Could the Xperia PLAY ICS update be under threat?

by XB on 24th May 2012

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Android 4.0Some rumours have emerged recently that Sony Mobile may be abandoning the official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Xperia PLAY. The rumour has been sparked by a Sony Mobile software page on upgrading to Android 4.0. It lists all of the 2011 Xperia phones to receive the ICS update, although one phone is missing – the Xperia PLAY.

Looking at it objectively we would say this is a simple case of being a typo. However, there could be a credible reason on why Sony may be thinking twice about releasing the ICS update. When the company released the beta version of the ICS update for the Xperia PLAY, it said it wanted feedback on games compatibility. However, as we reported soon after the beta release there were a number of issues of games compatibility that people were facing.

Given how solid Android Gingerbread is running on the Xperia PLAY, maybe the company has decided that given the sheer number of potential game issues that consumers may face running ICS that they’d be better off without it. Despite this, Sony Mobile has already put a lot of effort in developing the software and we doubt the company would can it at this stage. Also our view is that no user will be forced to upgrade to ICS and Sony has already said that users of 2011 Xperia handsets should think hard before upgrading. Hopefully, we’ll get clarity on this issue soon, one way or the other.

Could the Xperia PLAY ICS update be under threat

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    Wel…you guys know that the ICS on xperia is too slow and really not smooth…A woman in sony chat told me that it wasn’t cancelled, but they normally know nothing :s, if it’s cancelled will cause lots of revolt, but I really dont think it will be bad thing…
    Why update a phone to a version that turns him into a worse phone right?

  • xperiaLover

    Acctually your are right is better to have “light” operating system in comparison between gingerbread(light) and ICS for games because games suck all the horsepower from the devices. The 512 mb of ram is not really enough for the ICS if you thing the ram left when the ICS is loaded is 240~270mb that is not much if the phone is lack of bloatware.

    however there is on thing !. This a hardware acceleration and not all games use it so the dont use whole potential of the phone but exclude the licences by sony because they are optimalize .

    In that case I am agree with Sony 100%

    but that is not my problem because i got the xperia s which for now have enough ram 1 gb is and i did not have decide yet whether i going to install ICS on it.

    Skeptical after the camera performace in x10 after gingerbread and overall performace of X10

  • I don’t know why you guys keep saying ICS is too heavy. I’m using it here and it works ok. Well, maybe it doesn’t run OK with all that Sony bloatware on the official ROM, and all that crappy widgets Android users love, but still..

  • Asad Mulla

    If something works well and is not broken don’t try to fix it

  • xperialover

    “with all that Sony bloatware on the official ROM, and all that crappy widgets”
    that what i am talking about, ram and gpu is crucial in games but ram is occupy by Sony bloatware

    BTW in this blog we talk about original while to if are root y can do what ever you want even cooked new ROM in microwave ;) :) Dont try to put phone in the microwave other way :-S
    joking !!!!

  • Tim

    I asked a guy in a support chat, and he told me there he couldn’t find anything on it. It really doesn’t make sense; it’s an excellent phone with many users, and they’ve already put so much work into it. And as far as gaming issues, couldn’t they just leave the game browser and games themselves untouched?

  • rafi

    Xperia play need to come with vita os.. huhuhuhu…

  • David Loh

    ICS on Ray, Neo V and ARc really got problem in HD games after upgrade.

  • Kram

    Or they just have to release an ICS stock rom with less sony bloatware that makes sense right?

  • Rav94

    Hardware Acceleration doesn’t work properly on ICS. Period.
    After updating my Arc cannot even handle the video recording properly..As for gaming..It sucks now…Frontline commando a game that worked so well on my Arc on it’s lags so much I had to install V6 supercharger to play it in an acceptable framerate…So I guess as a gaming phone Play is better off with gingerbread
    Well who’s fault is it..Sony’s.
    They just install older gen hardware and very heavy software saying how efficient they are compared to the contemporary manufacturers..and the Sony fans agree with them without even judging..
    Now the same cycle has repeated this year with the Xperia S..When all the others were moving to Quad-core or Next gen Dual Core..Sony decided to stay with old-gen Dual core..
    So just the same cycle..I don’t think Jellybean won’t even come to Xperia S..
    Sony makes the best looking and most durable phones on the Android family..but performance is not that great compared to others..

  • alex


  • rob

    That’s not going to solve all the game problems that ICS brings since companies haven’t bothered to get games working for it.

