Sony Mobile to focus on “hardware innovation” for future devices

by XB on 29th May 2012

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Steve Walker Sony MobileSteve Walker, Sony Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer, has been speaking at the Open Mobile Summit which is currently taking place in London. At the event Walker touched on a number of areas including the recent move to acquire Ericsson’s stake in Sony Ericsson. “With Ericsson, we were affiliated with the rest of the Sony group. Now, we’re fully integrated. Being fully integrated makes a big difference,” said Walker.

When talking about future priorities, Walker rubbished rumours of an Xperia PLAY 2 and said the focus was on PlayStation integration with its smartphones. “Bringing the PlayStation Network to other devices is important. Doing so creates a community based relationship with customers, like those found on social networking web sites.” Let’s hope this means that the PlayStation Suite is on track.

Despite this, Walker did say that Sony Mobile is promising some exciting phones for the future. “When the Motorola Razr came along we were shocked, it was a true hardware innovation. We will continue to focus on this with our future devices too.” Sounds good, this combined with a quicker time to market can only mean good times for Xperia fans in the future.

Via The Inquirer.

  • Mentioning the Razr makes me believe he was talking about putting larger batteries in the phones.

  • Ambroos

    I’m quite sure he was talking about the original Razr series, not the new Droid Razr.

  • Hardware innovation my hole. Give us vanilla android and quadcore processor and Sony just might make 3% market share.

  • rg987

    this is the news i have been waiting for 6 months………………………..i was going to buy a new HIGH END MOBILE… i thought i shud buy S3 definitely…………but a thought came to my mind that ………i shud buy a sony flagship bcoz im having an XPERIA ARC and that is just MIND BOGGLING SUPER PREMIUM PHONE………… i was waiting for a sony superphone and today they announced that they are gonna focus on HARDWARE INNOVATION……………..yay yay yay…………………….waiting for MINT I (hoping that it is the superphone SONY is talking about)

  • dats d razor maxxx !! noth the slim one which competes with d slimness of the arc !!!

  • surethom

    I would love a android Cybershot phone with Xenon flash.

  • roeshak

    Actions speak louder than words. Show us don’t tell us.
    I remember SonyEricsson making a lot of noises about timely updates and being up to date with software. Those were words, the reality has been very different. Nxt series with yet again dated software. When they actually start doing and stop talking, I’ll start listening but until then, this is all just hogwash to me.

  • M Usman

    I don’t believe him one bit

  • quicker time to market also means more confusion over which phone to buy as we’re already experiencing – a small downside, maybe?

  • DragonClaw

    Yes. Indirectly this article points that Mint I is coming. Hopefully. :-)

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Who gives a shit. I want my WP8 flagship (let it be the same as the crapdroid flagship, I don’t care)!

  • Antonio Kukas

    I don’t believe that “hardware innovation” is supposed to mean “a device with a octa-core processor, 1080p screen and 4gb of RAM”. If you want something like that, stick with Samsung. Sony (Ericsson) makes phones that are better than the others not in pure specs, but in the overall design and functionality. Those “hardware innovations” will probably be stuff like visually hidden sensors, RGBW screens, improved battery density, new input methods etc.

  • Lawrence

    Finally i been saying for months i could run a better company then the phones there putting out at the moment, i mean dont get me wrong, sony phones are gorgeous devises, but people looking for their first smartphone want the best so it lasts them long enough, they’d take one look at the xperia p,s,u and pass on it! I was going to buy myself the xperia p, however looking at the htc one x i might get that for the next couple of years!

  • ankitw

    Ohhhh yea :) … a 1080 screen with quad core and 2gb ram .. also gorilla glass2, battery 2000mAh+ and and a beautiful design … THATS IT, n i’m robbed !!!

  • DragonClaw

    1080 Screen for a cell phone is far-fetched, until or unless it will be as large as the Galaxy Note. 2 GB RAM, hmmm, is it required?
    Design, yeah, we need cool designs, Sonyish design.

  • DragonClaw

    Exactly, but we never know what these firms are going to do. May be Sony is planning for a very high end cell phone, with high specs (even if it might not be required). Or may be, a PlayStation Phone will indeed require such high specs.
    Lets hope for the best.

