Sony Tablet P Android 4.0 ICS update starting 24 May

by XB on 20th May 2012

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The Sony Tablet S has already received the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update and it looks like its dual-screen cousin the Tablet P will soon join it. Sony has confirmed that the Tablet P will get the update from 24 May 2012, at least in Japan, although the international version should follow soon after.

The update will have similar features as that seen in the Tablet S update. This includes ‘Small Apps’ that allows a widget-like experience for a browser, calculator or remote control. Additional features include the ability to launch the camera from the lock screen and take panoramic pictures.

  • Jay

    When did the Tablet S get the update.  The only place that got the update was the US.  The rest of world is still waiting.  Or have I missed something?

    No update on my Tablet S as of yet… From the UK.

  • I wonder if Sony announces Tablet S2 or another new tablet soon. Really would like to see it

  • Rammstone

    “The Sony Tablet S has already received the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update” my ass if it has. 3.2 is apparently “up to date”

  • rafi

    Malaysia already got the ics for tablet s update before japan. ;-)

  • Soyokaze

    Japan is 5/24.
    China has gotten update too.

  • Sony Mobile is great , as other manufactures producing other phones and delaying ics updates , one by one Sony 2011 line products taste ICS :)

  • Well my Sony Tablet S is running ICS here in Canada just hunky dory.

  • BTW, just wanted to note the Tablet P looked nice and stylish at the Billboard Music Awards where they were using those instead of envelopes to reveal the winners names. Very nice exposure for Sony IMO… just wish the device was a bit better tho :(

    Wonder what the chances are that Sony have perfected their folding OLED tech to the point where it can go into the Tablet P2…

  • Any information about Xperia mini ICS update?

  • yanku

    U liar, china hasn’t gotten any update yet. Coming from my tablet s china

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