Xperia ion released in Taiwan a few days early

by XB on 26th May 2012

in Xperia ion

Xperia ion TaiwanThe Sony Xperia ion should see its commercial launch in Taiwan officially next week, however a lucky few managed to get the handset early through one dealership. You can see the first images of the retail box and what’s inside below.

Those that purchase the handset before the end of June will receive a 5000mAh capacity battery supply. The Xperia ion is expected to be available in Hong Kong next week too, though there is currently no word on whether we’ll see it appear outside these regions.

Xperia ion released in Taiwan

Xperia ion released in Taiwan

Xperia ion released in Taiwan

Xperia ion released in Taiwan

Xperia ion released in Taiwan

Via ePrice.

  • dustintran3105

    I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DragonClaw

    International release awaited. :-)

  • tuji

    5000mAh ???

  • Ebr

    How to order

  • Jim

    it is a power supply> portable battery

  • weeeeee8888888888

    Video Plzzzzzzzz

  • Antwnhs Ant

    It was about time! I want one too!!!

  • Jumpy

    Ohh thought it was an optional battery on 5000

  • That’s what in talking about.. Smart phones need a batteries like this. That way I won’t need to charge my phone every 5 hours.

  • Also does it come with isc

  • China had been selling it since april. Saw few buyer been writing reviews/feedback bout it. Those who interested can go check out in or

  • khainiz94 Leaked ICS ROM for Xperia S… Android 4.0.4 confirmed… WALKMAN app, Album app and Movies app from Xperia GX and SX available… Can’t wait for Xperia S ICS update…

  • khainiz94

    Sorry video is private…
    Will reupload on my YouTube page…

  • khainiz94
  • Eugene Polyakov

    Well Sony Ion looks like a big step up for Sony. Not sure they gonna drop on European market :(

  • i’m gamer

    Damn you sony . why you telll a lie like 2010 series ?
    why you do that on xperia play ?

    damn you sony

  • Hope it comes to Singapore

  • Lewis Chiverton

    I really thought it would have released in the US first, since it was annouced as an AT&T exclusive. I have two options: upgrade my phone when the Ion finally releases in the US next month or wait til my contract has to be renewed in mid-december. Think i’ll wait til december because by then there will be better phones out.

  • smh

    funny how this U.S. exclusive att phone is about to be released in taiwan and the US STILLLL has no word of when its supposed to hit stores 6 MONTHS after it was announced….terrible job sony. terrible.

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  • AlexBurnout

    I want it.

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