3inch display) and magic touch from sola! WHO WOULD NOT BUY THAT! IT WOULD OWN SAMMY!
    oh yes again s4 instead of s3.!

  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    P.s the xperia s is beautiful! S3 dsnt even come close to it!!! it is the best looking phone out there right now! and the stock rom is the best ive seen not cartoonish like touchwiz and not bloated like sense.

  • Farouk

    Ugly design , good specification but no need for all that , even my Sony vain SE use dual core !!! Xperia perfect design , wonderfull screen and great performance than the older models.
    Can’t wait and see what Sony has next !!!

  • Abenam


  • I love my Xperia!

  •  wrong question. Should be: when the Hayabusa lands, will you regret buying the Xperia S? Anyways, considering the paltry battery life of the ‘S’ and smartphones in general, having a second phone -yea, even the GS3, which IMHO doesn’t look bad and has more style than the GS2- is worth looking into.

  • Electrash

    Batery life will be worse on it then our sxs.
    Only wath i like is microSD and eye tracking.

  • Abenam

    Sony xperia S is breathtaking in every respect,size,display,looks,performance,& a good sony Pc companion
    excellent by miles than samsung/kies etc which wouldnt update itself nor a samsungs latest firmware.Sony xperia Phones will just automatically update itself without a fuss or Pc companion will also notify u immediately for u to update your phone.Every thing with the xperia S and Xperia Mini which i own from their performance and to interactiveness with their PC companion is breeze unlike samsung.I would never ever buy a samsung or encourage anyone to because is all about it been overhyped over a shadowy xperia S which infact is the real all in all superphone which is an embodiment of all the ultimate requisites in a combination of ultimacy in its camera and optimality in the processor.Whats the actual significance of a quad if a dual is more than capable of doing the job.S3 will be fluid without doubt but the Xperia S is right up under its nose and only the tech super geek or maniac will be endevouring to get an S3 whilst the xperia S is there.The 2.3.7 of xperia is really good and fluid and dont wanna  really make me feel dying for an ICS in the coming weeks.Only the Bias clueless so called Tech editors in the likes of Cnet,Tech what ever or ever are the ones complaining about the lack of ICS but i bet u no real xperia S owner will be mourning the lack of ICS cos the 2.3.7 is as close to as been perfect and believes that hadnt it been the introduction of the ICS,the hypocrital so called tech gurus/expects would  have been paradoxically showering and praising the 2.3.7 as remarkable.Lets stop mourning over  some really good gingerbread OS like the one with xperia S  because ICS is around.Lets stop listening to  the Infidel and truthless tech experts and start to pay attention to the views and verdicts of real phone users who would always be ones to post a true reflection of the pros and cons of their phones.Lets all keep supporting Sony as their direction with the Xperia S is laudable but not perfect as there is none out there which indeed is really perfect.

  • it’s a certainty that should Ion actually be released in June that it will not receive positive reviews on the order that the GIII has particularly with the anticipation that it won’t release with ICS, 2100 battery and anything as engaging as Voice S as standard. Sony Mobile should be referred to as S & M now.

  • Well, I kinda do and kinda don’t. Of course, looking at the S3’s specs makes me somewhat disappointed with the “poor” specs of the XS, but hey, I love my S :D I think the S will be more than enough for me for the next two years I’ll be paying it. See, my previous phone was the Zte Blade, and I made do with it for God knows how long.

    This is always the case with electronics, once you buy something, it doesn’t take long for it to become “outdated” as new and slightly better models come out.

    So, in short, no I don’t :)

  • Xperiafan

    My Xperia S is an art, samsung S3 with pentile is worser than s2, not to mention it is worser than Xperia S

  • People comparing NOTE with Xperia S, LOL!!!!!

    Three Xperia 2011 range of smartphone have ICS update throughout the world but where the hell is an update for NOTE :P
    Apart from SCREEN SIZE there is nothing NOTE can do about Xperia S!

  • It actually is learning (SONY MOBILE)!

    Keep your feed back coming here 

  • Nono8317

    I just don’t like Samsung no matter it comes to its brand or products. Still in love with my Xperia S! 

  • Atlas

    £600 cheapest.

