Xperia GX press photos show illuminated logo

by XB on 16th May 2012

in Xperia - Japan Models

Following on from the luscious photos of the Sony Xperia SX, you can check out press photos of the Xperia GX below. The first picture shows the illuminated logo, although we’d like to see how this looks in real life. The Xperia GX will have a matte back in both black and white colours and a metallic border on the side. You can find the Xperia GX product page here.

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

Xperia GX

  • M Usman

    love it! can’t wait to see what Sony will release in 2014 when my Xperia S upgrade is due! The glowing logo is a neat touch. Would be ever more awesome if it changes colours!

  • RadTate

    Haha you have an xperia S ? LOSER! I’m getting this, be jealous Mr. Usman, be jealous!

  • Woohoo! Liquid logo! :D

  • usman like me always has the latest xperia flagship models like true sony fans ;P

  • BrazenRain

    Darn, couldn’t they make the convexity just a little bit bigger to encompass the camera lens? The lens looks so large it might break under pressure.

  • sadly I notice: bye bye classic hdmi port. According to the phone features a microUSB port supporting MHL.

  • Alvin

    Wow, the design and specs are very gorgeus and great…

  • the design is so gorgeous.. epic.. kudos to SONY designers.. this is a really cool looking phone.. :)

  • Spamemich

    I’m still confused, is the GX the new 3.7 or the new 4.6 inch device?

  • mountain

    Love how they wrote Mike at #14

  • DragonClaw

    Hit like if you want to see a glowing energy ball logo in the next Xperia smartphone. ;)

    (sad that they are removing it. :()

  • Steve Blow Jobz

    Don’t care until it has Windows Phone 8. I’m not buying another crapdroid phone …and wait 6 months for a new version, that might not even come.

  • ??????????????? ????????

  • Karlalejo27

    WOW! very stylish..i love Xperia phones, very elegant, more power to sony

  • Samuel Serafim

    I think Xperia S much more beautiful than this one.

  • Khanh NPQ

    I think this is better looking than the Xperia S, not that the S looks bad! This is like the successor of the Arc.
    SX is the successor of the Ray

  • I believe this phone has a removable memory. I know all sites say otherwise, but have a look at the picture posted:

  • I loved the white one more. It just looks gorgeous to me.

  • Jake

    XS is the succesor to x10 not ray .

  • Hari

    Best looking phone till date..the specs are perfect..waiting for the international version..

  • Djsilent

    Arh no hdmi part… Why????

  • Then don’t. Is someone forcing you to get it or wait??
    And BTW this is not Window fan/promo web page, go back to where you belong!!
    Defo not here :)
    Grow up, will ya?

  • Stephen Raharja

    GX is the 4.6″ , SX is the 3.7″

  • boosook

    MS employees in disguise are everywere nowadays…

  • M Usman

    I have no reason to be jealous. Yes I have an xperia S. I’m sensing jealousy because you don’t? I’d only be jealous if I couldn’t afford to get the GX. The fact is I can and I most probably will get one as I’ve owned almost every Xperia device out there. And when I am due an upgrade in 2013 for my Arc and 2014 for my S, there will be something away more better out than this GX. And I’ll be the first to have it. not so smug now are we? Good day :)

  • M Usman

    absolutely MJ! Always have and always will be! Proud to be a Sony fan!

  • Cloud_Connected

    +1 I love the design and I’ m happy that they used the georgeous Arc design again…

  • Khanh NPQ

    Really? SX is of a smaller size (3.7in) while x10 is the standard 4in. And look at the colors variety of SX & Ray, they are almost side by side (Gold/Orange, Pink, White, Black). The designs are both girly and elegant, to fit women more, from what I see. And they are both kinda ‘fashion’ phones, not flagship phones.

    The X10, Arc, S are the flagships, and probably the GX too.

  • my thought, exactly X)

  • doraemonboi

    Same as Sony TV?

  • Asad Mulla

    Xperia S doesnt support fast charging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NO MICRO HDMI  >:[

  • Sony Mobile showing it can still have good design again with the GX. Also showing that they simply can’t get a 2012 phone brought to the USA….. No ion, no S,P,U at the 3rd tier regional carriers as advertised, no ATT and no T-Mobile except the Play for a penny. With unambitious annual sales targets for the year a mere 28% of Samsung’s sales in the first quarter of 2012 (86.4 million units) what cam we expect..only design and high pricing….. They won’t be selling phones for much longer. 

  • 23bogarka

    There will be no mcro HDMI  port on Xperia GX?Arc has on the top, but this one no..

  • Gogach

    thats not true, the sony xperia s design is really much better than all sony ericsson designs before

  • Harryville

    Finally a Sony phone with MHL!

