Specs compared: Xperia GX versus Xperia ion

by XB on 11th May 2012

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Xperia GX versus Xperia ionThe Sony Xperia GX was announced earlier this week for the Japanese market – a 4.6-inch handset running a S4 Snapdragon dual-core processor with a 13MP camera, 16GB internal storage. The handset in many ways bests the Xperia ion. It has arguably a nicer design, a more efficient processor and on-screen buttons (not capacitive touch like the Xperia ion).

However the Xperia ion has a higher capacity battery (1900mAh versus 1700mAh for the Xperia GX). The Xperia ion also has expandable storage, although the Xperia GX may do too, the full specifications haven’t been revealed yet. Anyway, we gathered what we could find to compare the specs below and we will update it as we hear more. Which handset gets your vote?

Specifications compared: Xperia GX versus Xperia ion

 Xperia GXXperia ion
Display (inches)4.64.6
Resolution (gross)720 x 1280720 x 1280
Processor1.5GHz dual-core (S4) MSM89601.5GHz dual-core (S3) MSM8260
Expandable memory?Yes
Rear camera (MP)1312.1
Front camera (MP)1.3MP1.3MP
Video recording1080p1080p
Battery (mAh)17001900
Embedded battery?Yes
PlayStation Certified?Yes
GLONASS supportYesYes
Dimensions131 x 69 x 10.5133 x 68 x 10.8
Weight (g)127144
Colours availableBlack, WhiteBlack

  • That’s what carriers get for making their own versions of perfectly good phones (the Xperia S in this case) – massive delays to the point that they’re a generation behind. Go Sony!

  • Deiya97

    I think the xperia gx 1700mah battery is for the japanese release

    I excpect a cortex-a15 dual core processor for the international and a high battery around 1900-2200 mah

    but the same design 

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    I think we can pretty much confirm that it’s PS Certified 

  • Why exactly do you expect that? There is nothing that has ever lead to these kind of things? Just because you would like them doesn’t mean they’ll be coming. The next international Xperia will also have the Snapdragon S4, and it will probably also have the same 1700mAh battery as the GX and Xperia S.

  • nfs2010

     It’d be hard to stick a bigger battery in the same body without altering the design. To top it off, Japan always gets better stuff from Sony :(

  • First I liked Ion a lot. Now Im looking forward to GX. It’s even more beautiful. Specs of both are well-balanced.

  • Deiya97

    Agrees D:

    But tht happens when sony announced the international first then the japanese version

    I think this time the international will have better

  • Deiya97

    I expect tht because sony said it will face the samsung galaxy s3

    and I think with current batter it would make the galaxy s3 better

    So the international version must have the most advanced specs to face the galaxy :)

  • Dreamitwork

    Not suprising if sony provide better phone for japanese.. because sony itself from japan. And sony not providing not that good device for international sony fans. Look at xperia s even with duo core s3 snapdragon i am not facing any lagging using this devices. And 12mp camera were stunning. The screen so sharp even its only tft based. Remember sony had mention their are not focus on who the first come out the most higher spec devices against other brands. But focus how to make it better and good optimization for daily used not just depend on batchmark result only. Plus their just facing eartquake n tsunami in japan. So we as loyal fan to sony must be patient and give support to sony to run back on track again.. i love sony…

  • nfs2010

     You made a valid point :) . I hope Sony will pay attention to these ideas.

  • Ada

    Xperia GX global model = LT29i

  • Doubleo

    A few months ago… it was rumored that a new lte fone was jn the works to be released jn june/july in korea and japan….. after waiting weeks and weeks the gx was announced but korea is not mentioned at all…. is it safe for me to expect that korea will get this fone as well around the same time?

  • i’m GAMER

    still waiting for XPERIA PLAY 2 ……….

  • dereknobuyuki

    Somehow, I doubt this phone was designed in Japan. 
    Probably still in the UK =P

  • abc

    I am japanese.I want xperia ion,but sony doesn’t sell it for Japan.We can’t use devices that we really want.

  • Peter Olsson

    Yes but I´ve heard that the international version won´t have LTE, IR and TV Tuner ! = More space inside !

  • Tonyokoro17

    Where was it officially confirmed that the GX would be coming with an S4 processor?
    It was not mentioned when they announced the device.

  • Tonyokoro17

    I thought Sony said three resolution of the GX would be 1196 * 720. The specs seem to be changing by the day

  • Asad Mulla

     I think that has something to do with on screen button. when minimized you probably get 1280

  • Deiya97

    Mhm…Thats wat I think :)

  • And I am German. I want the Xperia GX, but Sony doesn’t sell it in Germany. We can’t use devices that we really want. 

  • xperia gx is very cool!!

  • wow.. two gorgeous phones.. :) both may not have that quad core cpus but hell, I’ll get either of the two against that ugly galaxy s3..

  •  I still don’t understand why every companies put slimness or very big screen or multiple cores over battery life performance?? Very big screen & powerfull phone but last only 10-12 hours?

    Xperia Ion has 4.6′ screen with 1900 mAh battery + 10.8mm thickness. And
    then they announce Xperia GX with smaller core 28nm but instead of put a
    bigger battery on it (maybe 2500mAh), they choose to reduce thickness and battery size to 1700mAh. So 28nm core rather useless

  • Grishm

    Duh! Why not have a single global version rather than spin offs for different markets?! The phone with features which I want gets released in other countries but not in mine. Same way, the phone with features which people of other countries want gets released in my country but not in theirs. 

  • Antwnhs Ant

    Man it’s so difficult to choose between the 2 of them…I like the Ion because of its aluminum body but I like the GX of its design and the on screen buttons…

  • DutchMilk

    Oh wait… Xperia GX with a 1700mAh battery ???

    FUCK YOU $ony !!!

  • Anoymous

    I will take the one with S4 chipset any day….

  • SharjeelPipeline

    Deiya darwaza tor do

  • saeed

    I think that mixing xperia gx, xperia s, and xperia ion in one with the highest options it will be the greatest smartphone of the world. Can you please inform Sony about that if they want to be a number one saler in the world.

  • Hari

    Sony should release the phones internationally..Xperia gx is the best looking device out there..buttonless makes it even better.Sony have got it right this time..

  • Stephen Raharja

    Rumors say that the international version will have bigger battery capacity & some other changes (no LTE, etc)

  • miki69

    latest rumor is – different materials used as well :)


  • JonJJon

    You have to remember Ion has S3 where as GX has S4, a much more power efficient processor, in real world use the GX with lower battery capacity will have longer lasting use, even with the power hungry LTE included, I hope they released non LTE version in the UK as we don;t have the service yet and I want the longer battery life, even when LTE comes to the UK I wont be buying an LTE phone, just don’t need the extra speed or extra power consumption.

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