  • Tonyokoro17

    I have no regrets at all. A lot of the features on the s3 are gimmicky. Just like siri, the kind of stuff no one will actually make much use of. The S with its better display, camera, and hdmi port make it the best mainstream phone available right now. The phone has turned my tv into an internet tv and for that I’m very very pleased.
    The s3 was over hyped and will succeed only of the back of the s2. The xperia s problem is that it had to clean up the mess left by the arc, play, and the x10

  • W-bernt


  • GS 3 Is Ugly.
    I switch from Nokia to Sony (CMZ1 Plus) In 1997 than to Sonyericsson and now back to Sony.
    I’m Very Happy with my Xperia S so no i don’t regret having XS .

  • lovebmw

    i would take a ferrari over a bugatti :)

  • Somebody

    I think the Xperia S is on pair with the GSIII (both of them have advantages and disadvantages in some area compared to the other device), but when Hayabusa comes out it will totally own this shit, and when Mint comes out in October/November Shitsung’s little toy will face annihilation.
    2200+ mAh batteryQuad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro with Adreno 320, 13 MP HDR Camera, High-Definition RGB Amoled screen, Sexy design and only 7mm thick… and the list goes on and on. Goodbye Samsung…

  • Haloreach647

    No way…Sony gives the quality to their customers rather than quantity like Samsung………..I will go for Sony Xperia S…….:-$

  • AJ68

    Oh man that never crosses my mind. Regret? I think it is more like a relief that I got my XS rather than waiting for such a bad designed GS3 (even worse than S2). I prefer that art design and the feeling of my XS more. Who care about a huge screen which is too inconvenient and a quad core which is unnecessary and a waste of energy and money. One more thing, my love has been with Sony since the day of Walkman and Cybershot phone. Never really like any design of Samsung. So if someone wanna trade an iP4S together with a GS3 for my XS white. I think I have to reject. My XS is perfect for me :))

  • Polarized

    Strange comment, but kind of beautiful…”walikin alone backward”?  I am definitely glad I have a Sony XS, my first phone was the Sony “Mars Bar” 18 years ago when I was 17. Had 1 Motorola since then, but the rest have been Sony Ericsson, despite their shortcomings (for which there have been many), just something about them I like.

  • Hi, im from Brazil, and i bought my Xperia S from Europe.
    I do not regret the purchase. The Xperia S is a smartphone with its own characteristics, has great camera (but could have an update with improvements and adding new features).What is missing is the same ICS 4.0.The SONY is wrong in it take to launch.

  • Steff1_1990

    To be true i liked the blue colour but im a big sony fan thanks to the awesome quality on their produkt, and the music player on the xperia s is 1000 better than other phones when it comes to music quality

  • jinga

     What does a phone need quad core for? I think Sony should really spend their good time improving their phones software and also develop an OS for also its gadgets rather than joining Samsung in its evil quest, that’s  what a genius like Sony is suppose to do. Samsung is a very ambitious company.., they will use any trick to extort money from people. Beware of them!!!

  • Trowfd


  • Just couple words.

    I wish i hadn’t bought this mobile (Xperia S)Renewed 2 times and both have same problmes; dead pixels and yellow shadows.
    Sony sorry but you have just waste my time and money. But no more sony and sony products.

  • David J Hilton


  • Dreamitwork

    s3 2100mah + 4.8inch + quod core = xps 1700mah + 4.3inch + duo core. ;-)

  • Big Al

    They opted for a smaller sensor to keep the phone
    thin. I hate design of the S3 all round so I don’t see thin as a bonus if
    anything it makes the phone flimsy compared to their solid Xperia S design.  

    Sony camera division is also better than Samsung so
    I would find it hard to believe that Samsung could produce a better camera.

    The phone has a few good features including the
    possible 128gb if you buy the model with 64gb internal but nothing that makes
    it jump ahead of the pack. Overall I think it is a big flop.

    Xperia S all the way for me!

  • Foxey

    I do not regret buying Sony Xperia S.

    Like some other users, I have bad experience with Samsung phones, especially after buying my Omnia.
    The screen on the Xperia S provides a nice sharp clear like hell pictures. Like one of the comment, the phone screen is clearer then the TV when connected. Hahahaha.
    Speed is just fine for me.
    I can already last a day with light usage, or play games up to 3 hours. that is remarkable for me already, no need for larger capacity battery (though it will be good to have)
    Xperia S looks nicer in everyway, (except that its not war hardby, really needs a cover)
    Screen Size is just fine.
    Has HDMI out put.
    Though it does not have a specific dock for it, but the live dock does just fine.

