Xperia SX: Hands-on roundup

by XB on 18th May 2012

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Whilst we’re pretty sure that we will see an international release of the Japan-bound Sony Xperia GX, the same can’t be sad of the Xperia SX. It has a number of features important to the Japanese market including infrared and 1-Seg TV tuner that means it’s unlikely to see a global release with these features intact. If Sony is planning a wider release, we’re not sure if it will use the same design without these features or carry a different design altogether.

We can only speculate for now but it’s a very pretty device to our eyes with very few shortcomings. The Verge even went as far to say that “it’s the most impressive device yet to duck out of the Android screen size arms race“. High praise indeed. Fingers crossed then that we will see a western release. See some hands-on videos of the device below.

General overview

Design tour

Xperia SX

Xperia SX

Hear that loud speaker!

Sized up against the Xperia acro…

… and the iPhone 4

Xperia SX

Removable battery and microSD card slot

Xperia SX

Xperia SX

Smallest PlayStation Certified device to date

Xperia SX

Images via, Impress Watch and The Verge.

  • The SX is the iPhone killer amongst the Androids if you ask me, it has extremely impressive specs, with the fastest dualcore processor to date, a sharp display, extremely nice design and software tweaked to perfection.

    I really hope Sony releases this internationally in an only slightly modified version as soon as possible!

  • Alex Frías

    And with a camera button included for that awesome fast capture feature!

  • Kudrnac

    Well, still not convinced to buy another Sony after the experience with Xperia S.

  • BrazenRain

    I can’t decide whether to get the GX or the SX ;_;

  • Webfixer35

    why ? the xperia S is a nice phone ! 

  • Kudrnac

    It is, I liked it when I had it but right now it is in a repair centre because of a faulty display (and because the bottom bar and the back cover moved around a little but that I could have repaired myself). I have been without it for almost 3 weeks now.
    That’s what I get for being an early buyer. (I am not a hater or anything, just disappointed)

    The GX looks like a brilliant piece of hardware but I just don’t trust Sony anymore.

  • A Helmy50

    Camera button please!!
    Anything else is perfect …

  • Albertmichel21

    I like small and light phones
    But I didn’t like xperia ray because it doesn’t have camera button
    Now Sony repeat the same thing

    Really shame!

  •  Camera Button? Are you a photographer?

    I own a Xperia Ray, and a dedicated camera button isn’t necessary to take great pictures. Unless people don’t know how to use it…

  • Albertmichel21

    I know that I can take pictures without camera button
    I own xperia mini and I’m using the camera button a lot

    When I take the pictures in landscape mode with camera button I can control the focus and take the picture with real key so it’s much easier in any condition also it’s make me feel like I have a real camera like old sony ericsson phones

    Also if this phone has a camera button it will has a new fast capture feature so you can take pictures from sleep mode in two seconds which is really interesting

    I’m not photographer but I like taking a lot of pictures and I will appreciate any helpful feature to do that


  • R Pedroso

    I hear ya. My XPS has the same issue with the display. I am waiting for the Ion to be released then I will send my XPS in for repair. I just feel that Sony is trying to do too much. They should just release one device and perfect it

  • Islam Eldabaa

    totally agree about controlling the focus

  • rafi

    yes my xps also had a bit loose at the back cover and a ‘crack’ sound below the transperent bar.

  • hamboy

    lol me too, they are both so amazing.

  • Malih

     well, you know that the iPhone 4s is already out for sometime, and this will inevitably be compared to the upcoming iPhone 5

  • AlexBurnout

    Just… Wow.

  • Anukul

    and sadly they never :(

  • Anukul

    i still miss this phone

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