Sony formally launches Xperia Mobile Gaming Arena

by XB on 7th May 2012

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Sony Mobile has teamed up with Major League Gaming and Gameloft to bring competitive gaming to smartphones. The first time we heard of the ‘Xperia Mobile Gaming Arena’, part of the Major League Gaming organisation was back in October 2011. At that point you could only register your interest, fast forward seven months and the XMGA (our acronym not theirs!) is now live.

The competition is launching with Gameloft’s own Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and enables all gamers (yes Android and iOS users) to compete for more than $10,000 in prizes. To participate all you need to do is link your MLG and Gameloft accounts and then when you play an eligible game, the ranking automatically hits the XMGA leaderboard. The press release also reminds people that the Xperia PLAY is the official handset of Major League Gaming. It will be interesting to see whether this type of competitive gaming takes off on mobile devices, time will tell.

  • engkos hermawan

    nice … and also compatible for all SONY device

  • DragonClaw

    Good. :-). This will be fun. So we will soon have fun filled games like counter strike on our cell phones and we will be able to play with our friends, on the go.
    And maybe, we can use our droids, to play the games along with pc users, but for that, we need to wait for the cell phones to become as fast as the computers. That will be soon too, and mobiles will become hand held computers.

  • MalaPersona

    do sony really think this will be enought to beat samsung?
    sony you better unleash all of your psp games to PS certified of  be prepared to fail hard

  • ankitw

     Why it always has to be about beating someone, a good concept is out lets enjoy it :)

  • ankitw

    They should include NFS in the league as well !!

  • mayhem

    Counter Strike has already been ported to Android. Visit the xdadevelopers forum.

  • Delta25252525

    That was stupid,Everyone knows Samsung phones suck

  • Asad Mulla

    So thats what the big news was about I knew it was not the Play 2

  • ClioCreslind

    ironic… the high score boards are totally flushed by iOS devices. Of the three organizations involved, Sony is almost side-lined in this whole PR stunt.

    Top player (iOS) managed 6732 kills in 5 days… I think a war crime tribunal is needed here.

  • R Pedroso

    Gameloft Live not available on the XPS

  • MalaPersona

     sony is going bankrupt. read more

  • AlexBurnout


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