    I will rate the phone even higher if:
    1) The yellow screen tint is fixed (currently it seems like the whole world has no spare parts for it. especially in singapore.
    2)ICS update is out
    3) None responsive screen is fixed
    4) Nicer phone covers comes out (Now everywhere its only Samsung Note, SII and apple phone covers)
    5) Smart wireless headset pro comes out right now.
    6) Have a own Xperia S doc like Xperia P

    With all these improvement i will rate it 9.5/10..

    Thank you.

  • I don’t think the S3 is ugly. It’s just too plain looking to me. As far as having a curved shape goes, Samsung got it right with the Galaxy Nexus in my opinion (minus the hump down the bottom at the back).

    In terms of hardware, design and build quality, the S3 leaves the door wide open for Sony to swoop in with Hayabusa and Mint later on in the year – yeah! :) . Software-wise though I think Sony (and most of everyone else from Android to Apple) have a bit of catching up to do to implement their own SmartStay, auto-dial from sms, camera burst and photo-taking while video recording functions.

  • Foxey

     Oh, and the PS Store Please come to singapore too! =(

  • Haris Mohammad

    I don’t have Xperia S and don’t want to buy Samsung for its cheap looking. But don’t know how they always introduce new technologyies faster than their competitors.

    Sony is well known for it’s built quality. I’m using xperia RAY. But in USA we don’t have enough options for Sony. But Sony can expand their market and opportunities in USA. I don’t know why they are waiting for Sony ION release to the consumers. I’m desperately waiting for this Phone since it’s Launch in January 2013. 

  • betatesterz

    lol i wouldn’t say its that ugly. Though its alot better looking that the rest out there.

    Personally my rank in phone designs are…
    Arc S > Xperia S > SGS3 > anything else

  • betatesterz

    The only thing i like bout the SGS3 would be the 2100mah battery. I can forego the quad core processor but, DAMN the battery’s tempting…

  • Gingerm

    Android ics?

  • GalaxySucks


  • Kagzishahrukh

    nooo my xoeria S is better than s3!@@@@ look wise and performance wise @xperia s is best?????

  • Asma

    Only Sony/SE fans are entering this “” website. Please post the same subject in any other websites as “” and let the consumers post their comments.

  • Bohan Li

    IMHO, HTC One X looks a lot better than this SGS3….Even Nokia Lumia feels more premium. Nothing’s better than the Arc though. SGS3’s exterior is mediocre.

  • mm… really? I only heard dislikes actually and many has said, ok, what more about this phone when ite comes to GSIII? So no. it hast been that many good reviews on it. It makes it job, thats all.

  • well actually its still lots of swedes who develop and design Sony phones… lol. 

  • its because of the new kernel, that makes it take a lil longer time, but what I know, they still not late. They should release the upgrade in may/june for Xperia S and now there is word out that it might even get out fast than the planed.

  • Postbussteve-web

    Regrets? Of course not!

  • Savouy

    NO xperia s is much better !!

  • Yap Boon Pin

    No phone designs can beat Sony/Sony Ericsson

  • Rune Christiansen

    You could just put another lockscreen on the your XS, works fine, but I actually like the stock one.

  • Reavetone

    I waited for the S and it is everything I was hoping it to be.

    The Samsung is just to big for me, 4.3 on my S is good as it is still fairly slim.

    Oh and the looks man the S has it, people ask me all the time what phone it is, love it!

  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    its all about opinions. I do use widget locker to get the ics lock screen makes it easy for me to operate the cell with one hand :D 

  • This is ridiculous, Samsung was the reason i switched to Sony. I’m tired of Touchwiz which looks like a poor/cheap version of iOS with cartoonish looking icons. The designs are ugly (HTC too). I personally don’t understand why reviewers praise the design of the One X and S3 when its just like any other phones they make? Sony’s overall design of the UI and the phone just looks more sophisticated and classy. Regret buying the Xperia S? Never,not even if you gave me an S3!

