Should Sony have made the Xperia PLAY ICS update optional?

by XB on 25th May 2012

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By now you’ve probably heard that Sony Mobile has abandoned the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Xperia PLAY. This is despite doing lots of work behind the scenes and even going as far as releasing a beta version of the update. Up until now this has all been very commendable stuff from Sony which is why we imagine that it must have been a very difficult decision to pull the plug on this update.

Remember the Xperia PLAY was a flagship device in 2011 along with the Xperia arc. In fact, despite what most recent prices suggest, the Xperia PLAY was significantly more expensive than the arc on launch. It is also a device that has received lots of marketing dollars since its launch in April 2011. It is for these reasons too why Sony Mobile is likely to feel a lot of heat from disgruntled customers who will talk about broken promises.

Whilst we respect Sony’s move and can understand the issues behind the decision, we can’t help feel that maybe Sony should have let Xperia PLAY owners decide whether they wanted it or not. Sony Mobile had already talked through the pros and cons of updating your 2011 Xperia handset to Android 4.0. They could have made the ICS release an optional update with a big health warning saying that it may not be stable for all games but you can take it at your own risk.

Surely it wouldn’t be too much extra work considering the similarity in hardware across other 2011 Xperia handsets. Plus, Sony Mobile had already released the beta version of the update so we imagine the firmware would have been close to a near polished state.

We just feel that given all of the negative repercussions that Sony Mobile will feel from this move, surely it would have been more sensible to give Xperia PLAY owners the choice and let them decide themselves whether they wanted to stick with a stable Gingerbread release or go for a potentially buggier but newer ICS firmware release.

Anyway, what are your views on the subject? Would it just have made things confusing if Sony had made available an optional update? Would most people just have downloaded it anyway creating more problems, especially for those less tech-savvy? Or has Sony missed a trick here and should they have let the owners decide whether they wanted it or not? Let us know in the comments below.

  • I just hope that they will relase some sort of upgrade (2.3.7?) with all ics features, like face unlock, improved web browser, music player buttons on lock screen, etc… like samsung did with the Value Pack

  • android ics not that great deal but sony bought ericsson to take a lead on mobile market, actually they cant by looks of it sony has the technology. it used to be one of the top brand now koreans more innovative and cheaper, how the hell company like sony dont use their own display buy freking thompson and customers get yellow tint as a hardware we all know android is power hungry well than release the phones with s 4 not s 3. do not release with thompson display make your own, rather than trying to make next gen i phone screen or give them better camera than your just put it in sony and sell a lot sony is looking those walkman trinitron times
    those times were good because they were ahead everyone now they are behind everyone so.
    not a chance if lets look at this years phones one x and galaxy s 3 will sell triple times more than xperia s.
    but if sony released xps same shape remove 3 dots to transparent area get wasted are increase it by making screen 4.6 white magic display put 3.2 front facing 13.1 back cam mods. 2500 mah battery s 4 procsesor. would it not sell out

  • Yep! I think Sony Mobile should give Xperia Play onwners a choice for their device.


    mmmm….. to be honest is you are gonna give a product that will bring problems to something that is working i would not release that, to me is 2.3 is good i had the PLAY but i think that there are things that are missing now that SONY is not gonna update to ICS probably the best way to go is to release the 2.3.7 with that is missing, the PlayStation Suite, compatibility with PS3, etc. to make it more enjoyable.

  • i’m gamer

    sony is died

    that i s my fault , i should changed my opinion about sony since 2010 (( x10 mini and mini pro )) …

    fuck you sony , you are nothing

  • Ashu1307

    Yes ! They should have 2 give the chance to upgrade ics! whether it is Good or not ! To experience latest OS ,
    As I have a xperia ray , ics! But its good to be on new one than older!

  • I think so, the only problem with ICS is that Gameloft and Rockstar games don’t work, but despite that, everything else is much better.

    If Sony removed it’s bloatware it would be very nice too, but maybe it’s asking too much?

