AT&T Xperia ion launch edges closer: firmware certified; passes through FCC

by XB on 30th May 2012

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Xperia ion PTCRBIt looks like Sony Mobile is on track to launch the Xperia ion in the United States during June. The international version of the Xperia ion has already gone in sale in Taiwan, but the LTE version headed to AT&T in the US was always pegged for a Q2 release back when it was first announced in January.

The first firmware for the AT&T version of the Xperia ion (LT28at) was certified yesterday by the PTCRB with software build number 6.0.C.1.245. Firmware will normally hit the PTCRB at least a couple of weeks before release. In addition, the Xperia ion recently passed through the FCC, a prerequisite before a wireless device can launch in the United States.

To cap it off, Sony Mobile re-released a couple of Xperia ion promo videos. We imagine they did this to remind people that the handset exists and to create some buzz around it before launch. All in all, it looks like we will finally see the US launch of the Xperia ion and none too soon in our view.

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  • My future phone! Well, if it has good battery life :P

  • lovebmw

    this is a prime example of shooting your self in the foot, so this phone comes out after the announcement of better phones from the same company. this is ironic

  • Michael Piquet

    This phone is born obsolete. It has the old battery burning S3 snapdragon with Ginger bread

  • Lewis Chiverton

    I agree with both of you @lovebmw:disqus & @google-34068c1746a9ba6e127d5dfbf6d5aa00:disqus. I was very excited about this phone back when it was announced in january, but after waiting for it for so long I don’t want it anymore. This is basically a 2011 smartphone launching in mid-summer of 2012. Sony could have at least upgraded the chipset to qualcomm S4. Sony should just launch the GX in the US instead of the Ion, I know what phone i’m not upgrading to mid-december.

  • Will

    I am patiently waiting for this for..and i cant wait to sync it with my smartwatch! I dont understand why SONY doesnt learn thier lesson about making so many products and losing money in the end..all they needed to do was make THIS PHONE WATERPROOF – instead of making a whole NEW waterproof PHONE- and it would be SOLD OUT in the first week of its release..but no..SONY just loves to waste and lose money..SMH :/

  • RobertM

    I agree. Sony’s time to market is way too long. It was’t good when together with Ericsson and is certainly not better now after they split. They will probably improve, but I can’t see it happen any time soon. I’m a long time SE fan but have now decided to stay clear from them until things settle down.

  • malih

    lol, yeah, after digging the archive I found this post about pre-order, wow, that’s a whole 5 months before actual release

    Even Samsung doesn’t take that long to release SGS3 in the US after announcement.
    Sony has always been like this since their Symbian days, phone is released 4-6 months after announcement, this should’ve been their first concern after letting go of Ericsson.

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