  • Asma

    what is the using of posting my comment..this website is deleting my comment…

  • weon tela

    Sony need to do something about xperia, or else samsung is gona eat it alive

  • Micheal Archer

    I am more than happy to have gotten the Xperia S when I did.  I love the design and I’n not sure I would enjoy the extra half-inch of screen.  I find most of the other Android phones on the market to be fairly similar – rounded corners, thin body, 3 or 4 buttons along the bottom…the Galaxy S III fits that design perfectly.  Boring.

  • Pleitti

    the camera UI of the s3 is copied to sony xperia’s nxt series . and the front camera of s3 is just like the sony’s bravia tvs when the tv doesn’t detect a person anymore its  shutting down and apple iphone’s siri they have like that but they renamed it to S-voice , i hate samsung style , they are really copying the features from other brand and their putting it to their galaxy , therefor their product will be the best at the store .that’s really annoying . sony please put a patent to samsung . KILL THEIR GALAXY SERIES .

  • Rune Christiansen

    The only thing i think is really cool, is the “smart stay” feature and the remote recharging.
    But isn’t the “smart stay” feature just in software? I mean, couldn’t an app do the same with our front facing camera? I could see it using more power if it just uses the camera normally, but if it turned off colors and such, I could imagine it saving power instead, as with the GS3(if it does).

  • SuperAMOLEDsuckzzz

    Samsung’s own fangirls killed this device by over hypin it so much. Pentile is crap and so is the oversaturated screen. The design isnt that bad just borin and cheap lookin, white version will be the go to one. Nothing else is impressive at all and Im still waitin on hayabusa.

    Samsung will probly redesign them for the carriers here in the US so Im interested in seein what those will turn out to be. Still, not a fan an will never buy a samsung phone.

  • will wait  hayabusa for now

  • Pixlas

    Come on now!
    spare me from seeing this stupid article up front everytime I come here to see news about Xperias

  • George

    camera on sgs3 can never match xperia s due to the technology in the sony….

  • Kaykaymon22

    No I have bought Sony/ercisson for 5/6 years. Was disappointed with xperia x10 in the fault charging but I love xperia s! I think ppl who bought s2 will be anoyed more

  • Tarun Ramakrishna

    S3 is ugly thanks to stupid Apple patents that took possession of the rounded rectangles as “intellectual property”. Samsung has been forced to make their phones look terrible as a result.

  • Smileyint

    Good thing these factors puts me off.

    1) Ugly design
    2) no super amoled HD Plus (high ppi)
    3) no 13MP camera
    4) dislike Touchwiz

  • Bmn

    Xperia s looks better than anything available, 2 main gripes r continuous software crashes and capacitive buttons lack of sensitivity I came from iPhones for years then switched the gs2 skyrocket to the Xperia S love it, just those two kinda big issues. I wouldn’t trade though

  • Hioohay

    No way S3 can match the looks of Xperia S.(not even the cheapest of Xperia Models).
    You dont get the Brand value of Sony from Samsung (Samsung phones are cheap & very common)

  • After few months using my Ray, I am still in love with its beauty. :)

  • Engr. Maruf

    Samsuck GS 3: “Designed for DONKEYs & inspired by SHEEPs.”
    Be sure.. Total CRAP!!

  • tito

    Really? Do you even have to ask?

  • nates_ngalam

    no, never, and absolutely not :)
    my xs is super sexy and very beautiful design, i love my xs
    sg3 is crap, ugly, still and always iphone clone in galaxy series

  • Abhishek

    You’re right! I love my Xperia Ray with ICS. It’s a beauty and does quite well against every droid I’ve used. For a tablet I’d choose Samsung though:-)

  • Sabadboy6

    fuck ya!!!ur note lmao………SAMSUNG SUCKS …S3 Is a PIECE OF SHIT as well as NOTE…..THEY dont have play station……….and amoled is way too cheap………

  • Dlshadow07

    Hahahaha besides the fully retarded comments that praise SONY and the even more idiotic comments that insult Samsung you guys have no respect for other’s opinions. I had/have an x10 and it’s an ok phone though it had its share of problems with software and upgrades so good bye SONY from my part. No, I’ll not be getting a SG3 though on paper it’s a very capable phone … visually it looks like a flatten rock  yet it doesn’t make it worst then the XS that looks like thick chocolate. 
    …bla bla bla and so on…
    The idea is…GROW UP !!!!