  • Mr.SOB

    hell yeah its not like there doing something useful with the phone there arent any fun games and i dont see that ps suite arriving anytime soon

  • electrash

    Sony give a choice, to xperia play users as you did for the rest of 2011 phones.
    Dont let someone talk about you that you sucks, also if you stick for this decision you will have lot of dissapointed users and will be angry at you.
    You dont need negative thought about you right now.

  • Ashu1307

    Only reasont they r not upgrading to ICS bcoz It will not give Gaming Performance!
    As the Purpose They Made Xperia Play!
    Due to low RAM, Processor!
    Play will give it’s Best Performance On GB than ICS

  • adsada_arc

    It is a shame, however there would probably be more people complaining about the ICS not running properly or not stable, than people complaining about the receiving the ICS update.

    Plus sony don’t want to release software for their phones that isn’t of a high quality standard, its not enough to say upgrade at your own risk, because most people would, and then probably be unhappy with the result. It would give sony a worse name to run software that doesn’t run well, then to not update to the latest imo

  • sonic.boom.ireland

    After bad news from Sony I sold my Xperia Play few hours ago :(

  • sonic.boom.ireland

    this could be the best option ! UPDATE for 2.3.4 including theme and some things from ICS

  • They should release the ICS source code if they haven’t already. (They probably have, right?) If their build of ICS is not fully compatible, it fits in well with the rest of the developer community’s (early) ICS ROMs. No reason to offer an option that breaks the Play’s main features.

  • basti

    There is nothing wrong with gingerbread. You bought a phone with gingerbread and you got a phone with gingerbread and its doing its job well. Everybody complaining now is just not objectiv. You guys are just crying because everybody else is getting the update. You wouldn’t be upset if no other 2011 device would get the update neither. Think about it!

  • The ICS updates for all the other phones are optional too so I’m guessing the ICS OS on the Xperia Play must be much worse that it isn’t even advisable to be an option.

  • XYZ

    To be honest, the platform only really needs a firmware redesign to look like the current ICS build and add in PS Suite. ICS has some compatability issues which of course need to be ironed out if a up-specced successor to the Play is announced – perhaps Jelly Bean will solve the issue.

  • cristian

    i think sony is making the next xperia play :))

  • fuck off SONY, change your brand into SORY, a promise?, hell yeah…
    No more sony product, product is good but service to consumer is really2 bad…

  • jag

    i agree with the others. i think that it is good for us xplay users to have a 2.3.7 upgrade instead.

  • yeah, they should.. e/though I just had small Xperia Mini Pro SK17, Xperia PLAY also deserve it.. their specs are better than mine & mine will get ICS soon, so why not they have it too?? hope Sony can consider ICS for PLAY, so anyone wont leave behind.. :)

  • Light

    Come on peeps, not many phones with 512 mb ram gets ICS. Nexus S is google’s phone, as far as I remembered there was a lot of issue before on it. Sony is trying their best and you all should understand that. I think if they updated xperia play to ICS there will be even more complains from users. But updating it with ICS features while maintaining gingerbread seems a better alternative.

  • daniel

    some people thinks their are the sony ceo.. huhuhu.. come on.. what a joke…

  • vijay

    I think this Idea is best. We cant say Sony cheating they are trying to give best for customers so only they say ICS will not suitable for Play. If they are cheating company simply they will release ICS and be silent but after that we should face the problem. Thanks for these kind of information Sony. This will lead to gr8 job in market.

    Another important think pls release New sony Play quick with ics to solve this problem.

  • i’m gamer



  • goldenblls

    No. No No No No. There is a very good reason why Sony chose not to officially put out ICS for the XPlay and that is because it’s gaming ability would be compromised. Anyone who chooses ICS over the phones ability to play games has the wrong phone.

  • Chirag Panchal

    If Sony can make android 2.3 with gaming features then why they are not make with latest version..
    We wants to use ICS features….whatever the problem sony needs to solve the problem and launche officialy…

  • Chirag Panchal

    If Sony can make android 2.3 with gaming features then why they are not make with latest version..
    We wants to use ICS features….whatever the problem sony needs to solve the problem and launche officialy…

  • basti

    Very true!

