Malaysian Xperia P, U and sola launch details announced

by XB on 13th May 2012

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Sony Mobile Malaysia has announced pricing and launch dates for the new range of Xperia handsets – the Xperia P, Xperia U and Xperia sola. The Xperia U will launch on 15 May and will cost RM899 (€226). For a limited time it will also come with a car charger thrown in free of charge. The handset will be available in black with either a pink or white cap and in white with a pink cap. Not as generous as what the Russians are getting.

The Xperia sola will launch on the same day as the Xperia U and will retail for RM999 (€252). It will also be bundled with a car charger and two SmartTags. The Xperia P will hit stores from 23 May and will cost RM1,499 (€378). It will come with a Smart Headset, car charger and two SmartTags whilst stocks last.

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  • Vrils

    Amazon Germany is listing the Sony Xperia Sola for 270 EURO to be available from 6 June
    if the price will drop by then to 250 EURO it will be a good deal !

  • farlaks

    its lil cstly in india :(

  • Tiago Filipe Sequeira

    In Portugal they are coming very overpriced! Xperia U for 280, Sola for 330 and P for 400€.
    I would like to trade my xperia play for a P or an S but I’m not sure just because of their price, there’s much stronger competition for almost the same price in the market, at least in here a htc one x costs more 20€ than xperia s

  • mountain

    Don’t really care, ION will be released here end of the month for €530

  • Asad Mulla

    Super Stardust portable available on PS store for table S only and best bit is its free. Really good graphics. new on screen controller. Best game I on PS store (besides Xperia play games)

  • one x is around 550 wheras xperia s is around 450…certainly not a 20 euro difference

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    there were some of games certified for the PS Store a couple of months back, judging by this they will release them one at a time instead of making an official announcement, but I think it’s great that they are becoming Game publishers to take advantage of the new Marketplace.

  • Dreamitwork

    if xperia p come with smartdock i will let go my xperia s and go for p.. :)

  • Hsiao

    woo! In my country (China),the price is RMB3298?about RM1600 WITHOUT a Smart Headset, car charger and two SmartTags

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  •  Buddy, on chinese version there’s no smart tag? I was thinking to ask to a friend buy it to me in China…

  • Hsiao

    No smart tag.But if you buy lt22 in sony offical online shop you can get a sony Wired Mouse.

  • Well, if I buy, probably will be in Tmall. I don’t know why, but the friend whom usually buy to me prefer it. Maybe cause the delivery, dunno. P was not launched here in Brazil, yet. Do we can buy smart tags in China?

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