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by XB on 30th May 2012

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Xperia acro SThe Sony Xperia acro S is an exciting phone as there aren’t too many large smartphones that have been released in the west that are waterproof. The Panasonic Eluga is one of the more recent Android smartphones that we can think of.

The Xperia acro S follows the design cues of the Xperia acro HD and will include capacitive buttons for the home, menu, back keys rather than being software based, as seen in the Japanese-bound Xperia GX. The official product page for the Xperia acro S can be found here and you can check out some of the official promo pictures below.

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

Xperia acro S

  • what the different between this phone xperia arco S with xperia arco HD?

  • Acro S is a product for Japan market or International market?

  • Evita

    International and Japanese market

  • DragonClaw

    That’s the Xperia Hayabusa I think.
    Xperia GX’s internatiopnal version will be MInt I and wil be released at the end of this year.

  • Hùng V? –

    @Mèo M?p : It’s for International market
    Arco S chính là b?n qu?c t? c?a Xperia Arco HD ?ó b?n. Thông tin thêm:

  • weeeeee8888888888

    nope ,code number of this phone is LT26w hayabusa LT29i

  • White!! ^^

  • wyrmeth

    Not coming to the uk it seems. The go appears on the uk site but not the acro s. Wonder do they have the gx in mind for the uk?

  • lovebmw

    all i need now is a jet ski to match it

  • lovebmw

    dude international

  • XperiaBlog

    Interesting – the UK page for the Xperia acro S was live when we posted this, but now appears to have been taken off air…

  • wyrmeth

    Begs the question what have they in mind to release in the uk if they are not going acro s perhaps something bigger n better?

  • steelicon

    What are those 2 exposed golden metal strips on the left side of the white Sony Mobile Xperia Acro S?

  • steelicon

    Nevermind, I downloaded the Acro HD manual SO-03D. Those terminals are for the connecting jack for the desktop holder.

  • razec

    The back reminds me of Xperia 10 minis, the front (just like Ion) reminds me of touchscreen Sony walkman players

  • Acro HD – Japan
    Acro S – International

  • SO-03D

    Acro HD is a top-seller handset in Japan for 11 weeks(over iphones and androids). I have a blue one and I love this handset especially in color. However, the size is a bit large and heavy and I’m curious how this handset is evaluated in international market without japan-specific functions.

  • I have now a replacement to my Ray

  • does it means the spec of the both phone are same?

  • PRICE??

  • I am having My XPERIA Ray, now looking forward to Replace with a Best one. Confused between XPERIA ion, XPERIA Acro S and XPERIA GX ! Can any1 suggest me the Best one?

  • thiha

    I like best.

  • ashley

    I was wondering if you know where i can find a sim card holder for acro s?? thank u:)

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