  • wyvern

    I think the best move for sony to do now is hold its hands up and admit the play was a disaster offer play owners a trade in discount on a play for a play 2 or psp phone with bleeding edge specs. If they act quickly they can produce a proper sony gaming phone that could be compatible with the vita. If they act swiftly and do it right they can retain their foothold on the mobile gaming market and truly dominate the gamer market not casual gamers but proper gamers. Even a statement of intention to replace the play would satisfy most

  • i wonder why so many new name here right now and they F***ing SONY.

    ICS is good, but if it ruin my games, i will not gonna update it.

  • Zaryab

    SONY sould give 2.3.7 to play userss with the UI of ICS and features like faceunlock swipe notification and lockscreen musicplayer thats alll fulll stoppppp

  • roeshak

    Don’t be stupid. They sold the phone on the promise of an update to ICS. Breaking that promise is in itself a breach of contract in my opinion that deserves compensation of some kind.
    I don’t own a play. I would have rather taken a bullet than have bought any of the below par phones they released last year. They were all phones for fanboys only and that’s why they had shocking sales returns outside of Japan.
    You fucking stupid fanboys might buy the phones because they are sony but others buy because it’s android.
    Xperia play users… I feel sorry for you guys but you have to take some responsibility for buying a device that had from the specs it was launched with, a years life span.
    You trusted in a company that has showed time and time again it does not deserve that trust and so you are now paying the price for that.
    Rebranding my ass…it’s the same fucking company in flesh and spirit.

  • roeshak

    If you really believe that then just like the company you so stupidly love, you too are living on cloud cookoo land.

  • roeshak

    Seriously they wouldn’t be upset if no other 2011 phones were getting the update?
    Just another statement that shows just how foolishly deluded a lot of you fanfools are.
    If they canned the update for all the phones, you’d just have many more users complaining and not all of them happy that no one is getting upgraded.
    How stupid

  • roeshak

    At last, the voice of reason in a sea of stupidity but I’m afraid judging by the poor sales figures of the play, it’s one Sony will just brush under the carpet because they know they’ll upset just a few users unlike the x10 where they had to deal with 100000s of complaints.

  • i’m gamer


    fuck you liar , you borken your fucken promise , like 2010 on x10 mini and mini pro

    you are liar


    xda engineers are better that your engineers

  • Dsmith

    It’s Because Their own software is too heavy and problematic
    1.Compare Stock Android with Timescape
    2.Bravia Engine
    3.Memory management and multitasking was never good on Xperia, with the Update..The Experience on my arc has been much worse..
    4.Shitload of Bloatware

    Sony should realize the fact they should either degrade their software quality or improve their hardware quality..

  • adsada_arc

    You’re an idiot, while I agree with the broken promise of ICS you’re
    making a complete generalisation and it has pissed me off. Yes I am a
    fan of sony products, however the reason I bought the arc last year was
    because I wanted an Android device and the arc did everything I wanted
    it to do and also looks awesome. Nicest looking Android phone to date.
    No other phone I tried, I could get used to, or enjoy the experience as
    much (and I tried a whole range of HTC’s Samsungs etc). That’s my
    reasoning why I bought the phone, and I’m sure others too.

    If you really think that only ‘fanboys’ bought SE phones last year, then I’m pretty sure they would go completely bankrupt, as it was they actually shifted 22.5 million smartphones… quite a lot of fanboys eh?

    Yes they were not competing in the processor race, which was maybe a mistake, However their phones were priced accordingly to the fact they didn’t have a dualcore processor. It’s not like people were paying the same price for the arc as they would for the GS2.

    Also I haven’t seen any other manufacturer updating all their other devices, irrespective of the price and market segment of each device. The walkman mix gets it as well as the arc s….