  • ankitw

    well ya 1080p is not required, but as we were talking abt HW innovations so if all of the above comes to market then there’s no competition !!! But ya with ICS and all new powerful apps 2GB ram is needed and good battery

  • ankitw

    well ya 1080p is not required, but as we were talking abt HW innovations so if all of the above comes to market then there’s no competition !!! But ya with ICS and all new powerful apps 2GB ram is needed and good battery

  • i’m gamer

    WHAT ?!
    sony mobile promised ?!?

    what the fu** ! a lie same as ICS on xperia play2 .

    please stop the FU** takling , stop the BUlsh*** promises

  • rob

    Stop whining on every page.

  • NetizenMT

    Don’t believe a word you hear from any talking head at Sony. They talk a good line, but have a track record of failing to deliver what they promise. I won’t be buying another Sony product. Too late to market, too out-of-date when delivered and future updates are nothing but vapourware.

  • Antonio Kukas

    A high spec phone would be nice, but not a single manufacturer has introduced batteries strong enough to support all of that heavy hardware! What happened to thin film batteries? There is talk of them and their advantages for years, but I haven’t yet heard that someone actually started producing them.

  • DragonClaw

    Huawei has launched phones with porwerful batteries as well as powerful specs.
    Soon other companies will follow.
    But Sony’s software optimisations are ver helpful and effective in conserving battery.

  • Antonio Kukas

    I know, but what I was trying to say is that battery tech is advancing like any other, but those advancements aren’t being used. You can always use a larger battery, but it takes more space and weights more.

  • Downside of Xenon flash is that you can’t use it as a torch. So Xenon + LED video light?

  • Eman

    Don’t buy their bullshit, don’t buy their products. You’ll only be disappointed!

  • daniel

    I think people get confuse between sony ericsson and sony itself. Sony ericsson it a joint venture company so sony had limitation to do more and to show the true potential.. ask yourself if you do a bisness sharing .. do you will give 100% commintment and finally the profit will be divide by half??

  • AlexBurnout


  • goldenblls

    All we need now is for Apple to launch a gaming phone.

  • Antonio Kukas

    It would be nice, but xenon flash requires high voltages. You need capacitors for that, and if you also want the flash to be brighter than the LED, the capacitors need to be big, which makes them bulky and increases recharge times. Those two things make them a relatively bad choice for a today’s smartphone, which needs to be thin and quick. You could put it alongside a regular LED flash, but what’s the use if you will end up using the LED most of the time?

  • dereknobuyuki

    In terms of “hardware innovation” maybe they can do something to further improve their walkmans + the “walkman” software in their smartphones along with interesting hardware to go with it.

    My MD player, a really long time ago, had a remote to control the device so maybe they can BUNDLE in better Bluetooth smartphone remote that you plug your headphones into?

    It’s pretty hard to differentiate hardware-wise especially since the form factors have stopped changing. They’ve already been working on using better and better mobile camera imaging sensors and it seems difficult to compete on display innovation while maintaining the price point.

    So, what avenues are really left (Playstation Suite aside)?
    Hardware Input interfaces?
    Video capture? (4k video?)
    Sony FeliCa NFC interacting with real world objects?

  • surethom

    If the phone is 10mm thin not 8mm thin I dont mind, as long as the screen is no bigger than 4.5″, my old Non smartphone Sony cybershot phones & Nokia phones with Xenon flash always took better night time photos with virtually no blurring & this was 3-4 years ago

  • Jamic

    and hopefully with “Walker rubbished rumours of an Xperia PLAY 2 and said the focus was on PlayStation integration with its smartphones”
    they didnt mean: “screw Xplay 2”
    To me it looks like the current crazy rumors are untrue but possibility of Xplay 2 is still open for the future.
    Really hopping that, Xplay sold decently and made gamers quite happy so I dont see why they would totaly quit in that front, there is market for smartphone gaming and gaming dedicated phone.

  • JustMe

    c’mon let’s make a difference sony, it’s still not enough, WAKE UP!

    I mean… vita os can make a big hit for Sony. HARRY UP!

  • Jesse Gregory

    I love my Xperia PLAY, my favorite android phone. And I have had 4 before it. I would hate to go back to touch screen gaming. Really hope Sony releases or HTC releases a Xperia PLAY 2 like device.

  • If they can come up with a phone that has Xenon but lasts for 2 days, do you think it will go unnoticed? Don’t you think it’s gonna out them back on the map and increase their marketshare? What they need to do is INNOVATE. Who cares about battery consumption problems for Sony are super fanboys because Sony should worry about that for us. We shouldn’t make excuses for them but give them ideas they need instead.

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