The Xperia U in all of its LED colours

by XB on 12th May 2012

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Xperia U ColoursOh how we wish the other members of the Sony Xperia NXT family could have alternating LED colours in its transparent bar like the Xperia U. Check out the picture below and see how cool the Xperia U looks changing colours according to what you are browsing.

Having some hands-on time earlier this year it works great in practice too, changing colours almost immediately and creating an experience unlike any other smartphone out there. If you have an Xperia S or are thinking of getting the Xperia P, see what you are missing out on below.

Xperia U Colours[Click to enlarge]

  • Wait until the rom-developing community starts programming combinations of whatever LEDs Sony stuck inside.

  • kapilkandhare

    I have three questions, would appreciate if you answer.
    1. wouldn’t this use up has smaller 1320mAh battery?
    2. does the transparent strip also acts as notification light?
    3. does the stripe light up every single time to what is on screen?is there any way to turn this feature off?

  • Serdar Aytamaner

     I’ve been using an Xperia S for a month. I thought that the transparent strip would act as notification light before I bought it, but unfortunately it does not. I do like it anyway, but without a real function it is nothing more than a design feature. I guess it’s a missed opportunity.

  • Ref

    Tarpin beau

  • Lito_ni

    you know… it doesnt have white LED lights HARHARHAR

  • Aaronrymer

    I presume it’ll be like the Xperia S which has a notification LED that flashes near the SONY logo instead, the strip only lights up when the display is on as an indicator for various notifications and when viewing photos I would think too, and generally the Sony phones seem to conserve battery power very well considering the size of the batteries, my Xperia S (with a larger display remember) lasts roughly 16hours with moderately heavy usage, so I can’t see this being any worse on the U, hope this helps :)

  • Jake

    yup . You can even light them all at once :D

  • Dreamitwork

    The transperent strip were xperia signal reception. That the real function of the transperent strip.. not just fancy white embient only.. ;-)

  • Only 4GB user accessible and no NFC makes me sad. ):

  • kapilkandhare

    good to know it works as notification light. So, from any corner of room i can see if i get any notification. and, like xperia x10,arc i can understand it lights up when phone is switched on. but in x10,arc the lights besides button light up only when buttons are being used. i hope sony has implemented it in Xperia U the same way as x10.
    all said, i must confess black xperia U with all those lighting effects look nice. 

  • GEEKnorway

    well, if you combine all RGB, you get white ;)

  • lovebmw

    really, they ould not do that with the S?

  • saeed

    As I sayed before Sony no need to make alot of smartphone just mix xperia s, xperia gx and xperia ion in one and you will see the result

  • Supercopou

    only 4 gb  memory…pffff

  • Hieruwreclame

    But the question remains… can the LED-strip be turned off? Or at least made to work only as a notification light, so not showing any changing colors with pictures etc?

    I like the phone very much, and am considering buying it, but when I’m at work and it rings I really don’t want to look like a twelve-year-old with a flashing phone.

    Thanks to anyone that can provide the answer!

  • Kamalesh

    It would be great if gets microSD card slot

  • strs


  • Fernando Nogueira

    4gb storage no sd card slot = FAIL!
    Dumb Sony.

  • xam

    u can turn it off

  • M


  • Remove the thin polythene sheet from back camera by opening the bake cover. If you take pictures with that sheet, your camera flash light always make images whitey.

  • Ps35500

    How can i turn off its transparent strip light ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    plz suggest me the steps ?????????????

  • Aditya

    Try installing Illumination Bar Notification. It works beautifully.

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