    Stop trolling and gtfo

  • DragonClaw

    They released a beta version of the Rom. They moved away just at the end. And I hope they release the update soon sometime. Anyways. you tell that they did not make good phones in 2011? Oh no. Looking at the cost of the phones, thier phones were awesome. You ever had looked at the sleek Arc, its looks will kill you. That cell phone had won the best cmaera phone award too, so Sony never was behind in the race. You ever used the Xperia Pro’s key boadrd? If you did not, you are missing out one of the coolest things your fingers could have felt in your life. In terms of processor, yes they were a bit slow, but everyone doesn’t have money like the apple fanboys. All are not noob fanboys. So we can not afford so many cores. We are happy with single cores. When it can deliver you perfect daily usage, and even handle lots of games and heavy demanding tasks.
    Just to take an examle, think of the Xperia Mini Pro, and the Samsung Galxy Ace. Both were released at almost the same cost. The Ace ran a old 800mHz where as the mini pro ran a newer 1ghz.
    You do a very noobish mistake by comparing the flagships only, of two comanies, that too badly missing at a mojor point, the price. Anyways. Regarding the ICS update, again none of the companies upgraded the whole range of phones as Sony did. Samsung updated just the galaxy sii and the note. Htc did update, but they are yet to release the update for many phones.

    Thank You,
    User of many androids
    (sgy, sg ace, sg fit, sg sii, sg ace, x mp, x mini, x arc s, htc wildfire, htc wildfire s)

  • DragonClaw

    Many fan boys. Yeah. Lol. :-P. Well said. :-)

  • DragonClaw

    None. If you used your arc on gb, you must be knowing that it was smooth enough. It will be like that only in the next 4.0.4 update, thas what it seemed when the leaked Rom was flashed on the ArcS. Regarding the dislike of the sonftware, you can always shift to the very close to stock, cyanogen mod on your cell phone, and get the best possible performance, with no shit ware hinderning the working of your cell.

  • DragonClaw

    Right. The dedicated game pad, the whole cell’s architecture was for gaming. (the arc and play seem to run exactly the same hardware,c but the play does a lot better in benchmarks). You said nicely. Anyone wanting ics over the games, has the wrong phone.

  • DragonClaw

    Basically they should not have made the promise so long back.

  • dariush86

    Optimize the new version

  • Dear Sony,
    Everyday during a month I’ve been checking and waiting for ICS availability. If I only knew that you will not keep your promise I would never buy Xperia Play, PSP and PS3. I am going to buy a TV and now it totally will not be from Sony. With the first opportunity I will replace my PS3 with XBox 360. And now I will ALWAYS discourage all my friends of buying your production. Hope I’m not alone in my mind and also I hope that after reading this you will not spare money to release ICS for Xperia Play.
    Sincerely yours Unhappy customer

  • rafi

    I dont see any broken promise issue cause sony already state the reason why it being cencel… not every bad things happen will end up with sadness and sorrow.. look a positive point of view.. guys…

    Ps: i blame google for their power hungry os. :-)

  • as if you own all those sony devices. if you did you wouldn’t be ditching the whole ecosystem because of this. also replacing ps3 with xbox360 sounds nice and all but once again in reality that would involve you forfeiting your whole gaming collection and fat chance you’d do that. so stop trolling

  • yourfather

    Who said play was a disaster,u motherfucker don’t know shit about play and speak is actually best for gaming else if u want half of it screen covered with fingers

  • yourfather

    Because u r an asshole,Sony did this for better performance

  • Light

    Go fuck yourself. The fact that they managed to port most of their xperia to ICS is already magnificent at that. 512 mb ram phone, even samsung’s original galaxy S didn’t make it to the ICS. They made a promise, I know. But xperia play is a gaming phone, ics needs at least 300++ mb for their system alone, leaving only 172 left. Would you really prefer the ‘4.0.4’ but so full of lag or the 2.3.4 but with better performance? List me 10 phones other than Sony/Sony Ericsson with 512 mb ram that managed to make it to ICS. Think before you troll around. I’m a sony user, but not a fanboy. I’m old enough to think with logic sense. Use your logic please, don’t let it go to waste just because you want something new yet worst in quality.