  • Dlshadow07

    camera on the XS it’s pretty crappy with it’s 12mp. It’s pushed to it’s limits just to get a normal image and even then the are still quite a lot of artefacts and grain on the image. The moment you try to look at a detail on those images you realized that the software enhancement (sharpening) destroys the image. The nokia N900 has better quality then the XS ane the Nokia is a OLD phone !!!

  • Guest

    This is the wrong place to ask this question lol, everyon’s gonna be biased to the Xperia S. A poll would be best on a neutral website. 

  • Apiwat N.

    I’m not regretting buying Xperia S, the design of Galaxy S3 is surely disappointing.

    The specs of the Galaxy S3 aren’t that amazing either.Even with a slower processor, Xperia S has its good sides

  • epraizer1532

     we are talking about s3 and xs. not n900 and xs.

  • JuIsAmazing

    I don’t like gs3. It’s very big that I don’t think it would be good as a mobile phone. And quad core? It’s too much for someone. And I think you wouldn’t see the difference with a good dual core and no one would be using all of their apps at the same time.

  • JuIsAmazing

    I don’t like the ui. It is said in some reviews it looks like a childish apple ui.

  • Cheng

    I saw more of Galaxy S3 photo’s; to be honest, the outlook really look cheap and bad.. in a demo they took of the plastic back which looks like a old smart phone years ago… maybe the inside is impressive but the look is really ugly… I totaly prefer Xperia series so much more. I mean, maybe even S2 looks better than this one….

  • johnny

    can you change the theme on sony xperia s . i mean rather than the cosmic flow can we download another live paper?

  • Cheng

    ofcourse you can~ go to online forums or just APPBRAIN or google play, anywhere you can find Live wallpapers for Android. Put that APK on ur SDcard and open it with ur phone to install it. (u might need ASTRO or root explorer to find it where u put it).

  • johnny

    do you own one?

  • Keithwu88

    Two features that make me take galaxy s3 are sd card and removable battery.
    I hate Sony Xperia s and HTC one X that they embed all the things and make their device non-flexible.


  • Whatever

    No, still love my Xperia S: screen is fab and photos look great to me.
    But am waiting for the ICS upgrade so I can decide which apps I don’t want to run. Have seen ICS on another Xperia phone (arc maybe?- bit smaller and slimmer than the X)

  • John Tabi

    la bateria 2100 mha y 128GB es lo mejor si quieren un telefono rompedor el hayabusa o el mint tienes que tener slot de micro sd y una memoria interna de mayor capacidad

  • I really hate samsung (no) design for their phones !
    I prefer a phone that works and looks great, even if it doesn’t have all the spec …
    I have nox xperia S and I see no reason to regret anything … and there are so many devices to come, that would be insane !
     s3 is probably a wonderful machine, but let’s use at least half the capabilities of the xperia S and we’ll talk :))

  • Stephen Raharja
  • Hellspawncy

    I just bought xperia S, replacing an iphone 4s and just choose it because the look over the new sg3. btw do u know any good docking station for this phone

  • Xperia S Lover

    Still in love with my Xperia S… not a samsung fan though.. :D

  • Aravind Sasikumar

    s3 was not worth waiting..
    it doesn’t meet the expectations….

  • song jia

    Your style of writing is amazing.What is campaign performance without more information? I really liked this site. Thanks a lot. 

  • David Benabu

    Je ne regrette pas mon choix pour l’xepria S faudrait il qu’il soit simplement disponible en noir en France chez nos bons distributeurs pour ne pas citer (bouygues télécoms) mais que je rassure il n’y est pas chez les autres
    mais le sgsIII lui oui dans les 2 couleurs .
    voir la faute au service commercial de sony france du fait que je ne sois toujours pas livré a ce jour ?????

    I do not regret my choice for the xepria S would need it that he is simply available in black in France at our good distributors not to name (bouygues telecommunications) but that I reassure it is not at the others but the sgsIII  there is yes in the 2 colours to .see the error in commercial service of sony France due to the fact that I am still not delivered has this day?????