  • daniel

    dont blame sony.. but blame google because their create an OS used to much power and memory.. if google release ics with minimum requirement 512mb ram and 1gz single core maybe most of old user will never face any problem. but well what can i say its all about making more money… :)

  • Dsmith

    WoW!…You are So ignorant..
    can you tell me why a 2010 Nexus S phone with a 1GHz single Core processor with a 512MB ram can run Android ICS 4.0.4 without breaking a Sweat,
    while a 2011 Sony Xperia arc s with a 1.4Ghz Single core and 512MB ram on Android ICS 4.0.3 cannot even scroll a web page without Lagging..

    Answer : 1)Sony’s Software is too heavy on the Ram..Especially the Timescape Launcher
    Timescape is very Heavy compared to Stock Android or Touchwiz
    2)Unnecessary Bloatware Running on the Ram..
    3)Extremely poor memory Management..

    So yeah it’s Sony’s Fault..

  • Its probably true. Even 3 in sweden had removed Xperia Play when it comes to uppgrades too ICS 4.0. But when it come to compabilitie. Isnt it the gamedeveloper that shall make the games work? So I think the games that wasnt compatible must be not ICS ready, So maybe it aint that Sony is leaving the Xperia Play. Maybe they just delaying it, until the games is ICS ready?

  • Anders Holck

    Written from “sonyericsson” on Youtube a month ago:

    “The ICS update for the Xperia™ Play? should become available at the end of May/early June.
    The accessories included in the box would depend on the seller. ;-)

  • The truth must be said

    I am really disappointed
    Sony you should not have said that you would upgrade Xperia 2011 range to ICS OS.
    Samsung and hTC fans were right.

  • naathaanS

    they never mentioned Xperia PLAY.
    In the update they only said arc, arc S, neo, neo V, pro, ray, live with walkman, active

  • Jake

    Timescape launcher is the the lightest when compared to sense and touchwiz .
    Do some research before talk without any evident .
    Sony is giving service freezer which is a root function on other brand .
    Its only 1st version of ICS .
    Samsung don even bother to give ICS to SL s plus and S .
    I bet you don even have a arc S on hand when you talk so and will lie on ur next post ” I have an arc S and xxx bla bla bla “

  • xperiaplayerFRD

    This might be just pure speculation. I’d rather wait for Sony to release an official word/announcement regarding their update plans for Xperia Play. People shouldn’t jump to conclusions instantaneously.

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  • i’m gamer

    SONy never never NERVEr do that

    we need ICS , if you want to stay alive.

    don’t make 2010 series mistake…

  • Yeah, sure, but no official support means that Rockstar and Gameloft won’t fix their games for ICS on Play anymore.

    And of all games I tested, the only ones with problems where the games from these two companies

  • You are correct. They mentioned play much later. I think it was because many Play users wanted it. And Sony gave it a shot.

  • nagaraj

    i am using xperia mini ,purchased on 2011 but i still never recived that update information from sony?

  • Dear Sony,
    Everyday during a month I’ve been checking and waiting for ICS availability. If I only knew that you will not keep your promise I would never buy Xperia Play, PSP and PS3. I am going to buy a TV and now it totally will not be from Sony. With the first opportunity I will replace my PS3 with XBox 360. And now I will ALWAYS discourage all my friends of buying your production. Hope I’m not alone in my mind and also I hope that after reading this you will not spare money to release ICS for Xperia Play.
    Sincerely yours Unhappy customer

  • SMP

    There has to be a way…… pls sony i realy want to see my xperia play run on icecream sandwich..

  • dukio

    fuck sony

  • Hamad Ali

    Sony’s rationale for canning the ICS for the Xperia PLAY was performance issues with games. If this is indeed to be believed, then one has to wonder why Sony hasn’t released the updated Adreno 205 driver. The driver update was released by Qualcomm on the 30th of December at the end of LAST YEAR. The update is believed to give a performance increase of up-to 1.5x or even 2x in some cases depending on phone and app. This is just one in a number of very simple measures that Sony could but haven’t taken to bring us a stable ICS to the Xperia PLAY. Another is the clock speed/frequency. It is currently clocked to a measly 1Ghz while it can be safely clocked to as high a frequency as 1.9Ghz, so why not clock it to a still very stable 1.4Ghz, would this not increase performance to a sufficient enough level? Alas, this brings me back to my earlier criticisms of Sony’s dev team and their utter incompetence, or at best, lack of giving a damn for supporting older devices. I was foolish to expect better from Sony, a lesson well learnt indeed

  • Nguyenamc

    My xperia pro became terrible after upgrading to ICS. It lags all the time, force close when using Map or heavy apps. Even it took me 5 minutes to finish this comments. So, never buy Sony phones again.

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