  • Light

    Ouh let me correct myself. 10 phones that managed to PORT from Gingerbread to ICS.

  • scott taylor

    I think Sony have tried there best here,you can’t please all of the people all the time,a working os is better than the opposite its a gaming phone 1st what is so appealing with having face unlock they did promise and for that they need to apologise but it’s not that much of a biggy.

  • Matthew Wing

    Sony shouldn’t have promised something it wasn’t sure it could deliver. They also should have made the PLAY more future-proof. But then, Sony’s made a lot of really bad decisions when it comes to mobile phones. Maybe the Ion will change that, if it ever comes to AT&T.

  • I have already ordered used Xbox 360 and game collection is not a problem because xbox goes with custom firmware

  • wyvern

    Motherfucker?? pmsl ive got a play you numbnut im writing this on it. My point is yes the idea of the play perfect but in practice its nowhere near powerful enough and the game distribution isnt up to scratch. It would make more sense for them to launch a phone with equivalent hardware to the vita keep the form factor and ideally include a slot to insert vita games into the phone. This would give them hardware to port psp vita and ps2 games instantly creating the best mobile gaming experience to date and a license to print money tbh.

  • khainiz94 Leaked ICS ROM for Xperia S… Android 4.0.4 confirmed… WALKMAN app, Album app and Movies app from Xperia GX and SX available… Can’t wait for Xperia S ICS update…

  • khainiz94

    Sorry video is private…
    Will reupload on my YouTube page…

  • khainiz94
  • Trixz_D

    lol wtf so Sony Mobile Communications doesnt release an update and you cry like a bitch and threaten to get rid of all your Sony stuff. You really are stupid aint you oh and just so you know even if you do get rid of your Sony stuff it wont hurt Sony they have already got the money for it lmao. You would only be back here in a month bitching that your Play doesnt work properly with ICS if they did release it.

  • F*** off sony.

    Yeah I do have the wrong phone, you’re right, because i bought this phone on the basis it would be upgraded to ICS, did I buy the wrong phone? Damn right I bought the wrong phone…

  • F*** off sony.

    No, I bought a phone on gingerbread, which came with the promise of an update to ICS, if I’d have known it would not be updated then I wouldn’t have bought it, so excuse me if I’m pissed off that sony broke their promise, in my eyes, this is unforgivable, and so next time I’ll go with a flagship from samsung or buy a nexus.

  • Heart

    When you bought that phone you should probably realize the idea of porting a phone with a small ram is absurd. You should have read the requirements of ICS. You see most people here, they know that the requirement of ics is slightly inadequate for PLAY. They understand if performance issues rise in ICS. If you know your way around about the OS, you shouldn’t be complaining about it so much, even if they broke a promise, for a better benefit that is.

  • Richard Walton

    This is a total (probably not permitted to swear here) move by S/Fony. I
    bought my XP a couple of months ago because of the commitment given by
    SE to update it to ICS. To now cancel it with a half halfhearted beta
    release and an insincere statement is just typical Sony doing what they
    do best; alienating their few remaining customers foolish enough to
    place trust in them in the first place… count me on that idiot list.

    Is Sony seriously telling us that what they promised is actually
    technically impossible? its bs to suggest that they can’t improve upon
    the supposed gaming problems. Lets say some of the problems can only be
    resolved by the publishers releasing an update or fix, if they do that
    down the line then great, otherwise the buck stops with the publisher.
    Its nonsense to suggest Sony would be slammed for that. What Sony is
    responsible for is updating its own games (PS/pocket Store), encouraging
    publishers to do the same, and fulfilling its commitments.

    Lets say that Sony can’t (or more likely won’t) release the promised ICS
    update, what’s stopping them from releasing a value pack and the source
    code so that other devs can prove it possible and their own dev team
    just incompetent/unwilling. I mean, other than their long cherished
    stubbornness and couldn’t give a damn attitude? Never mind, I guess I
    answered my own question.