  • sag

    ALL xperia smartphones has it own style …….. not like samsung galaxy series …all are looks alike ….. 
    Sony is something special than any other company……

  • Gautham

     Disregarding the slightly problematic battery life, Xperia S rules

  • Eugene Polyakov

    I’ve been using my SXS for 2 months (trade it for iPhone 4). Here’s my regrets:
    1) Camera focus works unproperly 
    2) No slot for SD card
    3) Battery life
    4) Power button’s position next to the 3,5 mm input is the biggest fail
    5) Yellow spot on the bottom of the screen (appeared a week ago)
    6) Headset doesn’t work right with the screen off.
    Looking forward for ICS. Hopefully most of the bugs will be fixed, if not, will trade this devise for SG III

  • Eugene Polyakov

    I’ve been using my SXS for 2 months (trade it for iPhone 4). Here’s my regrets:1) Camera focus works unproperly 2) No slot for SD card3) Battery life4) Power button’s position next to the 3,5 mm input is the biggest fail5) Yellow spot on the bottom of the screen (appeared a week ago)6) Headset doesn’t work right with the screen off.Looking forward for ICS. Hopefully most of the bugs will be fixed, if not, will trade this device for SG III

  • Sonythetop

    Stun with Xperia Ray already

  • Eugene Polyakov

    In a good or in a bad way? :-)
    See, camera on SXS has bunch of lags, hopefully they’ll make it work better on ICS, but nobody knows when they gonna release it. So for right now I wouldn’t speak about such a big advantage SXS over SIII.

  • deepak

    why will u spend more money for buying a huge toy looking mobile if you can get a premium beautiful masterpiece like XS at a cheaper price,,,

  • deepak

    why will u spend more money for buying a huge toy looking mobile if you can get a premium beautiful masterpiece like XS at a cheaper price,,,

  • Sid

    I’m an owner of a Sony Xperia Arc S. I came here just to say that I’m disappointed in the vast amount of childish and ignorant comments against Galaxy S3 here, mostly commenting about its looks and unsubstantiated claims about its hardware and physical attributes by those who obviously haven’t held it in their hands due to extreme bias from a combination of fanboyism and extreme defense mechanism toward buyer’s remorse. Just because you bought one product doesn’t mean you have to hate everything else like some miserable idiot.

    I’ve held an Xperia S, and I think the Arc looks way better than an Xperia S and the S3 just looks pleasant.

  • Jack

    the only thing i regret about XS is that the Camera’s Auto focus fails in low light areas..
    May be it could have been better as this was not a problem with Arc S.

  • sss

    Thats really true quad core proc is not a reason to choose phone

  • josesl16

    well, it’s true that Sony doesn’t really care much of their loyal customers.

  • Blueninjamagik

    OMG same with me!! I HATE samsung phones for some unknown reason!!! I can assure u, i will NEVER own one of those ugly phones :)
    SONY FTW!!! :D <3

  • Bluninjamagik

    NO! long live Sony!!!!

  • Fairiswhatiam

    hahaha for those who nvr buy will nvr know how good it is.~!

  • Sha3fal

    my friend bought the GS3 and is regretting it AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! as for my Xperia its been with me 7 months now and its taken a beating which sometimes dropped my heart but honestly it was up to the challenge!!!

  • Sonyist24

    It’s really not gonna match Sony’s camera. Samsung’s 8 MP camera on its GSIII was made by Sony. Same thing goes on iPhone 4S. The camera was made by Sony. Sony saved the better camera for their benefit.

  • are you experiencing the yellow tint issue on xperia s? thanks

  • jake

    xperia s is really really cool better than the s3 i think but i wanted the wireless charging :p

  • Derek

    Yes, I totally wished I had waited, ice cream sandwich is a disaster on this bloody thing, and the battery life is now utterly ludicrous. Looks aren’t everything.

  • ray

    But S3 have to power a bigger screen and 2 extra cores , you do the maths .

  • Chris

    Xperia S has slowed to a crawl and I’d easily call it a piece of shit to anyone who asks now, but my friend has had an S3 for the same amount of time and it’s still fast and much easier to use. Fuck Sony.

  • Chris

    I am

  • Polarized

    Mine did also along with other things, really lost my rag with it a couple of weeks ago and sort of snapped it in half, the plastic is all bent up and the screen is a complete write off, sent it back last week…..curious what the response will be : )

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