Sony Mobile forecasting 48% increase in smartphone shipments this year

by XB on 10th May 2012

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Sony Corporation released its financial results for the year to 31 March 2012 and it’s not pretty reading. Sony reported an operating loss of 67 billion yen and a net loss of 457 billion yen. Despite this, Sony is looking optimistically to the future where it is forecasting an operating income of 180 billion yen for the year to 31 March 2013.

However, we’re only interested in the mobile side here at Xperia Blog and the unfortunate outcome of Sony acquiring full control of Sony Ericsson is that disclosure of how well the business is doing has been vastly reduced. What we can work out from the numbers though is how well the mobile division did during the first calendar quarter of 2012.

Sony Mobile results

Sony Mobile delivered Q1 12 sales of €1.2bn, up 7 percent on the same period last year which is a good result in itself. This is the first year-on-year sales increase in a quarterly period since Q2 2010. The company sold 7 million Xperia smartphones during the first quarter up from 6 million in Q4 2011.

Sony Mobile results

Sony Mobile is forecasting that it will ship 33.3 million Xperia smartphones in the year to March 2013, a 48% increase over the prior fiscal year where it sold 22.5 million smartphones. This would imply 8.3m phones per quarter, a number that should be achievable given the 7m run rate from calendar Q1 2012.

Sony Mobile results

Remember unit shipments last year were affected by component shortages as a result of the Earthquake and the Floods in Japan, so the comparatives are weak. As a note of caution though, Sony Mobile said that “severe competition in smartphone markets is anticipated to continue in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013.” It highlights that things won’t be easy, but hopefully under complete Sony management we will start to see a stronger Xperia presence going forward.

  • lovebmw

    i love how we as fans know more on how to increase those shipments…. SONY i’ll make it simple 
    1 – Lower prices 
    2 – Hurry in releasing phones 
    3 – Latest updates for the LOVE OF GOD 
    4 – latest processor HELLO 
    5 – Put your phones on a diet and have them loose some wait  
    6 – Water proof them
    7 – Dragon Glass 
    8 – BATTERY 

  • Hey Sony, wanna make some money? Release the Xperia GX and SX worldwide, now! If you have a good product like the recently announced Xperias, then you should hurry up releasing them.  

  • Haga00

    The ACRO HD -Waterproof Xperia S with a tv tuner should be available outside Japan-that would sell LOADS. Perfect example of some of their weird business choices.

  • polarized

    I really do not agree with that actually, if you are talking about the phones alone, they are well priced, they are releasing LOADS of handsets, updates maybe, but matters shit to the average consumer, quad processor good on paper…that is all at this stage, the builds are AMAZING, water proofing them : ) same with dragon glass?, battery could be better, but it’s not that bad, management is a bigger area than our judgement…

    I really like what they are doing!

  • nfs2010

     Right on, dude! Every week counts in cell phone industry. GX/SX would be stale if they release them after 3/4 months :(

  • I think he didn’t mean quad core cpus when says “latest processors” but modern ones like the S4. HTC released the ONE S, which isn’t their flagship device btw, with a S4 CPU whereas Sonys flagship (XS) is running on a nearly 2 year old S3 CPU. 

  • With the NXT series being as awesome as they are I am not surprised.

    2012 will be a great year for Sony Mobile and hopefully a good one for all of Sony!

  • A tv tuner in a phone would be awesome, but the majority of the carriers would not want such a feature. Watching content over a tv tuner would mean lesser data traffic = less money for Verizon, T-Mobile, O2, Orange….

  • i agree with 1,8 and maybe 9. The restart are just angry stupid consumer jibberish, hurry the release of a phone does no good especially as it will hinder them being able to apply the latest updates which is why you dont get the latest updates because they are setting the phones to a release schedule. Latest processor isnt always the best the xperia s works perfectly fine with the dual core, you just want the specs to impress your friends ;) the arc is thin the xperia s is sexy no need to make them thinner! 

    water proof are you thick? lol dragin glass? and your asking sony to reduce the price right??? haha! battery on the xperia s is very poor compared to the arc i agree and they are currently restructuring the management anyway

  • Jimimoku

    Agree with the above. Mobile is a very big industry and every single person owns one unlike TV, tablet, games console etc. Therefore they must get it right.