    UK consumer law should now mean than I’m entitled to return my handset
    for a full refund, and I fully intend to do just that. I loved having a
    real gamepad to play my games with while maintaining the functionality
    of a mid-range smartphone., which needles to say beats the awkwardness
    of playing games by poking my fingers at the screen, but I’d frankly
    rather have all my fingers chopped off than keep a dead phone or buy
    another Sony product again. The only question left is what next, Samsung
    or Apple.


  • Richard Walton.

    This. Sony is dead to me.

  • Richard Walton

    To do that, they would have to give a damn, and seeing as they already got paid… they don’t give a toss. Simples.

  • Richard Walton

    I blame Sony for making promises that they couldn’t keep and having a completely inadequate dev team. Custom roms of ICS run perfectly fine on the Xperia Play. Blaming resources is a cheap excuse and total codswallop.

  • Richard Walton

    This was just freaking hilarious. Literally burst out laughing reading this.
    I’m angry about the news too but this… just go out side, man. lol.

  • FS

    it just have last driver version !

  • FS

    it just have last driver version !

  • Chris

    Damn! I was looking forward to ICS on my Xperia Play.

    I still love you Sony, but I am disappointed to say the least.

    We really need a few fixes/tweaks.
    An update would be appreciated, I have a few suggestions which bug me a little.
    · Sort out the cameras shutter speed. It’s way too slow. Tap to focus would be nice.· Allow user to remove FaceBook off the phone, completely!!
    · Install apps directly on the SD and not phone
    · Only have the necessary data on the phone· Allow the shoulder buttons to take pictures when in camera mode
    · A camera shortcut from the lock screen would be appreciated
    · The ability to lock the phone whilst listening to uTube videos (current shuts everything off)

    I’m sure there’s more… anyone else?

  • Chris

    Damn! I was looking forward to ICS on my Xperia Play.

    I still love you Sony, but I am disappointed to say the least.

    We really need a few fixes/tweaks.
    An update would be appreciated, I have a few suggestions which bug me a little.
    · Sort out the cameras shutter speed. It’s way too slow. Tap to focus would be nice.· Allow user to remove FaceBook off the phone, completely!!
    · Install apps directly on the SD and not phone
    · Only have the necessary data on the phone· Allow the shoulder buttons to take pictures when in camera mode
    · A camera shortcut from the lock screen would be appreciated
    · The ability to lock the phone whilst listening to uTube videos (current shuts everything off)

    I’m sure there’s more… anyone else?

  • i’m gamer



    cheeeers XDA MEMBERS

  • i’m gamer



    cheeeers XDA MEMBERS

  • F*** off sony.

    That is irrelevant, all the other xperia phones from 2011 with the same amount of ram are getting it and running it just fine, and the roms which have been made on xda are running just fine. Just look on youtube, there are many videos of ics running fine on the play. They broke their promise and that’s that, they shouldn’t have made the promise in the first place if it couldn’t be updated, then they wouldn’t have annoyed so many people

  • They added it back IT is added back to the list

  • alvaroag

    It’s not as simple as saying “they should let the users choice between a stable GB or a buggy ICS”. A company like Sony has some quality standards. If this standards cannot be met by the Xperia PLAY with ICS, then it’s not an option to make a buggy update available. If this was made, even when users have the choice, the same users will then say it’s buggy. So it’s better to dismiss the update and keep the user experience stable. Anyway, the comunity will somehow manage to have an ICS update for the Xperia PLAY, and make the PS games work on it.

  • Jason

    My AT&T Xperia Play r800at is still on 2.3.3. This is important because one needs at least 2.3.4 before being able to use the Playstation Store and whatnot, you know, the entire effin’ reason I wanted the phone. I only wanted the ICS update because, presumably, I’d be able to finally use the “Playstation Phone” as intended.
    If not ICS, at least have a contingency? Verizon users got 2.3.4 a year after the phone was released on that carrier. I’ll give AT&T until September 18th (one full year since AT&T launch) before I decide whether or not to ever buy another Sony branded phone, again. I think that’s a rather forgiving time frame as it seems the rest of the world got 2.3.4 back in November/December of 2011.
    In any case, I dream of the day when I can legitimately play Final Fantasy Tactics on my phone, especially since the Apple App Store even carries it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t the Playstation Phone have that? I understand there’s licensing and all that, but why push an outdated phone onto the market and barely do anything with it? Assuming they release these classics on the same pricing scheme at $5.99 a pop, I’d be more than gung-ho about shoveling over my money.

