Is this what the international version of the Xperia GX will look like?

by XB on 16th May 2012

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NTT DoCoMo had their Summer 2012 showcase today and gave the media a first hands-on look at the recently announced Xperia GX and Xperia SX. We fully expect there to be an international version of the Xperia GX with LT29i model number, codenamed ‘Hayabusa’. It seems like there may have been a few demo units of this international version floating around, judging by some videos on YouTube.

These show the handsets running NTT DoCoMo firmware but without the hard branding on the handset. Instead of the NTT DoCoMo logo at the top of the handset, you can instead see an Xperia logo with the Sony logo on the bottom. The reason why Sony logo remains at the bottom most probably relates to the fact that it is engineered to glow at the bottom. There’s still no official word on when we may see this in the west, but judging by previous leaks it will probably launch from September.

  • ??

    Wouldn’t no Docomo Xi branding only means there will be other carriers beside docomo to have GX?

    NX and S does look alike tho, so let’s just wait for the official announcement :)

  • TheLoyalist


  • BrazenRain

    They’ve switched up the Sony/Xperia logos. hmmm.. darn that makes it easier for carriers to brand the phones. On the other hand, if they go the Samsung route and release five versions of the phone, they’ll all be the same except for the logo.

  • RadTate

    That makes no sense, if it was actually ready they would release it not leave it on the shelf to gain dust…four months of dust at that!

  • look bad

  • TheLoyalist

    Xperia S is the flagship until september! I don’t think they wanna upset us Xperia S owners until that!

  • Why September? The leaks said June/July, or was this a mistake? 
    Can’t wait :D

  • Just curious .. so is the GX the hayabusa and the SX the mint? :O

  • adriduan zolkarnain

    I prefer if it using flap cover for microUSB to avoid from dust and humidity going inside the phone

  • sufy

    Will this phone be available in the United Kingdom ?

  • Alvin

    GX = LT30i ( Mint ) ( i think )
    GX ( International version ) = LT29i ( Hayabusa )
    SX = MT28i ( Lotus )

    I hope sony make both gx and sx globally…

  • Marco77

    The surprising news, is that, according to the NTT docomo table, Xperia GX actually forgoes the now-seems-mandatory microsd extension slot removal!
    MicroSDHC => 32 GB! Huzzah!

    Well, it also lists SGS3 with a Snapdragon MSM8960 (sic), so it could also be dismissed as a misprint.

  • Well this is going to be my next phone! … unless of course Sony is going to be one of the companies rumoured to be making a Nexus device, in which case I’ll probably wait for that.

    *sigh* my x10a does the job, but I want a fracking amazing phone I can flash in the faces of my friends with their iPhones. Playing the waiting game for a new phone is hard :(

  • Marco77


  • Alvin

    Will shipped in September, announcement in june 19…

  • ??

    Removable battery!!! O.o

  • That’s a great gap, kind of stupid from Sony.
    But the thing that strikes me is: the roadmap listed Hayabusa for July and the quad core (/or maybe tablet) Mint for September. 

  • jeffrey vandenborne

    I got me the XPS, then the GX pops up. If you’re going to say “but they’ll probably releasing an even better one, so i’ll wait a little longer”, then i fear you’re going to be using that x10 for a loooong time. 

    Trust me though, the Xperia S is enough to make IPhone fanboys stop praising their phone when you’re around, their arguments will all be invalid

  • doraemonboi

    this make me wonder how sony’s quad core will look like

  • A Helmy50

     And Micro SD??

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  • Marco77

    MicroSD is supported naturally—up to 2 GB.

  • Jason

    I think the JP version of GX will be released in July and the international one will probably be released in September, according to some of the leaks out there..

  • jenn

    aahhh bummer, i’m hoping they’d release the SX internationally! love its size, and the colours it comes in

  • maxinthefax

    they have to theres no way else than that

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  • Gatorhate

    wait for mint, the chrome sides on every sony device will peel off in a blink, i guess they never learned from their mistakes after all.

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