    1. Lower prices comparable to other manufactures (depends on model and specs).
    2. Don’t flood the market with x amount of models. Keep it reasonable.
    3. From releasing phones after a month of announcing. Delaying means lost of interest = move to other brand.
    4. They have been updating 2011 xperia models to 4.0 so keep it up. But release it on a better timely bases especially releasing xperia S without ICS is bad. (still waiting for my arc when arc s got it already!!!)
    5. To be honest i dont care for quad core, duo core is fine for another year but i see how some are especially compared to other manufactures. If the price is almost the same too then it makes their flag ship look bad.
    6. water proof is a big selling/marketing point. it’s about time we move into that!!
    7. better quality materials. (crack on the flag ship arc is a joke!!)
    8. improving battery is the next big step. phones can do so many things now it needs better battery.
    9. new management and better structure.

    Those point hopefully should reduce cost and marketing for them yet strengthen the mobile department in brand and sales.

  • Jimimoku

    Looking forward mainly to the Xperia GX. The SX is a good mid model. Hope it’s soon

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?


    1 – Will not work. Prices are already good. Shipping more cheaper phones would result in more material consumption, which would lead to more expenses.
    2 – This one is okay, thou it won’t work every time, but yes, a good consideration.
    3 – What? Other developers not even updating their older phones to ICS and you still hurry Sony?
    4 – Yes, they should create mighty device, but it would not be flagship, in order to have better performance, other things have to sacrificed like battery life and price. But they should make an device for high-end users who are not concerned about the battery life, and again, it wouldn’t be the flagship.5 – Weight* Errrr… I can bake eggs on my friend’s Arc S while my Mini is merely warm, while playing the same game. And thin device doesn’t always fit the hand nice.
    6 – Again, other things are to be sacrificed in order to achieve this, and majority of customers don’t need waterproof phones. If you are careful with it, water should never be a problem.
    7 – ?
    8 – You can’t magically increase the battery life. Maybe if Apple does make that hydrogen batteries that are supposed to last a week…
    9 – Yes.

    I think they advertise their products too much. They are spending too much money trying to earn the money.

    And I also think that companies like Sony try to keep their philosophies as much as they could, instead of just trying to make money. And they really satisfy average customers with their design ideas.
    So, I think that the key would be new management and less flashy ads.

  • Big al

    I agree with
    everything except 1 and 5.

    1/ Lower
    prices may push Sony to find inferior components that could do them more harm than
    good in reputation. I would rather have a quality phone that is moderately
    priced that a cheap phone with cheap parts.

    5/ I like my
    phones to have a solid feel. Experience suggests that if something feels like plastic
    c74p then it probably is.

  • weon denso

    aahahahaahjahjaha nice one sony

  • Ashad Mamood

    I purchased an unlocked Sony Xperia Acro HD from Japan. Brilliant phone and much better than Xperia S.
    You can buy this phone and more from my friend who is a reliable supplier!

  • Wake Up

    definitely agree with you, specially a water proof.

  • Dreamitwork

    I think sony can offer lower price with good quality like sony hazel green heart which is made from recycle plastic bottle and still have quality. What i love about sony they do care about envaroment n natures not like others brand using only for their comercial ads but not making it into their devices.

  • Apintoz

    I’m a big fan of Sony, my tv, cellphone, ps3 (obviously) and laptop are Sony. I expect more distinctive content in sony phones, to be prepared for upgrading and being customizable and integration with other sony devices.

  • Dear Sony,

    Want more sales? Do at least the following:

    1.) Minimize releasing old folks phones

    2.) Concentrate on mobile software optimization, reasonable latest updates (software + kernels)

    As of now, I’m not buying Sony phones, I’d rather invest my money to a manufacturer that has it all. Apple perhaps? I know you guys will just say go ahead and switch to Apple but my point is PLEASE if you do not want to loose customers, bring some good things to explore on your LOOOONGG OVERDUE updates.

    Sony Xperia S user

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  • Minato

    I’m agree whit most of your words but I dunno why u say they advertise too much while Samsung advertise their product maybe like 100 times more than Sony. in my whole internet life! i couldn’t see a proper ad banner from Sony anywhere while everywhere i go i see Samsung ads, from websites to streets in real world! what I’m sure about is Sony SHOULD INCREASE & OPTIMIZE their ads specially on internet.

  • thebesttocome

    The goal of 33.3M seems easily achievable for Sony. They have so many new ones coming into market and as I know, the arco HD sells very well in it’s native Japan market.

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