  • Richard Walton

    For those Xperia Play users our there, make sure Sony knows you won’t forget this and won’t just be walked over.

    Join the boycott. #SONYmakeforget

  • alvaroag

    Better know what you are talking about.

    1. Timescape is not a distribution of Android, but rather a set of plugins and a framework library. It can be easily uninstalled if you get root, and it does not causes any excessive memory overhead.
    2. Bravia Engine is not allways active, but only when you are viewing photos with the SE Gallery app.
    3. Memory management & Multitasking are not developed by Sony. They are part of the Linux Kernel & Android (Dalvik). Obviously, you can’t compare the performance of a single core with 512 Mb RAM vs a dual core with 1Gb RAM.
    4. Starting with the 2011 phones, most preinstalled applications can be uninstalled, as they are installed on the user partition. Also, those bloatware includes the full paid version (for free) of McAfee Mobile Security, which is pretty usefull.

  • alvaroag

    It’s not about being a Sony fan. I’ve been using SE phones for about three years, and they are the best I found, even when trying with many Samsungs, Motorola, HTC, and some others.

    Something is certain: On a general purpose phone like the Arc or the Pro, it’s acceptable to have some lag on the gaming experience. But this is unacceptable for the PLAY, as it is designed for gaming.

    Even if Sony would give the ICS update for the PLAY with a full screen warning, the users will just clik “I Agree” & then “Next”, as most users do with the License Agreements. Then, as most users didn’t took a minute to read the warning, everyone will be complaining saying that the ICS update broke the phone, that it’s not the same as before, and that Sony phones are not good. Maybe that’s what Sony wants to avoid.

  • Heartless

    Its a gaming phone with a small ram. If you’re so smart you should know it needs a lot ram to run xperia Play optimized games, and shouldn’t expect ICS on the play. I think its better for an unkept promise to maintain performance than promises of upgrading but holds many flaws. You prefer your games to freeze and crash that bad because you want ICS? If you want it so bad, go to xda then, and flash it yourself using custom rom and try playing your PlayStation games then. If they ported the play to ics it might end up a neo with unused gamepad. They have to install apps to show they’re Sony. Or else there’s no point even existing as Sony.

  • Sean

    It would be a very bad idea for Sony to release it, even if it was optional. I’ve tried the beta, and I can see why they decided to cancel the update. It was laggy and unstable, and even when scrolling though the menu’s, it felt forced as though the phone was only just able to keep up. I didn’t get a chance to try any games because my wifi wasn’t working, but I can only imagine how that would have turned out. Although it is disappointing, Sony made the right decision as releasing it would have created even more angry customers. The phone just wasn’t made to run ICS. Anyways Gingerbread is amazing how it is.
    Thanks for your honesty Sony!

  • AlexBurnout

    Hmm… Maybe?…

  • Wanderer

    they want to make it andriod gaming device not a ps gaming device as everyone knows whats playstation … and what we are holding as xperia play has no resemblence and for the
    firmware it doesn’t matter because Xperiaplay owners kno that they will be disapointed through each update because updates can improve a device but there is a limit to that … if it has been given
    playstation contents and they had capcom THQ Namco Rockster likes working for it games instead of porting fucking psx games – which can be emulated easly ! it would have been perfect
    so its a flop as gingerbread and ics that much doesn’t change ( im begining to think sony bagged microsoft for onlive ) hhh that made some progress for people with high speed internets not to mension Assassin creed with hd mark and ancient graphics
    doesn’t look good on sony with its reputation lol improving disapointment

  • that right. just release ics for xplay.. and we can choose to update or not

  • already test beta and custom ics on xplay and no lag

  • Light

    Really? Playstation games wise? If it’s fine, then we can just flash it manually. If not, you would probably understand why Sony end up not updating PLAY to ICS. It is a phone with gamepad. Sony doesn’t want it end up being a phone with a useless gamepad while maintaining their individuality.