  • paul4id

     One crappy thing about MHL though is that the HDMI adaptors require a USB power supply :(

  • Tony

    I agree with a lot of what you said. What all the Sony fanboys don’t understand is the smartphone game is very different to the old school feature phone game and I’m afraid Sony are still there.
    With smartphones its all about getting a brand that people can really behind in significant numbers. Sony keep releasing too many phones diluting and devaluing the xperia brand.
    One flagship per year is the way to go and that’s judging by the successes of Samsung and Apple.
    It shows not only the lack of a clear strategy but also points to very disorganized decision making.
    Outside of Japan most of the phones they released last year failed to make any impact.
    They don’t make huge losses by accident and that’s what their fanboys don’t get.
    The way they’re going about it, every phone the release will always have a better one coming down the line in a few months.
    What do you think that does to their users. It creates confusion and uncertainty,
    Samsung and Apple users know where the stand with any of their purchases. They can be sure it’s the best option for at least a year.
    They are not hugely successful for nothing despite what many in here might think of those brands.
    The behavior of Sony Ericsson fanboys is very similar to the company they love so much. Very insular, inward looking and close minded. All too happy to just talk amongst themselves.
    Sony and their fans, you all need to face the world as it is and not keep talking about the world you dream of. There is only one world that will ever be and that’s the world as it is.

  • Keenan Sullivan

    I mean…I like to say I’m a true Sony fan. But I am a true Sony fan in college///trying to pay for other things in life.

  • You make some good points but I think you are somewhat misinformed and misdirected in your criticisms.

    Sony have not released one flagship phone after another. The Arc, Pro, Neo, Mini/Pro, Ray all use the same processor and have the same amount of RAM but they have different strengths in other areas to cater to different consumer groups. So all you had to do was decide what was more important to you – if it was having a great camera you’d buy the Arc, if you needed a more business focussed device with a physical keyboard you’d buy the Pro, if you preferred a smaller screen and were style conscious you’d buy the Ray, etc. I don’t think that dilutes the Xperia brand at all. Have all the Samsung Galaxy phones diluted the Galaxy brand name?

    What you’re talking about are what HTC and Motorola especially have done, where they have continually released newer, better versions of the same phone with a spec bump in one or two areas such as the processor, screen size, battery etc only a month or two after the original version. Sony did release the Arc S late last year and this year we have the Xperia S and now the Xperia GX. However, I don’t believe this is due to product strategy as you say (and as I have illustrated above) but rather product development time and the recent acquisition by Sony of the SonyEricsson joint venture. Last year Sony released it’s phones into the market when dual core phones became all the rage. The Xperia S (using the S3 chip) would have been Sony’s answer to that but no doubt decided to hold it back instead until the acquisition of SE was complete so the phone could be branded as the first Sony smartphone. That probably also explains why they released the Arc S (i.e. to try to stay competitive).

    Hopefully Sony will finally get in the game with an international release of the GX sooner rather than later. What happens from then on we shall see.

  • Harryville

     Your right not many:

    46ES7100 HDTV, 50ES7100 HDTV, 55ES7100 HDTV, 60ES7100 HDTV
    46ES7500 HDTV, 50ES7500 HDTV, 55ES7500 HDTV, 60ES7500 HDTV
    46ES8000 HDTV, 55ES8000 HDTV, 60ES8000 HDTV, 65ES8000 HDTV, 75ES8000 HDTV
    PN64E8000GF, PN60E8000GF, PN51E8000GF
    46D7000 HDTV, 55D7000 HDTV, 60D7000 HDTV (Port 3)
    46D7900 HDTV, 55D7900 HDTV
    46D8000 HDTV, 55D8000 HDTV, 60D8000 HDTV, 65D8000 HDTV (Port 3)
    Smart Station : C24B750X, C27B750X, C24B550U
    LED Monitors: S24B750V, S27B750V, S23B550V, S27B550V
    HDTV Monitors: T24B750V, T27B750V, T23B550V, T27B550V

    40VL20 HDTV
    46VL20 HDTV
    46WL800A HDTV (Port 4)
    55WL800A HDTV (Port 4)
    40TL20 HDTV
    46TL20 HDTV
    42WL863 HDTV (Port 4)
    46WL863 HDTV
    55WL863 HDTV


    LC-60LE745U, LC-70LE745U, LC-90LE745U
    LC-70C7450U, LC-60C7450U
    LC-70LE845U, LC-60LE845U
    LC-70LE847U, LC-60LE847U
    LC-70C8470U, LC-60C8470U
    LCD-46LX840A, LCD-52LX840A, LCD-60LX840A

    Also get a ‘real’ MHL cable.

  • paul4id

     sorry, I am a Panasonic fanboy for TVs :P

    Give me a link then to a “real” MHL cable that doesn’t require power.

  • paul4id

     Well said there Dennis. I believe the Sony Ericsson strategy for 2011 was the correct one – a series of devices with the same internals but different form factors. It merely didn’t pay off because a mature software stack takes time, brand recognition takes time; that along with stupid tech media hype over “dual core”.

    Though, contrast that to what they are now doing in 2012 and they seem now all over the place. IMO they would be better keeping the 2011 model names, and releasing a 2012 Arc, 2012 Neo, 2012 Pro, 2012 Active etc.

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  • AlexBurnout

    Will look like my Sony TV

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