  • Harry Skelton

    If they won’t give us the ICS rom, then give us a rooted 2.3.4 and unlock our phones. We’ll take it from there.

  • Melber

    thought you may be interested in the reply I received from the Sony Ericsson Contact Center in Germany. In response to my query as to their intentions regarding future updates for the Play following the cancellation of the ICS update I received the following email:

    “We will not release any other Android version (upgrade) than 2.3.4 for your mobile but further patches (updates).”

    Looks like there won’t even be a consolation prize of 2.3.7 to make up for the lack of 4.0.

    I think they’ve written off the play and won’t be bothering with it any more.

  • Peter

    I’m not sure what they mean by “gaming would suffer”. The only possible explanations are that they would have to port their PSX emulator (fuck that, I’ve got better ones) or that they would have to do some work to get the keys and the touchpad to work properly with ICS. Either way, saying it’s an impossibility is bullshit. They’re just lazy.

    And to all you nuts who think ICS is a lot more computationally intensive – it’s not. It’s just an update with some new features and a new look. I don’t know of any new feature in ICS that requires a process to run in the background all the time and requires monstrous amounts or resources. The only reason it would run worse on old phones/require newer phones is if it’s coded really poorly, but I think Google is quite good at coding. And it’s open source, so that makes it even less likely.

  • SUrip

    The engineers of sony knew the specs too and the requirement of ICS when they made that promise, so i don’t know why a user when bought the phone should know more about if the phone can support ICS than a sony engineer. In my world that is absurd and is called misleading advertising and its not fault of the buyer, we are not experts, but sony engineers are. And in my personal its sony fault no user fault and because its sony fault they shoud give us 2.3.7 ar the phone lag with this one too??

  • they should give us this option or maybe release the source code so the xda developers can finish where they started

  • join the boycott!!! save xperia play dont let your xperia play be forgotten!/sonymakeforget

  • play

    I want my money back, this is bullshit, I spent over 500euro on dis fone nd I don’t get a single update atleast…..I demand a REFUND!!!

  • portalperson

    Then they need to strip it down, or upgrade the Xperia Play to Android 2.3.7 with most of the features of ICS

  • portalperson

    Thing is, the Xperia Play still lags, and it still sucks. If anything, Sony should improve their GB 2.3.4 first

  • Hamad Ali

    Sony’s rationale for canning the ICS for the Xperia PLAY was performance issues with games. If this is indeed to be believed, then one has to wonder why Sony hasn’t released the updated Adreno 205 driver. The driver update was released by Qualcomm on the 30th of December at the end of LAST YEAR. The update is believed to give a performance increase of up-to 1.5x or even 2x in some cases depending on phone and app. This is just one in a number of very simple measures that Sony could but haven’t taken to bring us a stable ICS to the Xperia PLAY. Another is the clock speed/frequency. It is currently clocked to a measly 1Ghz while it can be safely clocked to as high a frequency as 1.9Ghz, so why not clock it to a still very stable 1.4Ghz, would this not increase performance to a sufficient enough level? Alas, this brings me back to my earlier criticisms of Sony’s dev team and their utter incompetence, or at best, lack of giving a damn for supporting older devices. I was foolish to expect better from Sony, a lesson well learnt indeed.

  • Pocoryu

    So they aren’t updating to ICS because it is unstable, yet they still release the BETA and people have made fixes for it to work properly, just missing stuff like face unlock?

    These guys are devs at home. Sony are the guys who made the phone, all they’re doing is saying “We can’t be bothered doing this any more”

  • Dipta

    Yeah. i think they have done the right thing. I was testing the official beta since release and it sucks completly. Most of the games either lag or crash and the whole phone slows down. I think must at least give us a 2.3.7 gb update.

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